natasha and karan call dev and sonakshi but find their finds their phones out of network coverage the bhose family enjoy themselves at bejoy’s friends home its morning now

bhose house
sunlight falls at sona’s face and she wakes up she tries to get up but is unable to do so on seeing she
realizes that she is covered in dev’s arms she tries moving but is unable to do so a flashback occurs where she remembers ishwari telling her that dev is a light sleeper and gets up within a touch he sleeps comfortably and soundly only
with his dad which is now lost forever flashback ends

sona smiles looking at dev and hugs him back closing her eyes dev wakes up and smiles looking at her he wakes her up

sona; gd morning mr dixit coffee?

dev; no thanx and i shall leave now

dev climbs the windowand smiles to himself and szo does sona they both tell simultaneously

‘ this was the best night of my life’

dev opens the lock and sona wawes him a bye

dixit house

natasha came early to meet dev

natasha; dev why didn’t u come yesterday?? what was so important for u than me?

dev; excuse me??

natasha; (stammering) i mean where were u

dev;@ sona’s home

bhose house

karan asks sona the same questions as natasha

sona; because someone locked us inside im sorry for yesterday

karan; its ok tonight dinner??

sona; sure i’ll make up for it

meanwhile natasha and dev also plans a dinner

dev and karan are stunned to see sona as she was looking gorgeous. karan asks sona for a dance on a romantic song which irks dev and he takes natasha to the dance floor and dances with her looking at sona who is starring at him as the remember their first dance during dev’s award function. when dev sees karan getting close to sona they exchange partnes and more romance to come

stay tuned and thanx for ur compliments guys especially tanya who has commented on each of my fan frictions

Credit to: sanaya

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  1. Sanaya ur story line is brilliant but can u pls write the episodes little long… I just don’t want to stop reading ur story… Eagerly for the next episode… ?
    Love Shaheer….❤

  2. aakriti chalise

    Ilop all my fbrt tv serial acters n ess .sso do much more best n get progess on u as well on ur tv shows.

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Eagerly waiting for next epi nice ff sanaya

  4. Very niyc..Epi yrr…dying 2 read d next 1 plzz fati post ur next epii soon…?????

  5. Agree with u vaishu the story is so good that one can’t help asking for more…waiting for next episode

  6. What a great scenes u presented!!!!!I m now going mad reading ur ffs…..eagerly waiting 4 next part with great excitement!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nice episode..it was romantic also..awesome precap

  8. awesome. eagerly waiting for the next update pls update it fast

  9. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Loving this jealousy track

  10. Good going…..
    I just love it….

  11. when u will post ur part 4 sanaya????????i m waiting….what happen????……tell yaar….

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