Rang Rasiya 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Rang Rasiya 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 10th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Its aman and cahcha who came in rudra’s house, aman says i need to talk to you, they come out, aman informs him that tejawat is finding her, rudra says i know, we should take her to different city but aman says colonel will not permit, chacha says have one solution, return back home, rudra says your wife thinks she is my fiance, chacha says let her think then, aman says its a better plan you shold go back. rudra thinks.

Scene 2
Maithili is doing household chores and says pickle is spicy, chachi comes and says to inform mother of pickle. Chachi says i am going out do all household work, she sees the rope and says what it is doing here? i dont want to see anthing related to them. chachi says they change weather of house whether of two legs or three legs, dilsher

listens to it, she leaves. Maithili comes the room of sunehri where she is dancing on bed, maithili ask what are you doing? she says i am exercising to look slim. Sunehri says today i ate 4 parathas how i will get slim, she says to maithili that you are slim and married too but what about me. Maithili takes out photo of a small guy and teases sunehri about the gut. she says you met him 10 years back still you think about him, sunehri says he was the only one who appreciated my bhajan, maithili ask if will be same now? sunehri says dont know, chachi comes with samrat and scolds them for not doing work. plate falls from maithali’s hands as she sees rudra coming back in house, chachi and all looks at gate, rudra comes in and paro stands at gate with chacha holding her luggage. sunehri ask paro that bhabhi you returned. Chacha says earlier they were not introduced to you all, he says he is my nephew and BSD officer, he returned after years to home, his father is my real brother and this haveli is on his name too, rudra looks proudly at chachi, chacha says she is parvati and they will stay with us now, rudra says what happened earlier i am sorry for that, sunehri ask from which village she belongs to? rudra say jaipur. He comes to chachi and says you were right this is my family and i came to stay with you all now, chachi says so weather is changed, you have to bend and take blessing of elder by touching feet, rudra folds his hands and touches her feet, chacha says parvati will stay with sunehri, sunehri ask paro do you like hindi songs? we both will listen, she is taking paro with her, rudra says wait a minute, he comes to paro and says please come i want to talk to you. they leave. sunehri says they coocheecoo relation. In room, rudra says dont say anything to anyone, paro says yes else you will burn my village, rudra pins her to pillar and says to listen carefully that 1st you will never say truth to anyone and 2nd you will not step ou of here, if you follow this you will be safe. paro says the one who killed me is now talking about my safety, she ask you know why i am here? rudra says because you have no option left, paro says i heve seen that you are in pain too you have fear that i might open my mouth but i will stay silent as this is you biggest defeat and you will accept it, rudra says cut the crap, sunehri calls paro, she leaves. sunehri says to paro i will make you see whole house

Scene 3
In headquarter, chacha comes and says to rudra that should we go together to home, i still have that scooter, rudra says its my helplessness that i ma staying at your home but dont try to change things, chacha ask why things cant be like before, rudra says past is gone everything is changed and dont mix past with present. He leaves.

Scene 4
In havei, sunehri makes paro meet maithili who calls her bhabhi, paro says to call her parvati, sunehri says they have matching name pavati and rudra and both wears rudrakash maala, maithili says this couple is already made. paroo is tensed. Sunehri ask paro how she met rudra, where are her parents and how they allowed her to be here, chachi listens to all this, maithili ask her to not tease her and ask to make tea. Maithili says to paro that you must have asked for rudra from God very sincerely that you got him, paro remembers her prayers and says true one should ask from God carefully as it can become destruction too. Chachi comes to samrat and says i am sure they are not couple there is something else and i will find it.

PRECAP- chachi says to paro that your would be husband’s shoes are there place them aside, she is about to touch his shoes but rudra stops her and says she will not take my shoes, chachi says why its duty of a wife, rudra gets angry and throws cup of tea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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