Rang Rasiya 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 10th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
samrat is tensed that maithili is not anywhere to be see, he says she didnt return to room after going to sunehri’s room, i will call her, chachi says its been 15 mins that she not seen and you are acting like mad, she must have gone to mandir or for some marriage work, she says all wives are not like your tayi to run away from home, she ask paro to give breakfast to them. sumer gets the call, he panics, he goes, paro sees it, she thinks that chachi was calming samrat but she is tensed. beema calls sumer and says you cheated thakur, its punishment will be that your mother will not beable to recognize you, sumer says i mistakenly took my bhabhi instead of paro, beema says she will be killed, i will tell thakur, sumer says he will punish you too for not checking the girl, he says

we heve to find solution, beema says meet me near chandangarh, there is thakur’s godown there. he ask him to bring paro with him and take his bhabhi otherwise take bhabhi’s deadbody from there.

Scene 2
paro ask samrat to call jija, mobile rings from home, paro says she didnt take her phone, is everything alright with her, sunehri says maybe she forgot to take it. Sumer says to chachi that he wants to make a deal with us, she says if we will ask me to dance then we will do, if maithili becomes conscious the she will know our game, then we will be running with rudra behind us with sword. sumer says he was saying to bring paro there only then he will leave bhabhi, paro comes there. they are shocked. she comes to them, she says what you said? chachi ask what you listened? she says you were saying that you will free jija only when.. what you have to do? paro says how will we free jija, where is she? is she safe? chachi pretends to cry and says we tried to hide it but now cant, maithili is been taken away by goons, she ask paro to not tell this to samrat, he will be mad. goons asked to come maybe they want money, paro says you should call him, chachi says shivji? paro says no to devil.. she stops and says you should call rudra, chachi calls him, he ask is paro alright chachi says she is fine and takes phone to side, she ask rudra who is working that what color will he like for his sherwani, he says what, chahi puts phone on speaker, rudra says i dont have to listen to your lame talks i am busy, he cuts the call, paro says he is real devil, chachi says what will do, should i go with sumer or keep things under control here? she says i dont know what to do, paro says i will go with sumer to bring maithili, chachi says but rudra, paro says if he doesnt care about matihili that doesnt mean that i dont care for her, we will not tell him that i went outside, chachi says ok. sumer and paro comes to gate, paro is about to go out but remembers rudra saying to never step out of this house, sumer ask her to come, she goes out and sits in car. samrat comes to chachi all worked up, he says maithili doesnt go out like this, chachi says to keep calm.
maithili becomes conscious, beema comes there and puts medicine on her mouth so she falls unconscious, he ask his men to take her to godown.

Scene 3
Chacha and all are in hall, chacha says i cant sit like this, she is been missing for quite sometime, i will call police,chachi says no, she says i know about maitjili, she is being kidnapped by goons, dilsher ask how do you know? she says goons called, samrat says where is she, we should call police, chachi says no, sumer has gone to talk with them even paro is with him, dilsher says what paro? chachi says she went on her own, she has her legs, dilsher shouts that who is this goon? why you allowed her. chachi says its happening all because of you, you came and destroyed everything, our peace and all. samrat says you could have told me, chachi says sumer knows how to deal with them he will bring her,chachi says to dilsher that because of you this house is facing problems, you took our peace, i dont know why you came here. chacha says enough they are our family members, paro went to bring maithili as family. dilsher leaves from there.

Scene 4
sumer and paro comes to place where maithili is being kept, sumer ask paro to sit in car while he will go, she says why i came here for maithili, he says if anything happens to your nail even then rudra will not leave so sit here, he goes. matihili is being tied, she tries to get up and sees paro outside, she tries to make noise to get paro’ attention.

PRECAP- beema ask his men to kill sumer and his bhabhi, they are beating sumer but paro attacks them with wood stick, she beats them , one goon catches her, she ask sumer to help her but he stands there and doesnt budge to help her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. without rudra episode is boring precap is nice who save paro i think maithli sa

  2. Today episode interesting but rudra is not that episode rudra comebacksoon plz plz plz we miss em lot i will pray for u getwell soon

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