Rang Rasiya 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 14th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra says we got to know from sources that these girls are forced to do.. paro says no say anything, she is happy there, rudra says how can you say that, paro says you are devil i came here to say sorry but you are saying ill about my sister i am taking my apology back, you are stone you must have not get hurt by words, you cant understand relations and you will remain alone all life, paro is about to go, rudra stops her and says you will not go out till workers are outside, he leaves.
In night, smarat comes, maithili shows him the bangles which he gifted her but he ignores her, she says i want to talk to you, he says i am not in mood, he leaves.
Maithili says to kahna that you know i am going to take big decision of adopting a child for my pride, my love and

my life, she says to help her out.

Scene 2
In morning, all are seated on dinig table, sunehri says my all college friends like the dupatta you made and i said that my versatile bhabhi made it, chachi says if you speak all words today then you will be dumb for remaining life, paro serves food to rudra but he stops her, she says i took it on your name so take it its not good to say no to food, she serves him, maithili serves chachi and chachi sees gold bangles in her hands, she says maithili is shining in gold today, maithili says he (samrat) bought it for me from jaipur, chachi says now i know how we got loss in work, maithili says nothing like that, chcahi ask to eat, paro points maithili to talk, maithili says to chacha that i want to talk to you all first finish the lunch. Smarat says to maithili to go inside, all ask him to make her speak, maithili says to please let her speak, chachi says wah you are questioning you husband, he ask maithili to go inside, dilsher says to not do this, look at your maasa she speaks in everybody’s matter, he ask samrat to let her speak, chachi says nobody will go inside, we dont hide things behind rooms. Maithili says in coming month our marriage will complete 5 years, chachi says so you need pension? maithili says no, we tried everything, maithili says i couldnt be a mom. I visited all doctors and saints but nothing worked its painful to say that but its truth. I cant give birth. I thought thats the decision of god. Chacha says no dont lose hope. There is a will always. She says i have found a way out of all this. Chachi asks what? She say i thought why not adopting a child. I went to orphanage. They said they will give us a child in 6 months once the legal work is done. They know we have no kids in 5 years. They know our family. I got their pamphlet as well. We can take any kid we want. I saw a kid who looks like samrat. I have thought her name as well but we will name her what you want. Chachi stands up in the anger snatches the pamphlet and tears it apart. She says have you gone mad? Maithili begs her to think once. She says what made you think that i will agree to all this? How you dare saying this in front of me? How can you imagine i would allow you to bring a child who doesnt have our blood. Next time i will Cut your tongue out if you say this. Paro goes to her but rudra holds her hand. Chachi says you have gone mad. Maithili says whats wrong with it? People go these ways to fulfill what they are not granted with. Paro was also adopted by her aunt. She told me. Rudra grasps her hand. Chachi says to samrat what color of bangles would he like to wear? Your wife has been saying all this and you are quiet. What else can you do?

Scene 3
Chachi says why this problem(maitili) came in my house, dont know what worst time that was when i married my son to this lady, maithili cries, paro make herself free and says to chahci what are you saying, chachi says so you also have tiger inside you, paro says she is just requesting you, she will be very good mother, chachi says she cant be thats why God hadnt made her mother. Paro says God will not take any decision that will hurt his kids, if he closes one door than open other doors, if there are people with no children then there are children without parents too, animal too love their own children but God want us to show love for others child, to give them love of parents, and for that purpose some people are chosen like my mami who gave me love of mother, chachi ask her to back off from this matter, paro says my talk is not completed yet, rudra is stunned to see her like this, paro says kishan bhagwan chose yashoda mayya then why cant maithili, chachi says they were baghwan and adopted bhagwan, but maithili wants to bring someone else’s crap(child) in there house, paro says how you can say crap to a child, chachi says you came here yesterday only and answering me, she is about to slap her but rudra stands in between and gets chachi’s slap, paro looks at him stunned. rudra gets cut on his face.

PRECAP- rudra is sleeping, paro comes with cream t apply on his face, she touches his face, rudra get up and tucks her he spines her on bed and get on top of her, she looks at him tensed

Update Credit to: Atiba

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