Rang Rasiya 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 12th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Paro ask sunehri what chachi was saying about rudra’s mother, sunehri says to not talk about it but you are getting married to him then why didnt he tell you turth, she says his mother left when i was 2 years old, paro says then he too must be very young, sunehri says we used to live together but after that dilsher left this housed with rudra but he didnt wished to, and now he cameback, paro says how can a mother leave her child in such young age, Blue butterfly(rukmini) comes in room, paro is happy to see her and says she is my friend, she runs behind rukmini and sumer comes in her way but she leaves from there, paro says to rukmini that thank for coming and making me remember about my old happy days but now every day and night are balck. She is about to go but sees rudra

sitting idle, she remembers how sunehri told her about his mother, rudra says to go away, paro says i was.. rudra says what? this all is happening because of you, i have to do this drama of your fiancee, i have to live in this haveli and is bearing the sins of you and your village people, he ask her to not look at him with sympathetic eyes, he says he is hating this eyes and face. He leaves, paro says i was stupid to feel sympathetic for that small child but now there is only devil.

Scene 2
In morning, maithili brings tea for paro, paro says can i help you in household chores, maithili says bride doesnt do work before marriage, paro says my mind runs fast if i sit idle so i want to do work, maithili agree, chachi comes and says to maithili that i do breakfast in morning not in evening so where is my tea she says i will bring it, Sunehri gets up and is happy that paro had embroidered dupatta for her, she shows it to chachi, chachi likes it and thinks how she know this specific embroidery which is done in our region only. She remembers how rudra said that she is from jaipur.
Paro is going, sumer greets her and stands in her way, he says i am sumer ranawat and you brother in law, he ask why dont you talk to me, she says you talked ill about me earlier so i dont wish to talk to you, sumer says he is sorry for earlier, he says its bad to see rudra behaving rudely with you but if you wish to talk your heart out so can talk to me, paro looks at him and leaves. Chachi comes and scolds him that what he was doing with that girl, sumer says nothing, chachi shows him dupatta and says this work is from our region, and she doesnt know the embroidery of jaipur. She ask him to find more about her, he agrees.
In kitchen, chachi comes and says to maithili that we should ask paro to make whole breakfast for today, maithili says how can she do that? chachi says are you her lawyer? she ask her to leave. Chachi says to make rudra’s favorite dish, paro remembers hhow he made her eat allo sabzi, she says its allo sabzi, chachi says but it made in this region only and you are from jaipur so how do you know? she says i learned it from rudra, chachi says you are smart, she says to see things by yourself dont disturb us and leaves.

Scene 3
In samrat’s room, maithili comes samrat says deepa when did you come? she ask who is this deepa? samrat fumbles and says no one, he hides box behind him, she ask what is it? he says deepa is name of shop from where i got these gold bangles for you, she hugs him and says i am lucky to have you, samrat gets a call, he says to maithili why did you go to child adoption center? maithili says you know we cant have child then whats wrong in adopting, samrat says yo know maa will never agree to it and you have to bear her taunts for life, he leaves.

Scene 4
Paro comes to rudra and says i have to make breakfast, rudra ask so? paro says there is no stove there, some weird machine is there, rudra says to ask some women. paro says all think i am from big city jaipur how to tell them, dilsher says rudra to help her, he ask what are you making? paro says allo sabzi and roti, they goes in kitchen, Rudra shows her lighter and tells her how to operate gas stove, she ask how to blend things? he shows her mixer, she gets afraid when it starts, she ask him to give her salt bottle as she will not reach there, he gives and ask anything else? she says no, chacha ask rudra to do breakfast in home today as paro made it so you should be there, At dining table, maithili says smell of food is good, chachi says we will not eat by nose. she ask where are my children? maithili says they all have gone out, paro take out food for sunehri so she can eat after coming back, chachi ask paro to serve tea to rudra, she reluctantly serves and ask how much sugar? chahci says strange you know his favorite food but not how much sugar he takes? rudra says parvati knows but here bitterness is very much so sugar intake should be increased. rudra says it depend upon whose face i have 1st in morning so that i have to take more sugar to lessen the bitterness of seeing, like if i have face of your son then i should take full spoon of sugar and if i have seen you face than.. He pours whole sugar from sugar pot in tea and looks at chachi. Chachi fumes, disher says true, chachi leaves from there. Dilsher says too good rudra, sometime you spit so much poison that i feel proud, he says breakfast was good and ask paro to eat, he says to not make him drink this tea. Paro is about to go but rudra hold her hand says that you must be feeling angry, hatred in your blood and me in your heart, you are making me eat, doing my work the one who made your life hell, he says to free herself to give statement, he will try to lessen her jail period, paro says no i will not say anything because this is hurting you too, you are suffering too, you said you had to comeback here only because of me, rudra says by listening to some talks you cant predict my anger, my fire, dont ever think that your thinking affect me that too a beautiful women like you, how much you try you will not be able to affect this stone, he is too much angry, he leaves.

PRECAP- sumer says to paro make him click her one picture, she is about to leave but her dupatta stucks, sumer takes her pictures and says very nice pics, rudra comes from behind, he snatches phone from sumer

Update Credit to: Atiba

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