Rang Rasiya 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 13th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
In haveli, Paro is doing work in kitchen. she tries to place salt bottle on shelf but couldnt reach there, rudra comes there and places it for her, he says that workers will come in any minute, so go to sunehri’s room and to not come out, nobody should see you, paro has her head down, he grabs her and says to look in his eyes and to answer his questions, paro ask where was question in it? he is silent, she says i was going only. he leaves.
Paro is going and sees maithili crying seeing pictures of small kids, chachi calls maithili but she doesnt listen, paro covers up saying Jeeja is in washroom, chachi says to inform that i was calling her when she comes out.
Paro comes to maitili and says its not much time since i am here, i will not ask you anything,

she makes her sit and plays little with her, maithili smiles. Paro says i am going to sunehri’s room, tell me if you want anything, maithili says you called me jeeja can i say something.

Scene 2
In headquarter, aman says i have paro’s life file but there is nothing against her which proves her to be involved in all this, rudra says her parents died when she was 6 years old, her sister married last year but there is no information about her, aman says you are staying with her do you think she is involved in all this? rudra utters no, but then says she is supporting tejawat so she is involved, aman says tejawat is roaming to kill her, rudra says her life safety is my duty, he says dont know why she support them but there must be something, her weakness we have to find about it.
Maithili says this month it will become 5 years of my marriage but i have no kids, she cries and says i will be incomplete for my whole life, i thought to adopt a child but samrat doesnt agree because chachi will not agree and she want her own blood, paro says what thought is this, this is wrong, adopting child is good thing, My parents died when i was 5 years old, my mami adopted me and she treated me as my own daughter, maithili ask then how she allowed you to come here before marriage, paro is silent, chachi comes and says to maithili to go and work. Chachi ask paro what happened to your mother? paro says they died in bus accident when i was 5 years old, chachi says oh so sad, my tears are on way, she ask whether your mami is from this region? paro ask what, she says they embriodery you did was of our region, paro says i have to clean rudra’s room, should i go, she leaves

Scene 3
Chachhi comes to sumer and says your phone has ears and lips only or eyes too? he says you mean camera, she says yes, he says yes it have. Sh ask him to take a sanp of paro, he comes on 1st floor where apro is making dupatta, he tries to take her picture but parr sees him, he says i take very good pictures, he ask for her picture. sumer says to paro make him click her one picture, she is about to leave but her dupatta stuck in his shoes, sumer takes her pictures and says very nice pics, rudra comes from behind, he snatches phone from sumer, rudra ask what is this, sumer says was taking pictures of whole family so took bhahbi’s pic too, rudra says did you ask for permission, sumer says i have to take you permission too, rudra looks at him angrily. He throws his on floor and it breaks, rudra says oh it fell down mistakenly, remember one thing if you ever try to take picture of my fiancee then this time it was phone which broke, next time.. he take paro with him and leaves. He comes to room, and closes the door, he ask paro are you alright? paro doesnt say anything, he says i am asking question this time, he ask are you alright, did he do something inappropriate? paro says didnt go infront of workers, rudra says to sit in room and not to roam around, he says stay here as outside workers are there, he ask paro to say what she wants to, Paro says to rudra that your chachi is not believing on the story cooked by us that i am from jaipur and your fiancee, he says i know she is cunning and know i will not tell her anything so she is probing you, rudra says or its you who is not able to keep secret, paro says i didnt tell her truth yet, rudra says make up any story like say to her that i 1st met you…. he remembers their first meeting when he saved her from goons and they had fallen on each other. He says he will tell her later, paro says sorry i got to know about your mother and i was hurting you about that, though we hate each other, we are fighting but i will fight within my limits, rudra says nandini, this is the name of your sister, do you know where she is? he says to not lie, he says i know she got married last year to other side of border, he says when i took you to village i said that nobody know what happens with the girls who got married to other side of border because all this is fake, the marriage the barat everything, he says we got to know from our sources that these girls are being forced to do illegal… paro says enough.

PRECAP- Chachi shouts at maithili that she cant give child to this house and want to bring someone else’s crap(child) in there house, paro says how you can say crap to a child, chachi says you came here yesterday only and answering me, she is about to slap her but rudra stands in between and gets chachi’s slap, paro looks at him stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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