“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 3


Recap – Ishwari brings Mami home. Sona comes to know about Nikki’s boyfriend.

Dixit House –
Next morning. All are doing breakfast… I must say boring but healthy breakfast….. and Mami comes. As ishwari brought Mami last night so nobody knows about har. Dev gets hell to see mami. But Ishwari told him that mami has changed now after Vicky’s death. Dev is not ready to keep mami in the house, but Because of Ishwari he agrres. Mami too apologizes.

Sona (slowly) – Nikki, tumhe yaad hai na, maine kya kaha tha kal?
Nikki – haan bhabhi, mujhe achchi tarah se yaad hai. Main aaj hi Aayush ko bol dungi aapse milne ke liye.
Sona – Hmm, good.
Dev – Kya hua Sona? Tum dono itna dheere kya baat kar rahe ho?
Nikki – Kuch nahi bhaiyya. Ye mere aur meri bhabhi ke beech ki baat hai. Aapko kyun bataye.
Dev (smiles) – ok, mat batao. Achcha Maa main office ja raha hoon.
Ish – Thik hai beta.
Dev gives a smily look to Sona and leaves.
Nikki – maa…..bhabhi, main bhi college ke liye niklti hoon.
Nikki leaves.

Nikki in college –
Nikki meets Ayush and tells about Sona.
Nikki – Aayush, kal mall mein humen sona bhabhi ne dekh liya tha.
Aayush – What??? Phir tumne kya kaha?
Nikki – Mujhe unhe tumhare bare me batana pada, otherwise wo bhai ko bata deti.
Aayush – Phir unhone kya kaha?
Nikki – Wo tumse aaj hi milna chahti hain, then she will talk to Bhai about us.
Aayush – Ok… I will meet her…but…
Nikki – But what??
Aayush – Give me some time…. Then I will tell you….. just give me some time.
Nikki – Don’t you want to meet her.
Aayush – I want to meet her.
Nikki – Then what is the problrm ?
Aayush – Before meeting…. I need to do some preparation. Afterall I am meeting her first time, and its about us. So everything must be perfect.
Nikki (happily hugs him) – oh Aayush….. I knew it that you will agree. I am so happy. Ok…. Listen, its my class now….
Aayush (smiles) – Ok.
Nikki leaves for class.
Aayush (to himself) – Sona se meeting ke pehle mujhe preparations to karni hi hai Nikki, otherwise main apne plan me success nahi ho paunga.
Aayush calls someone.

Dev’s house –
Dev is missing Sona so he calls her.
Sona – Hello.
Dev (in romantic meed) – May I talk to Mrs. Dixit.
Sona (teases) – no, as she is busy.
Dev – Kya Sona tum bhi, Pure mood ki band baja deti ho.
Sona – Tum baaten hi aisi karte ho.
Dev – Achcha suno.
Sona – Hmm bolo.
Dev – I am missing you.
Sona – Dev, Abhi thodi der pehle hi tum office gaye ho.
Dev – Thodi der………… Sona…… pura one hour ho chukka hai…. Aur tum thodi der bol rahi ho.
Sona (laughs) – You are seriously impossible, Dev.
Dev – Suno Sona.
Sona – Bolo Dev.
Dev – Aaj luch karte hain na sath.
Sona – Ok.
Dev (happily) – ok then we will meet at…..
Sona (interrupts) – ruko dev.
Dev – Kya hua sona?
Sona – Hum aaj lunch sath nahi kar payenge.
Dev – Kyun?
Sona – wo………Mujhe kuch kaam hai.
Dev (makes face) – kya sona tum bhi. Kaam baad me bhi to kar sakti ho.
Sona – Nahi dev. Its important. We will do lunch tomorrow.
Dev – Ok.
Sona – Thnks.

