Rang Rasiya 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
shantanu sees paro litting diay, he says my fate is with me, I have to take more step and my brother’s revenge will be done, he points gun at paro, he says I will not give her easy death, paro feels someone’s presence, rudra comes there with gun, paro says I felt someone is there, he ask paro to go inside, she goes, rudra turns and someone holds his gun, its shantanu in bsd uniform, he gives rudra letter saying that he is bsd officer, he ask shantnau is this the time to enter someone’s house, shantanu says I forgot my way so came here at this time, rudra says so you will enter house like a thief, shantanu says I knocked on gate but no one opened, paro comes and says I left the gate opened so he might come in, paro says your room is ready you can come, he says good, I am

very tired finding your house since morning, he sees diya blowing off and saves it, paro says thanks for saving it, its important for house’s safety, shantnau says I am here for safety, rudra and shantanu and goes towards shanatanu’s room, shantanu praises rudra and says I have read how you did missions, I wont disappoint you in protecting your family, I am very sharp, rudra says I don’t care if you are sharp or stupid, I don’t need anyone to protect my family, I am enough for them. shantanu takes out knife and attaks rudra with it, he throws rudra away, it turns out to be shantanu’s imaginations, rudra leave, shantanu says I will destroy you 1st then I will kill you, I will make you beg, I will make you and your wife see pain of your family, they will beg, they plead infront of your eyes and you wont be ale to save them,

Scene 2
in morning, paro gives rudra the parsad, rudra ask about the safety incharge(shantanu), sunehri talks about the guy who gave her lift, Maithili sasy don’t talk you know rudra got angry by it. mohini taunts that yes we cant talk as rudra has given us this house so we have to see his mood before saying anything else he can throw fire from his mouth. she aks sunehri to tell what happened yesterday, sunehri says to rudra that man asked some address from me and then said that he will drop me home, shantanu comes there and greets everybody, paro ask him to come and have breakfast, rudra tells everyone that he is safety incharge, sunehri sees him, mohini ask sunehri to continue what haooened the, shantanu says then she said that if she will not sit then she will get drenched in rain, paro sasy this means you dropped sunehri home, he says yes, she was tensed so I dropped her home, rudra sasy then why did you not come home that time only why you waited for night, shantanu says I didn’t know that this is your house then, after finding much I came to know that this is your house but till then it was night, also I am not good at remembering addresses. rudra says you are sharp officer and cant remember address, rudra goes out to go to bsd, shantanu comes to him and says I will use map to remember address. rudra sasy I have never seen a officer without uniform, shantanu sasy I am not wearing uniform because this way I will be able to get involved and become comfortable with your family and aslo your enemies witll not get to know that I am a soldier, believe me, rudra says I don’t trust anyone, he leaves, shantanu says I will make you fall to trust me.

Scene 3
paro is putting clothes on rope after coloring them, she ask Maithili to help her but shantanu comes there and starts helping her, she says you don’t need to do it, he says its small work, he says I wish I didn’t make mistakes infront of rudra you know I am very hard working but I wish I can make place in rudra’s eyes, he is a great soldier, I admire him, he says you know some time back he went to birpur border, you must know it as you were with him, paro says yes, he saved my life, he saved me from that country betrayer with whim I got married, shantanu torn the dupatta and sasy sorry, its my mistake, I cant do any work, paro sasy don’t worry. mala comes there, shantanu says you are rudras’s mother, right? mala says I have seen you somewhere, did we meet somewhere, he says I don’t forget face and I don’t think I met you earlier, paro says he talks very good, sunehri smiles seeing him.
paro calls rudra and says everything is fine and tells him about shantanu helping her in drying clothes and cooking in kitchen tonight’s dinner, rudra says what a soldier is cooking in kitchen? paro says so what, when a soldier can make me learn about how to use gas stove then why cant he cook,,
shantanu cooks in kitchen with Maithili and sunehri and jokes with them, danveer comes there and says so you are new soldier here, what you thought that you will make us fool and we will not get to know about it, I got to know everything about you and I told rudra too, so now will you tell your truth about yourself or should I tell them, shatanu us tensed and puts hand in pocket to holds his pocket knife, danveer says he will not listen like this, I will bring proofs, danveer goes and comesback, shantanu is holding knife, danveer says why are you so much worried, he shows him his guitar and says I was talking about this, will you play it, shantanu says oh this, you made me worried, he says I will play it and ask Maithili to make tea only then he will play it.
sunehri brings tea for shantanu, shantanu ask him to listen to his song, he plays guitar and sings one song, all sits around him and enjoys song, rudra comes there, all get up, shantanu comes to rudra and ask did you like my song? rudra looks at hand of shantanu and ask him how you got wound here? shantanu recalls how on road when he had hit rudra’s car with hammer, rudra fought with him and he got hurt on hand.

PRECAP- rudra says you sing good, shantanu says thanks you like it, rudra says then you can act also, dnaveer told me that you got worried when he said that your secret has come out in open, what are you hiding officer shantanu kumar

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. enna thrilling episode

  2. no parud scene

  3. no parud scene its nt my type episode

  4. it was good but we want paro rudra scene more.plz dont make the serial bore yaar.thank for update.

  5. i agree even it is not type epidose.

  6. the episode was interesting last week but getting bored now… there should be more rudra paro scenes…then only nice…

  7. its getting boring day by day

  8. its getting boring day by day.losing interest….plz…do something exciting!!!

  9. its getting boring day by day.losing interest….plz…do something exciting!!!..

  10. I completely agree wid u snigdha… ystrdy dere was 1 scene but it was too gud…. parud’s sizzling chemistry wil blow off my tv screen sum day…. 😉

  11. boring……….. need parorudra scenes

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