“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 9


Thnks to all for liking my FF. And thanks for guess also but I am sorry to say that nobody was right ;-). Some twists should be there always for keeping the continue interest of the readers. So here we go –

Recap – Ishwari finds someone in hospital and calls Dev.

Ishwari takes Dev to that bed. Dev fumes with anger after seeing the person and shocked too. Its Aayush (who kidnapes Nikki). He is in very bad condition. (Ishwari recognizes him coz Nikki showed his pic after the kidnapping incident.)

Flash back –
(After escaping from the police Yash reached to some unknown place and calls Aayush about his condition and asks him to leave the place as soon as possible coz now police is behind them. Aayush gets scared, packs his stuff and leaves immediately but in midway he met with an accident and injured badly. He is taken to a hospital but due to lack of money he is not treated well and he is shifted to a govt. hospital (where Ishwari is also taken). His leg will be cut in next few days if he does not arrange better treatment. When Yash calls him again, he tells him his condition but Yash does not listen and denies to give money as he also does not have money and also a bad condition. Yash does not tell him anything about him or Sona. Aayush now regrets whatever he did with Nikkii and her family.)
Flash back ends.

Dev talks to Aayush. Aayush starts crying bitterly and apologizes.
Dev – Kahan hai meri Sona? (where is my Sona?)
Aayush – I don’t know.
Dev – Jhooth mat bolo. Tum hi lekar gaye the na sona ko(don’t lie, you was there with sona)
Aayush – nahi, main nahi tha (no, it was not me)
Dev (fumes) – sach bolo (tell me the truth)
Aayush (stammers) – it was yash bhaiyya.
Dev shocked.
Dev – it could not be yash as he is in jail.
Aayush – He got bail and then only we planned the kidnapping.
Dev – How do you know him?
Aayush – he is my elder brother
Dev again shocked.

Aayush told him the whole story and Mami too.
Mami it was the gretest shock for Dev and Ishwari. They cant even think that mami can stoop so low.
Dev – Tell me where is Yash and Sona ? Sona to thik to hai na?
Aayush – I don’t know.
Dev – ab to jhooth mat bolo (don’t lie now)
Aayush – main sach keh raha hoon Dev bhaiyya. Jab se yash bhaiyya Sona ko lekar gaye hain, tab se mujhe unka kuch pata nahi hai.
Dev – Tumahare paas phone bhi nahi aaya kya uska?
Aayush – ek baar kiya tha kisi aur ke phone se kyunki unka phone to acciedent ke baad kharab ho gaya tha. Unhone bataya tha ki Sona is badly injured.
Dev – kis number se aaya tha phone?
Aayush tells the number. Dev dials the number but its not reachable. Dev later on calls to some private hospital and asks for Aayush’s proper treatment. Aayush regrets for his deeds and thanks to Dev.

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  1. Bhoomi

    Wow new twist ….. It is going more intresting day by day…… Fantastic…..??

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Bhoomi for liking it…

  2. Nice episode

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  3. So it’s a change of heart for ayush r8?nice one

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      Yes Aarti…

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    awesome! 🙂

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  5. Wow nice twist

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  6. Amaira devakshi

    it is awesome … Hey i am new here…….

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    2. hey m new here…..!!
      n nyc story dear…..bt i dnt readed it frm beginning….bt i readed dis part it was gud….!!

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    too goooood

  8. Very good twist
    Sooooo awesome

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  10. The epi is too…… much good.it’s awsome:)

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  11. Asmita aap har ek episode me bht hi jyada supense rakhti h. I liked it ab toh or excitement badh rahi h meri. Plzz post ur next update fast

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    Thnks for liking it Preet…

  13. i too agree with Bhoomi.
    its getting more interesting day by day..
    continue writing like this always.

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