“Rang Pyar Ka – Forever” # 41 by Asmita…

Hi guys… thanks a lot guys for loving my Oss so much… your comments really means a lot to me… thnks for showering so much love…

Here I am back with another story… first I thought to write this story as an OS but when I started writing I thought it was not a good idea… so I converted it into FF…

As some of you guys know that I already wrote 2 FFs for this show –
1. Rang Pyar ka (Devna) {14 parts}
2] Rang pyar ka (again) – Devna {26 parts}
14+26=40… so it 41 part…

so I am keeping the title same and continuing further with a fresh story… hope you guys will love this story too as my previous write ups…

Here we go—

Dev Dixit – Owner of Dixit Nutrition Pvt. Ltd… and a big wala khadoos…

Dr. Sonakshi Bose – a nutritionist… middle class girl who is doing her internship in Dev’s company… a lovely bubbly girl…

Dixit office (conference hall) –

A meeting is going on for launching a new health drink for children. A smart, handsome, dashing guy is standing there… (yesssssss… you guys guess it right)… Dev himself is giving the presentation. He finishes the presentation.

Dev – I hope… you guys are happy with this presentation.

(By saying this he gives questioning look to all the people sitting there expecting that nobody will deny and same happens nobody says anything but nod their heads in yes)

Dev – ok then… you should start working on this as soon as possible… coz I want to launch this on the occasion of New Year… Is that clear?

All – ok sir…

But a girl is sitting there silently who does not say yes to Dev. Dev notices this.

Dev – hey you… why don’t you say yes for this? Are you not ok with this?

Girl (hesitates) – actually sir… nothing like that…

Dev – then what ?
Girl – wo…..wooooo
Dev – what wo…wo… say clearly…
Girl – actually sir… what I think is… the flavor, which you are going to add in this health drink, is not liked by children mostly… so as per my thinking this won’t work.

Dev(angrily) – what??? Do u think that you know more about this than me?
Girl(scares) – no sir… nothing like that… I did not mean that…
Dev(sarcastic) – o really… thn what you mean miss…..
Girl – Sir I am…

Dev (annoyingly) – look…whatever is your name… I am not at all interested in your name… Its first time when someone has not agreed with my presentation… (With much arrogance) and if you think that you have some better idea than me… then I give you one day to make the presentation…

Girl(completely shocked) – what sir… I mean no sir…

Dev – what no… I already said this… guys we all again will meet tomorrow here with this girl’s presentation. (Sarcastically he adds on)… let me see which flavor children like the most…

By saying this Dev leaves without listening anything, after that all leave, the girl is left alone.

Girl to herself – now you are gone Sona (yes… the girl is none other than our Sona). What will you do now? (she hits her head)… how many times you are told to keep your mouth shut but you don’t listen anyone… now you have to pay for this… that ANGRY YOUNG MAN is not ready to listen anything and gave you the order to make the presentation… now go and make the presentation and tomorrow he will take your class in front of everyone .

Dev’s cabin –
Tina (Dev’s PA) – sir, what have you done?
Dev – What are you talking about?
Tina – Sir… about that girl…
Dev – So….
Tina –that girl…
Dev – Tina… don’t defend her…
Tina – Actually sir…
Dev (smirks) – Stop it… I will see her tomorrow…
Tina (slowly) – ok sir…
Tina leaves.

Dev(to himself) – I will see that girl tomorrow… how dare she even say anything about my presentation… it took more than 1 week to make that presentation… tomorrow when she will not ready the presentation then I will tell her… then she will come to know who I am…

Dev is in attitude like”KUCH BHI KARNA PAR… MERA EGO HURT NAHI KARNA… He is full of anger that how can a girl a new comer find out any mistake in his work… according to him after AMIR KHAN, he is the only Mr. PERFECTIONIST…

Evening –
Sona is so much engrossed with her computer and making so called presentation that she does not realize that it’s time to go home… all employees except Dev already left… Dev is too about to leave when he notices that in a corner of the hall, light is still on… he goes in that direction to find out the reason of light… suddenly he finds Sona there… and stops seeing her talking to someone… but there is no one, may be she is talking on phone, but there is no phone in her hand too… oho, she is using ear phones or bluetooth…

Dev keeps walking towards Sona… and Sona still does not realize his presence… She continues talking…

Sona – tera bhi na, kuch nahi ho sakta… what was the need to open your mouth in front of that KHADOOS… why do you always like to poke your nose everywhere… ab bhugat… tub hi had karti hai…

Dev still not able to understand to whom that girl is talking… but he is somehow amused watching that girl working and talking continuously without feeling his presence there… he keeps watching her for a while… a broad smile comes on his annoying face unknowingly…

Sona – badi aayi bachchon ka favorite flavor batane wali… bina baat hi us Mr. KHADOOS DIXIT se panga le liya… kese banayegi tu ab ye presentation, aur wo bhi ek hi raat me, teri to band baj gayi… ab kar kaam yahan akele beth kar Sona…

Dev(in his mind) – Sona ??? ise sona hi hai to ye ghar kyun nahi ja rahi, ye office me hi soyegi kya….(he does not know her name till now ;-))… Wait a minute she is talking to herself only… it means (he raises his eyebrow) she just called me Mr. KHADOOS DIXIT… how dare she???

