Rang Rasiya 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 11th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
sumer comes to beema and says i brought paro here so give me money, beema says to stop it, maithili makes some noise, paro sees there in her direction. beema says i will see paro first, his goon grabs sumer, he comes to car but paro is not there, paro is inside and sees maithili, she hides from beema, beema fumes outside. paro opens up maithili, she says sumer is being grabbed by goons, beema slaps sumer and says you think me mad, he says you are playing with death, he ask where is she, sumer says she was in car, beema says to kill him first then kill his bhabhi, paro ask maithili are you alright, she nods, paro says they are 4 goons and there is no one to help us, we have to do something, sumer is being beaten up, paro says to maithili to take God’s name, she comes from behind

and hit beema with stick, she beats goons with stick, some goon catches her so maithili attacks him, sumer is stunned to see them fighting, some other goon catches her, paro ask for help, sumer stands there, maithili ask him to help, he beats him, beema tries to get up, maithili attacks him, he tries to stop sumer but he leaves. they sit in car and leaves.

Scene 2
sumer, maithili and paro comes back home, chachi says thank God my daughter my everything came home, maithili says i ma here because of one person oly, chachi says only you two, where is my other bahu, is paro alright, paro comes inside, chachi is stunned, sumer says she destroyed everything, maithili says i am alirght only because of her, she freesd me and also fought with goons for me, chachi hugs paro and says i dont know what to do of you, she says i am happy that you are coming here as bahu, you did favor on samrat, i dont know how to thank you, i am sorry for my earlier mistakes, she ask them to go in room. chachi calls beema and says sorry for today, she says to leave the deal which sumer made, my son is mad, she says to keep the deal which i made, kill rudra i will give paro, he says i will tell everything to thakur, she says ok tell him that two women fought with you and beat you up, then he will give you bangles, she cancels call.

Scene 3
dilsher says to paro that you did a great thing but why you put your life in danger, you could have taken paro, she says he doesnt care of anything, he said he will not comes so let it be, she leaves.
In night, paro comes with milk to maithili, she says i dont know why they kidnapped you, what they wanted, maithili says chachi was saying they wanted money as its marriage house, paro says sorry for making you remember all these, she says we will forget this, paro makes maithili drink milk

Scene 4
thakur says to beema that sumer didnt call me, he was saying big things and i thought he will do something but i was wrong, beema says his mother is sorry for earlier and she asked to stick to basic deal, thakur sayws now i have to wait till marriage day.
sumer opens the man of thakur which he kidnapped, he ask him t go without any noise, he is about to leave paro sees him in house and ask who is there, he is tensed. paro comes forward and ask who, he hits paro with steel plate and leaves, she goes behind him, rudra comes there and holds her, he ask who was he? he sees blood on her forehead, he puts his thumb to stop blood, paro says leave me, he says i am stooping blood, they both get aware that it seem like sindoor, they look at each other, rudra says are you alright? apro nods, she says he was inside, i went behind him , rudra says why you were going behind him, you have courage? she says i thought what happened to maithili.. rudra says what? paro says dont pretend that you dont know anything, you dont care then whats the need to tell you, this is not your family so you have no right to ask, rudra is confused. she is about to leave, he says stop parvati rudra pratap ranawat, paro is stunned and says to not call her by this name, we are married and will not by God’s grace, you didnt took phera with me, you didnt put manglasutra around me, you didnt put sindoor.. rudra cuts her talk and says its right till mangalsutra but i have given you a thing to look like married women, he holds her and says you are looking like my wife, he shows her mirror, paro sees blood on her forehead looking like sindoor.

PRECAP- paro sees blood on her forehead and thinks i removed it in night then how it is here, she tries to wipe ti but maithili stops and says to not remove it, paro says its not sinddor its blood, she says whatever, seem God also want you to become bride soon, sunehri says we have mehndi function today, par says mehndi, sunehri says rudra’s name will be written in your mehndi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanx much fr d update atiba;)..
    Episode was damn good

  2. yes, finally rudra is back mow their luvstory start now !

  3. yes, finally rudra is back now their luvstory start now !

  4. love PaRud chemistry

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