“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 6


Sona – You………..???
That guy comes and hugs Aayush and the lady is staning besides with a cunning smile on her face. Sona’s eyes are widely opened with shock.
Guy – Thnks Aayush, you done a lot for me.
Aayush – No need to say thanks Bhai. I can do anything for you.
That guy is none other than “YASH” and the lady is “Garib ki beti Radha Rani”.
(This plan is made by both of them)

Flash Back –
Yash is in jail. His brother comes to meet him. Yes, Aayush and Yash are brothers. Yash tells him the full story. And Aayush wants to take revenge for this. Aayush collects all the information about Dev and his family. He comes to know about Nikki and initites with her.

Mami gets well. She wants to take revenge of her son’s death. She blames Dev and Sona for his death. Mami acts being good in front of Dixit family but actually she is

Mami also knows about Yash. So as she comes out of hospital, she contacts Yash in jail and does his bail. Mami, Yash and Aayush join hands. They plan Nikki’s kidnapping and in return they will ask for Sona. Mami wants to kill Sona sothat Dev and his family will suffer as her. But Yash wants Sona to be with him and Mami aggress on this. So they trio decide that Yash will take away Sona from all so far that nobody will able to find her. In this way also Dixit family will suffer a lot.

Sona (shocked) – Mami ji, aap? (mami ji, you?)
Mami – haan, main.(yes, its me)
Sona – par kyun mami ji, kyun kiya aapne ye sab? (but why mami ji, why did you do all this?)
Mami – Tum logon ki wajah se maine apna beta kho diya. (I lost my dear son because all of you)
Sona – Mami, that was not our fault. That all was done by you only.
Mami (fumes) – But I lost my Vicky because of you. And now Dev will feel thae samy by losing you.
Sona – you can’t do this mami ji.
Mami – I can and I will. I wanted to kill you but you should thank Yash. Because of him only you will be alive.

Outside of that place –
Nikki comes out crying. She does not understand what to do now. She wants to save Sona. Suddenly Dev comes there with police. Dev sees Nikki and hugs her. Nikki again starts cryning.
Dev – Nikki, are you alright?
Nikki – bhaiyya, please forgive me. It all happened coz of me. Please savs bhabhi now.
Dev – where is Sona?
Nikki – inside with Aayush.
Dev – why u left her alone there?
Nikki – I was not ready to leave her, but she pushed me to go. She wanted to save me. She is in danger to save me.
Dev – nikki, you don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Sona. You sit in car.

Inside –
Yash ties Sona’s hand and mouth too. He takes her with him. She resists but all in vain. They all sit in car and leave from there from the gate of back side.

Outside –
Dev enters with police. But its too late. No one is there. A police man finds them running from the back side. He informs all. All go to follow the car.

In the mid of the way Yash drops Mami and Aayush. And now Sona and Yash are left in car.
Dev and police follow the car and they come just behind it. Yash comes to know this and drives the car very fast and rough. Dev is behind him. They come on a bridge. Yash for a second loose the concentrate and it turns out in an accident. Yash’s car falls in the river. Dev is stunned and jumps into the water to save Sona. Some police men also jump. But they don’t find any one. Yash is successful in escaping with Sona. Sona is unconcious and injured.

Precap – Dev lost son. Without Sona, Dev again becomes the old Dev, angry young man.

So guys what you think about this? What happened to Sona? Is she alive or……? Will Dev able to find ever?

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  1. Asmitha plzzz don’t make her die….

    1. Asmita...

      Wait dear…

  2. Ss don’t separate them.. and no leap also…

    1. Asmita...

      Wait till nxt episode…

  3. Bhoomi

    ???… U write it very well Asmita .. Sona come back soon

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Bhoomi

  4. Simplesweety1

    Oh ! Great Job U Have Done @Asmita …. I Know Its Always A Happy Ending Agar Beech Mein Koi Problem Aaye To !! Keep Writing And Do Read My First FF And That Also On Devakshi … I’ve Written The First 5 Episodes And The 6th One i’ve Updated Recently So It Will Take Time To Upload .. The FF’s Name Is Kya Ma Manengi ? ……. A Devakshi FF

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Sweety

      1. Simplesweety1

        Welcome ..

  5. Plz we can’t see dev and sona separated….

    1. Asmita...

      Wait till next episode

  6. Hey plzz dont bring any memory loss track..I’m sure Sona is alive

  7. Asmita...

    Wait till next episode

  8. yaaa plzzzzzzzzz dont let sona die or loose her memory…
    plzzzzz dont separate devakshi/.

    1. Asmita...

      Wait till nxt episode

  9. Episode was very nice but I didn’t get the precap

    1. Asmita...

      Dev did not find sona. Dev lost sona. He was an angry young man b4 sona entered in his life. After she came, he came to know what is love.

  10. Partho

    Amazing asmita

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Partho

  11. Saan

    Asmita u r doing an amazing job … but pls reunite them ???

    1. Asmita...

      Wait for the next episode

  12. nice track asmita…. lovers ki life men twists naa aaye aisa ho nahi sakta…but unite them soon

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