“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 4


Recap – Aayush kidnappes Nikki and calls Dev………

Aayush – Mujhe Sona chahiye….
Dev (stunned) – What?????
Aayush – Haan….
Dev – Tum pagal ho kya? Ye nahi ho sakta.
Aayush – Kyun….. abhi to tum bahot badi badi baaten kar rahe the ki apni behan ke liye tum kuch bhi karoge….. phir ab kya hua?
Dev (angrily) – I will kill you.
Aayush – sured…….. but before that I will not leave nikki alive.
Dev – you…….
Aayush – control yourself Mr. Dixit otherwise you cant even imagine what I can do with your sister.
Dev (feeling helpless) – …….
Aayush – thik hai mr. Dixit… main tumhe sochne ke liye thoda time deta hoon…….ummmm……2 minute….. nahi 5 minute…..
Dev – Kya??
Aayush – I will call you after 5 minutes, till than you decide what you want – Sona or Nikki ? One thing more don’t you dare to call police if you want Nikki back.
Aayush disconnects the phone. Dev breaks down and sits on sofa; phone falls down from his hand.
Ish – Dev……….dev……
Dev – ……….
Ish – Kya hua dev? KUch to bolo..
Dev – ……..
Sona – Dev…… kiska phone tha?
Dev – Maa Aayush ka phone tha……
Sona – Kya keh raha tha wo…..kya bola wo….. kya chahiye use?
Dev is not able to tell them.
Ish – Kuch bolo Dev…
Dev – Maa…… use Sona chahiye………
Everyone is shocked.
All – Kya??
Dev feels helpless.
Sona (with much courage) – Kya kaha usne?
Dev – Usne kaha ki use Sona chahiye, otherwise wo humari Nikki ko………. Wo 5 minutes me phir phone karega.
All are heartbroken.
Sona – ok.. it is decided now.
Dev – What decided?
Sona – That I will go to him.
Ish – Nahi beta, we cant do this.
Sona – we have to this maa, else we will loose Nikki.
Dev – no Sona, never.
Ish – lekin use Sona kyun chahiye?
Dev – pata nahi maa….but sona will not go anywhere. I cant loose her.
Sona (cries) – I have to go Dev.
Dev – No you cant.
Sona (strongly) – I will save Nikki…….you don’t worry…. Nothing will happen to Nikki…… trust me.
Dev (loudly) – I said no means no…. Don’t you get this.
Sona (shouts) – Do you have any other way to get Nikki Back.
Dev – We will think.
Sona – In 5 minutes what will you think?

The phone rings again. Dev picks it up.
Dev – Hello.
Aayush – Mr. Dixit, have you decided?
Dev – Aakhir tum chahte kya ho, humne kya bigada hai tumhara?
Aayush – Main aapko pehle hi bata chukka hoon ki mujhe Sona chahiye still you are asking the same question.
Dev – Nahi, its not possible… Sona nahi mil sakti tumhe…
Aayush – ok…….. then you will also not get your Nikki.
Dev – How do I believe you that Nikki is with you?
Aayush (laughs) – ohh…….so you want the proof.
He clicks a pic of Nikiki and sends it to Dev.
Aayush – Check your phone. I have just sent a pic of your dear sister.
Dev and all see the pic.
Dev – I will not spare you.
Aayush (smirks) – you cant do anything.
Dev – I will kill you if anything happens to Nikki.
Sona snatches the phone from Dev and talks to Aayush.
Sona – You want me…. Ok I will come… but don’t do anything to Nikki.
Aayush – Good……….. it seems you are more intelligent than your husband.
Dev – You cant Sona.
Aayush – Apne husband ko samjhao pehle.
Sona – tum ye batao ki mujhe kahan aana hai?
Aayush – wait for my next call. I will tell you the timing and venue. Again I will remind you not to call police.

All ask Sona to change her decision but she does not listen to anyone. She makes har mind to go.
Aayush calls and tells the timing and venue. Sona is about to go. Dev holds her hand and try to stop her. Ishwari and both sisters cry.
Dev – We will take help of police.
Sona (shouts) – Kya tumne suna nahi ki usne kya kaha tha? He will harm Nikki if we call police. I cant take risk. I have to go.
By saying this Sona cries and leaves.
Dev – Main na tumhe kuch hone doonga, na hi Nikki ko. Aayush you will pay for this.
Dev calls police commissioner and tells him the complete sitation. Commissioner is ready to help.

Precap – Sorry no precap.

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