In college –
Aayush – Suno Nikki. Meri preparation ho gayi hai.
Nikki – Achcha.
Aayush – Bhabhi ko bol dena ki aaj 4pm par wo mujhse mil le.
Nikki – Ok dear.
Nikki calls Sona and tells about her the timing and venue.
Aayush – Tumhari bhabhi se milne se pehle mujhe unke bare mein kuch bata to do.
Nikki – Are haan, tumhe to kuch pata bhi nahi hai,,,, achcha suno..
Aayush – Are yahan nahi…. Kahin aur chalet hain…..
Nikki – ok…..
Aayush smirks. They leave. Aayush takes Nikki to some unknown place.
Nikki – Ye konsi jagah hai Aayush?
Aayush – Its my secret place.
Nikki – I am not feeling comfortable here. Lets go.
Aayush – You cant go baby.
Nikki – Why?
Aayush – Yes….. without my permission you cant go anywhere now.
Nikki – What you mean?
Aayush – It means that I have kidnapped you?
Nikki – Are you kidding me?
Aayush – No, I am serious.
Nikki (gets scare) – What are you saying?
Aayush – yes, this is the truth..
Nikki – You love me.
Aayush – Not at all.
Nikki – Phir tum, bhabhi se milne ko kyun ready ho gaye.
Aayush – Because I had no option. But now I will do what I want.
Nikki (more scared) – What are you up to?
Aayush(laughs) – Don’t worry. Main tumhe kuch nahi karunga. Mujhe to kuch aur hi chahiye.
Nikki –Kya???????
Aayush – Hahaha……… pata chal jayega……….have patience……
Aayush ties Nikki with rope and stick tape on her mouth. Nikki starts crying.

4 pm at some restaurant –
Sona is waiting for Aayush but he does not come. She calls Nikki but phone is not reachable. Sona waits for some time then leaves.

Dixit House –
Its evening and Nikki has not come yet.
Sona is worried about Nikki.
Ish – Kya hua Sona? You are looking worried.
Sona – Maa, nikki nahi aayi abhi tak.
Ish – Are beta uski tension mat lo. Kisi friend ke ghar chali gayi hogi. Phir wapi aakar bolegi ki sorry maa, main aapko batana bhul gayi. She always does this.
Sona – Par maa, uska phone bhi nahi lag raha.
Ish – Battery dead ho gayi hogi.
Sona (tensed) – Shayad…..
Ish – Tum pareshan mat hona, abhi aa jayegi thodi der mein.
Sona – ok maa.

Dinner time –
All are on dining table except Nikki.
Dev – Maa… nikki kahan hai.
Ish – wo to aayi hi nahi abhi tak.
Dev – kya? Abhi tak nahi aayi.
Dev tries to call her but its not reachable. Dev gets worried.
Dev – Sona tumhe kuch bata kar gayi thi kya Nikki?
Sona (stammers) – Actually Dev…..
Dev – Kya baat hai Sona? Bolo.
Sona tells them about Nikki’s boyfriend and the meeting which was not happened.
Dev (angrily) – Ye sab tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya?
Sona – mujhe khud hi kal pata chala hai aur aaj main Aayush se milne ke baad tumhe sab batane wali hi thi.
Dev – Kya tumahre paas Aayush ka koi number ya address hai?
Sona – Nahi, main tyo aaj khud usse pehli baar milne wali thi.
Dev – ab nikki ko kahan dhundhu?
All panic.

Suddenly landline rings…..
Dev rushes to pick the phone.
Dev – Hello.
Aayush – Hello….. Mr. Dixit.
Dev – Haan bol raha hoon.
Aayush – Main Aayush……. Ab tak to Sona ne aapko mere bare mein bata diya hoga.
Dev – You *****, Nikki kahan hai?
Aayush – Relax mr. Dixit. Aapki behan safe hai.
Dev – Kya chahiye tumhe?
Aayush – I must say you are very intelligent. You did not waste time.
Dev – Bakwas band karo aur bolo ki kya chahiye tumhe? Kitne paise chahiye?
Aayush – Nahi mr. Dixit, I don’t want money.
Dev – Phir kya chahte ho.
Aayush – Mujhe jo chahiye kya wo de payenge aap?
Dev – Tum bolo to sahi. Aoni Nikki ke liye main kuch bhi karunga.
Aayush – Smart…. To suniye… mujhe……………………
Dev is stunned after listening his demand.

Precap – Aayush wants Sona…..

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