Just then Sona realizes someone is there, she turns and twists her leg and… and… about to fall (guys, don’t think that hero will catch her)… and she falls…
Sona – why did not you hold me?
Dev – why should I?
Sona – it means you are really not a normal human being.
Dev(with a frown) – what do you mean?
Sona(just realizes that he is her boss) – nothing sir… (slowly) khadoos…
Dev – I heard that… you just called me KHADOOS that y I did not hold you…
Sona(still on the floor) – Sorry sir…
Dev – BTW what are you doing here?
Sona – you ordered me to make presentation… I am following your order..
Dev – its ok… but its too late… go to home…
Sona – but sir… the work is not done yet…
Dev – finish it tomorrow… there is no one in the office now… I am also leaving, so better you should also go…
Sona – but sir…
Dev – come…
Sona nods and follows Dev. While Dev smirks coz Sona’s presentation is not complete.
Outside of office –
Sona – sir… you plz leave… my brother will come to pick me up.
Dev – Don’t you think that I will wait for you.
Sona – yes sir.
Dev – what…
Sona – I mean no sir…
Dev – wait for your brother… I am leaving.
As Dev leaves Sona rushes into the office to finish the incomplete work. She again starts her work and finally finishes it. After that she sleeps on her chair only…
Next morning –
Dev comes to office happily ready to insult Sona in front of all staff… while Sona is enjoying her beauty sleep unaware that she is still in office. Dev is also unaware that Sona was in the office whole night.
Sona wakes up by one of her collogues, freshens up in hurry and goes into the conference hall.
Conference hall –
Sona starts with her presentation and finishes it in good manner…. Everyone praises her… Dev asked her to work on flavor only but she made completely new presentation with new packaging, flavor, marketing, promotion and all… Dev is left speechless. Dev did not expect this… but he left with no option than to praise her and accept her view… Sona is happy and Dev is annoyed…
Dev’s cabin –
Dev (angrily to himself) – how could she? Nobody is better than me… how did she done with her work when yesterday night she left it incompletely… this took me more than 1 week and how could she done it one night, no half night?
He is talking to himself loudly when Tina enters.
Tina – what happened sir ?
Dev(compose) – no… nothing…
Tina – ok sir… sir, should we start work on new health drink?
Dev – yes…
Tina stands silently.
Dev – now what?
Tina – actually sir…
Dev – what?
Tina – with your presentation or with Dr. Bose’s?
Dev – now…who is Dr. Bose?
Tina – Sir…who gave the presentation is Dr. Bose?
Dev(shocked) – what??? That girl is a doctor? What the hell is she doing here?
Tina – She is doing research work here. She is a nutritionist and pursuing her Ph.D.
Dev(again shocked) – what?
Tina – yes sir… she is a bright student and finished her degree with gold medal… this is the thing I tried to tell you yesterday but you did not listen… she is very good at her work… she stayed here for whole night to complete presentation.

Dev – ohhhhh… (with hesitation) Start with Dr. Bose’s work

Tina left… Dev realizes his mistake to challenge Sona and somewhere developed a soft corner for Sona. He finds her good at her work… I must say better in her work… no…. BEST is the appropriate word…


  1. |Registered Member

    Loved it…… Superb and totally different…… Dev’s realization at the last…..😂 Aab pata chala…sona is our Bengali tigress….don’t challenge her…. Overall, it was super marvellous… Eagerly waiting for the next……

  2. Manya


    |Registered Member

    I am happy to hear a new ff😍😍😍
    It seems really interesting and awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Egoistic Dev dixit and cutie Sona ❣
    Post soon 💘
    Love love 💖

  3. Bhoomi


    |Registered Member

    Yehhh.. U r back 😁😁… Awesome story di… Intresting… 😊 Dev ka to ego hurt ho gaya😁… Lets see what happens next 😘 .
    Come soon with superb episode…

  4. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Amazing Di!! The idea is worth appreciation, I must say. Sonakshi Bose is our wild tigress indeed! Looking forward to the next one! Merry Christmas!!!!

  5. Erika


    |Registered Member

    i had commented earlier but this tu did not post btw awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ff epi glad u r back fab fantastic superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb epi update asap……………………….

  6. Niki645


    |Registered Member

    Awesome, Asmita di!!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    I loved the concept of the story, and I am so sure that this is going to be as wonderful as the other two ff’s that u have written😘😘😃

    Do post asap😘😘😃


  7. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Super start Asmita….
    Verry happy to see ur rang pyar ka series….new one….
    Different concept…kuch naya sa haii….
    #liked it very much….

    Nd #Moral of the story is–
    Studies kitni important Hoti h…jaise hi dev ko pata Chala ki she is a dr. Nd doing PhD… Sudden dev changes his perception about sona’s image……..Nd that was the best thing……

  8. Varsha94


    |Registered Member

    Hey Damn good yaar.. I mean this s a very different way of thinking with the same characters… Loved it… Post the next one soon… Will b waiting 💙💜💚💛❤😘

  9. Simplesweety1


    |Registered Member

    Finally! A New Masterpiece By You! I Loved The 1st Episode! Dev Ko Koi Apni Takar Waala Milgaya! Haha! Update Soon Yaa! I Just Can’t Wait Now!

  10. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Very nice start. It’s true. If u r educated no one can say u any thing. And also I can tell that girls r always one step further than boys.
    Liked new start. thoda hatt ke tha. I loved it. Superb.
    post next ff soon.

  11. Priya12


    |Registered Member

    I read ur all rang pyar ka series, but I didn’t comment and this epi also.i m saying it is so awesome…..superbb….after amir Khan he thinks that he is Mr . perfect…which wsa so superbbb……loved the epi…

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