Rang Rasiya 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 12th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro sees herself in mirror, rudra says unintentionally but i filled your maang, its intense then sindoor, its blood color.
In morning, sunehri shows her shopping to paro he says now you are parvati rudra pratap ranawat. paro is highly tensed. she sees stain on her forehead and says you got married, paro ask what? she says there is sindoor on your forehead, paro sees it and says i removed it in night then how it is still there, she tries to wipe i but maithili stops her and says dont wipe sindoor from your head. paro says its blood, sunehri ask what happened, maithili ask to take tea, she says whatever, seem God also want you to become bride soon, sunehri says we have mehndi function today, par says mehndi, sunehri says rudra’s name will be written in your mehndi.. paro

is tensed. chachi is sitting with paro in hall for mehndi rasam. she ask will you write rudra’s first letter or full name, we write full name, i dont know what you do in jaipur, she says how will you know as you are doing marriage first time, paro remembers her marriage with varun.
outside rudra calls aman and some soldiers, chachi ask did your checkpost went missing? rudra says there are here for security of my wife, they will remain here till marriage, he ask for tea, chachi calls sunehri, sunehri comes there and sees aman, she drools on him, chachi ask him to make tea for them, chachi ask will they rule us or i will rule them? rudra says niether will they nor you, i rule here and i will. he goes. inside sunehri comes to paro and tells about officer outside, she says i want to marry bsd soldier, aman comes there, paro says aman bhaisa, sunehri says nice name sunehri aman. chachi ask sunehri to make tea, paro says i will make it, chachi thinks he placed soldier in whole house how will i take paro to thakur.

Scene 2
paro comes to make tea, maithili says sunehri will make it, paro says let me make it i will feel relaxed, maithili ask everything alright> chachi calls her, she leaves. paro is making parathas, she remembers chachi asking will you write rudra’s full name, she sees her hands, rudra comes there, and moves finger on her hnads, he ask what were you thinking what to write in your hand rudra or devil, he says its too late, she ask what? he says its late for tea but you have time to become bride again, you can write your name on papers or my name will bw written on your hands, he ask shall i give you papers? she says i will not sign papers and i will not marry you and i will not write your name in my hand, rudra says how? fight is between you and me, you have no option as i dont lose so you will lose only. he leaves paro is tensed. she sees hot pan and put her hands on it, she cries in pain, rudra sees it from outside, he comes to her running, he takes off her hands and ask what are you doing why you did that, she says what you said that you dont lose but i will make you lose, you lost as mehndi is not applied on burnt hands, he says you have gone mad, he takes her basin and watches her hands, she screams, rudra says now its paining, he says you are making fun of my soldiers but i will not let that happen, maithili comes there and ask how this happened, rudra says this is because of carelessness, maithili takes her in hall and shows her hands to chachi, she says seem like she doesnt want to take pheras thats why her hands got burnt, she says whether you write his name in hands or not but his name is written in your fate, maithili says i will apply cream, rudra says wait a minute, he says without ritual marriage is not completed, my name’ mehndi will be applied to her. maithili says but her hand is burnt, rudra holds paro’s hand and ask is it paining? (saiyaraaa song from tiger movie plays in bg). he dips his hand in mehndi, he applies mehndi on her fingers, he looks at her, he says mehndi gives peace to soul and body and its good to cool down burnt area. they share an eyelock. he applies mehndi on her whole hand, he writes R on end of palm, he says this hand is full of mehndi, he says is it cool now? he takes her other hand, she resists he says to make him apply it otherwise it will pain more, maithili agrees, he dips his other hand in mehndi and overlaps his hand on hers, they look in each others eyes.

PRECAP- rudra says to chachi that marriage will not be postponed, i was thinking to marry in maha shivratri’s mela(festival), aman says to rudra that we will catch thakur red handed in mela, rudra says otherwise i will marry her, chachi thinks no marriage will happen now only deadbody will taken from this mela

Update Credit to: Atiba

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