Rang Rasiya 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 11th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
In kitchen paro ask maithili can i help you? sunehri says i want to sk one question from you, how you are so slim, look at her she has very sleek back, why i am not like parvati, paro says if all birds would be of green color then how you can distinguish between parrot and all, all men are different and have different qualities. Maithili says how you know this kind of beautiful tlks, paro says from thakurain, sunehri says she is fiancee of rudra so she must know these things, sunehri says i will get officer groom too, Maitili says one priest said to her that you will find someone who wears uniform from that day sunehri tries to find groom in man who wears uniform whether its postman, officer etc. someone comes in haveli by opening gate loudly, maithili says who came, paro

says only he can come like this, rudra comes and sees paro and goes to his room, chachi sees hiding behind pillar.
In bsd headquarter, chacha is worried and calls someone he says he cameback bhabhisa your son is back, He ask her not to cry, your son has become macho-man, he is an officer and his eyes are same like you, he says i never asked you why you left them but please dont meet him now, he ends the call.

Scene 2
Paro is in kitchen with sunehri, chachi comes and says your husband has comeback and you dont know, sunehri says he is her would be husband thats why, chachi says oh yes, now go and give him tea he must be waiting, maithili gives her cup, paro looks on and fills tea in it, she is tensed and is not going, chachi says cup will not fly to his room go, paro takes the cup and goes. In rudra’s room, everything is messed up, cloths are lying on ground, paro comes and says tea, rudra is confused and says what, she says i didnt wish to but.. chachi comes from behind, rudra understand and sweetly says to place the cup inside, chachi comes and says to clean rudra’s room. Paro starts folding cloths, rudra stops her and says i will do it, dilsher comes and says to rudra your luggage has come from jaipur take it, chachi says paro will do it, she ask rudra to drink tea he says he will drink later. chachi says to paro that your would be husband’s shoes are there place them aside, she is about to touch his shoes but rudra stops her, she looks at him, chachi ask what are they very heavy that rudra is helping you, rudra holds paro’s hand and make her get up, rudra says she will not take my shoes, chachi says why its duty of a wife rudra says no, chachi says why not she doesnt seem like your mother, rudra shouts enough, chachi says i mean she doesnt seem like your mother that will not do household chores or you think she will aslo leave you like your mother, rudra gets angry and throws cup of tea. chachi says what you didnt like tea or it got cold, Rudra is very angry and ask paro to go outside, she leaves, chachi says your anger was for nothing i was just talking, rudra is about to answer but chacha comes and says sumer came back, he ask what happened, chachi says nothing if talk will start then it will go to much extent. Rudra closes door and is hurt.

Scene 3
Sumer comes to chachi and shows her that i got assignment of 6 lakh from new client, chachi is happy, sumer says soo we will shift to jaipur, chachi says why not London, sumer says what? chachi says we cant go from here, i cant give this haveli to them, she informs that rudra has come back and with that girl, she says i asked samrat to find more about that girl but he has no clue about his trousers then how can he find about her, now you have to find about her, from where she is, she leaves, sumer thinks to do his important work.

Scene 4
Rudra opens his luggage and is very much hurt, he finds paro’s doll and remember how the girl had given this doll from bus to him, he places it in luggage box again, paro is going and sees rudra in tears from window, rudra wipes his tears and finds paro looking at him from outside.

PRECAP- At dining table chachi says to paro you dont know how much sugar your husband take in tea, rudra says it depend upon whose face i have 1st in morning so that i have to take more sugar to lessen the bitterness of seeing, like if i have face of you son then i should take full spoon of sugar and if i have seen you face than.. He pours whole sugar from sugar pot in tea and looks at chachi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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