“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 8

Recap – Dev becomes rude and harsh. Radha Rani talks about re-marriage.

Ishwari finally gets convienced for Dev’s second marriage. She goes to Dev.
Ish – Dev
Dev – haan maa (yes maa)
Ish – kuch baat karni hai (want to talk to you)
Dev – boilye (say)
Ish (stammers) – wo….actually…….
Dev – bolo maa (tell maa)
Ish – bhabhi keh rahi thi ki….tumhe dusri shadi ke bare mein sochna chahiye (bhabhi was saying that you should think about second marriage)
Dev gets angry.
Dev – maa, tu esa soch bhi kese sakti hai? (how can you even think about it?)
Ish – essa sochne mein galat hi kya hai? (what is wrong in this?)
Dev – main sona ke alawa kisi aur ke bare soch bhi nahi sakta. (I cant think anyone else sona)
Ish – sona mar chuki hai dev (sona is dead)
Dev – nahi maa, sona zinda hai (no maa, sona is alive)
Ish – agar zinda hai to wapis kyun nahi aayi? (if she is alive why shy she has not come yet?)
Dev – ………..
Ish – sach ko maan lo (accept the fact)
Dev – ………
Ish – sona is no more.
Dev fills with anger and pain. He leaves. Ishwari is also sad to see Dev’s condition.

After this Ishwari tries so many times to talk to Dev but Dev does not agree.

One day in the morning Ishwari is so annoyed that she goes out without telling anyone. Ishwari walks on random roads. In the evening she faints due to weakness. Some people take her to the near by hospital. Its very small and not good in facilities. Ishwari is still unconcious.
Its evening now and everyone at home is worried about Ishwari. They try to call her but her phone is in her room only. Dev rushed to find her but succeeded.

Next day –
Ishwari gets conscious and find herself in the hospital. She gets up from the bed and goes. Suddenly she looks on near by bed and is shocked. Its very difficult to believe. It takes sometime to get her normal. She goes to the reception and calls Dev.
Dev (worried) – hello
Ish – dev
Dev – maa……maa… kahan hai tu? Tu thik to hai na? bina bataye kyun chali gayi? Tu mujhse naraz hai na? tu jo kahegi main karunga…….par plz wapis aa ja….(maa…where are you? Are you alright? You are angry with me.. I will do whatever you tell me…..plz come back.)
Ish – meri baat to suno. (listen to me)
Dev – tu pehle ghar aaja. Tu kahan hai bata, main abhi aa raha hoon tujhe lene. (first come home, tell me where are you, I am coming)
Ish – Dev main ek hospital main hoon. (I m in a hospital)
Dev (shocked) – kya…. Tu thik to hai na? kya hua tujhe? (what…..are you alright? What happened?).
Ish – dev meri baat sun, tu jaldi yahan aaja (come fast here)
Dev – konse hospital me hai tu? (in which hospital are you?)
Ish asks the address to receptionist and tell Dev. Dev rushes.

After sometime he reaches the hospital and finds Ishwari. He hugs her.


  1. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    wow asmita dii i liked the fact u r writing ff despite being busy and its okay i understand and i only write when i m free cant even think to do so when m busy 😛

  2. erika

    yessss finally sona would be back
    plz correct me if i m wrong .
    ishwari found sona next to her bed……
    plzz tell me that what i m saying is true..
    and plzz try to update soon….
    and 1 more thing to say that u write fantastic.

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