“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 7

Recap – Yash escaped with Sona. They met with an accident. Sona is injured and unconcious.

Radha Rani comes home.
Ish – Bhabhi, aap itna late kahan gayi thi? (where did you go so late?)
Mami – ummmmmmm…….Actually I went to temple to pray for our Nikki and Sona.
Ish (shocked)– Kya?
Mami – haan jiji.
Riya – sach mein?.
Mami – main ab pehle jesi nahi rahi jiji. Main to is ghar me sabki khushi hi chahti hoon
Ish – Bahot achcha kiya bhabhi aapne.
Mami smirks.

Suddenly Dev comes back home with Nikki. All are happy to see her.
Ish – Dev, Sona kahan hai? (Where is Sona?)
Dev – …………….
Riya & Neha – Bhaiyya, bhabhi kahan hai? ( where is bhabhi?)
Dev – ………….
Ish (scared) – Dev, kuch to bolo, tumhari chuppi mujhe dara rahi hai. (say something, your silence is scary)
Dev – ………..
Neha – Nikki, tu to bata, kya hua? (you tell, what happened?)
Nikki (crying) – We lost bhabhi.
All are stunned. Nikki told them the whole incident except Yash and Radha Rani because she did not see them. Radha is relaxed to know this and happy too. Dev sits down. Ishwari tries to console him. As ishwari keep her hand on his shoulder, he burst out crying.

Next day –
Dev goes to police station to ask Sona. Inspector told him that they treis their best to find Sona and Yash but all in vain. He says that they both might be died. Dev shouts in anger and holds the collar of inspector. Dev asks him to find Sona at any cost and leaves angrily.

After some days –
Dev daily goes to police station and inquires about Sona but every time he gets negative reply. He thinks that he is the culprit. He lost Sona because of his mistake only. He is not able to think anything else. Ishawari and all three sisters try a lot to make him normal but nothing works. He has become so rude now. He has become now angry young man. On the other hand Radha Rani is very happy to see this because her revenge has been completed. She is watching them all suffering. This thing is giving her immense pleasure.

As it is said that time does not wait for anything, it applies here also but not for Dev. He turns into a machine – work, work and only work. He forgets how to smile, how to be happy, how to laugh. His life becomes again colorless. He even does not talk to Ishwari now. Ishwari is very tensed about him.

One day –
Radha Rani goes to Ishwari.
Radha – Jiji, aapse ek baat kehni thi. (I want to talk to you.)
Ish – Haan, boliye bhabhi. (yes, tell)
Radha – Jiji, aapne dekha Dev kese rehta hai aaj kal. Bechara hansna bolna hi bhool gaya hai. (Have you seen the condition of Dev?)
Ish – Haan bhabhi. Bahot samjhane ki koshish ki use par wo samjhta hi nahi. ( I am trying a lot but he is not ready to understand)
Radha – use samjhna to hoga jiji. (He has to)
Ish – wo sona ke jane ka zimmedar khud ko maan raha hai. (He is blaiming himself for losing Sona)
Radha – bura na mano to ek baat kahu. ( if you don’t mind, I want to say something)
Ish – hann boliye bhabhi. (yes say)
Radha – Dev ki dusri shadi karwa dijiye (Get Dev remarried)
Ish (shocked) – Kya? (what?)
Radha – haan bhabhi. Bas yahi ek tarika hai jisse Dev phir se normal ho sakta hai. (this is the only way)
Ish – aap esa soch bhi kese sakti hain bhabhi? (how can you even think this?)
Radha – aapko lagta hai ki itne dino ke baad Sona ke wapis aane ka koi chance hai? (Do you think that after so many days Sona will come back?)
Ish – ………..
Radha – Agar wo zinda hoti to wapis aati na

Ish(angrily) – bhabhi…….
Radha – sahi ti keh rahi hoon (I am saying right)
Ish –……….
Radha – Kya aap Dev ko puri zindagi ese hi dekhna chahti hain? (do you want to see Dev to be like this only for the whole life?)
Ish – Nahi bhabhi (no)
Radha – isly keh rahi hoon, dev ki dusri shadi karwa dijiye. (That is why I am talking about Dev’s second marriage)
Ishwari thinks. Radha smiles cunningly.

Precap – Ishwari talks to Dev about second marriage.

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  1. Bhoomi

    Its going to be more intresting ….. U r superb in creating suspence?… Waiting for sonas entry…..

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    Asmita bring back sona and end garib ki beti radha’s track and show DevAkshi reunion

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  4. Partho

    Asmita bring back sona and end garib ki beti radha’s track and show DevAkshi reunion soon

  5. Does dis radha Rani has no other work..she is always there to poke her nose in Dev’s matters..unwanted fellow

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  6. Tensed epi..but i hope u will reunite them soon

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