“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 23


Precap – Sona tells Dev whatever Yash told her about her past and her family.

Dixit home –
Dev and Sona come home.
Dev – Sona, got to your room and take some rest.
Sona – you too.
Sona leaves and Ishwari comes.
Ish – where were you whole night? How was your meeting?

Dev(smiles) – don’t worry maa. I am alright and I got the contact too.
Nikki enters.
Nikki – Kya baat hai Bhai, aaj to subah subah aapke chehre par itni pyari smile hai.
Dev looks at her with a question mark.
Nikki(smirks) – oh achcha… puri raat bhabhi ke sath the……shayad isiliye.
Dev gives her angry look. Just then Ria comes and joins Nikki.
Riya – batao na bhai, kal raat kya hua…?

Dev looks at his mother asking her to save him. Ishwari understands.
Ish – kyun pareshan kar rahi ho Dev ko? Kitna thaka hua lag raha hai. Aisa lag raha hai jese puri raat jaaga ho. Apne kamre me ja kar aaram kar le thoda. (why are you troubling him? He is looking tired. It seems he did not sleep whole night. Dev, go to your room a
nd take some rest)
Dev moves towards his room, giving Nikki and Riya a winning look coz now they can’t trouble him and he does not need to tell them anything.

Sona is also sleeping in her room with the cute smile on her face. Yash comes in room fuming with anger. Sona is completely in sleeping mode.
Yash(shouts) – Sonaaaaaaaaa.
Sona – ……….
Yash – Sona…..
Sona – ……..
Yash is out of control now; he takes glass of water and throws it on Sona. Sona wakes up completely shocked.
Sona – what is this, Yash?
Yash – you are asking me????? You tell me now what is this?
Sona – what are you asking?
Yash – Don’t try to act smart now.
Sona – I am not getting what you are saying…
Yash – O really….???

Sona – Tell me clearly.
Yash – ok…. Now I will ask you directly. Where were you yesterday night?
Sona – With Dev?
Yash – What were you doing with him?
Sona – There was an important meeting of Dev yesterday evening and there was no car at home so I took him there.
Yash – why ??? He could take taxi too.
Sona – Why are you saying like this? This family is doing a lot for us.
Yash(interrupts) – so what?????
Sona – if we can do something in return, we should do.
Yash – but you need not do.

Sona – but why???
Yash – Because……….
Sona – what…..???
Yash(stammers) – N…o…t…h…i…n…g
Sona – Yash, what is happening to you? Why are you behaving like this?
Yash – you just listen one thing. I don’t like to see you near Dev so stop talking to him and make distance.
Sona(stunned) – you are doubting me…….???
Yash(stammers) – nooooooooooo…
Sona(loudly) – what nonsense are you talking?
Yash senses anger in Sona’s voice, thus he immediately changes his tone.
Yash – I am just being possessive nothing else.
Sona starts crying and Yash leaves.

In hall –
Ish – Riya, go ande wake up Sona. She has to take medicine.
Riya – ok, maa.
Nikki – I will go.
Riya – why?
Nikki – coz she is my bhabhi.
Riya – you are saying this as if she is not my bhabhi.
Nikki – she is your bhabhi too, but first mine.
Riya – maa, see her.
Ish(smiles) – let her go, Riya.
Nikki – yeeeeeeehhhhhhh.
Riya(makes puppy face) – that’s not fair, maa.
Ish(keeps her hand on Riya’s head) – next time you go, ok.
Riya – ok.

Nikki enters in Sona’ss room and finds her crying. She runs to Sona.
Nikki – Bhabhi, what happened? Why are you crying?
Sona wipes her tears and tries to behave normal.
Sona – nothing happened, Nikki.
Nikki – then why are you crying?

Sona – I am not crying?
Nikki – Don’t lie.
Sona – Actually, something went into my eyes.
Nikki(raises one eye brow) – O really….
Sona – yes madam Detective.
Nikki – ok, don’t tell me. Afterall who am Ito you? Nothing. Then what is the need to tell me anything. (full on nautanki 😉 ). I just came to tell you that maa is asking you to take your medicine on time. Thts it. Now I am going.
Nikki starts to move but in slow motion.

Sona – O Nikki dear, don’t get angry.
Nikki – I am not angry and by the way who am I to get angry. I am no one.
Sona(laughs) – o my Nikki, drama queen, stop this drama.
Nikki – thank god, finally I made you smile.
Sona(smiles) – always you make me smile dear.
Nikki turns back and sit.
Nikki – so tell me now…what happened?

Sona – I told you already… nothing happened.
Nikki – ok…….now tell me the truth.
Sona – you will not leave me without knowing.
Nikki – no………no cance.
Sona(gives up) – ok.
Sona tells Nikki whatever Yash said to her. Nikki is hell angry with that b****y Yash.
Nikki – I will talk to him.
Sona – no Nikki. Yash loves me a lot that’s why he behaved like that. He is concerned for me, that is it.
Nikki – how can you take his site?
Sona – this is love Nikki.
Nikki – You say that yash loves you. What about you?
Sona – what do you mean?
Nikki – I mean to say………… Do you love Yash?????

Nikki rocks… Sona shocks…..
Sona – What???
Nikki – Tell me.
Sona – What type of question is this?
Nikki – I am asking a simple question to you.
Sona keeps thinking.
Nikki – give me answer.

Sona still thinking and has no reply.
Nikki – Don’t you have the answer?
Sona(stammers) – why…are…you…asking…this…silly question?
Nikki – if its silly then answer me.
Sona tries to answer but is not able to.
Sona(stammers) – wo….wo……
Nikki(smirks) – leave it……. I got my answer.
Nikki hugs Sona.
Nikki – I love you, bhabhi.

Sona looks at her with a question mark.
Nikki(smiles) – don’t forget to take medicine, bhabhi.
By saying this Nikki leaves the room happily.
Sona(still confused) – What happened to her now?
(how can Sona understand?)
Nikki runs happily and out the excitement she bumps into Dev.
Dev – Where are you going like ‘Rajdhani Express’?
Nikki – I was coming to you only.

Dev(worries) – what happened? Is every thing alright? You are coming from Sona’s room. Is she ok?
Nikki – wait, wait……. Now tell me who is so called ‘Rajdhani Express’ now. Don’t worry bhai, bhabhi is fine.
Dev(feels relaxed) – then why are you running?
Nikki – coz I am happy.
Dev – why?

Nikki – coz bhabhi still loves you.
Dev(shocked, surprised)(shouts) – what…..???
Nikki – bhai, slowly
Dev(finally happy) – how do you know? Did Sona tell you anything? Does she get her memory back?
Nikki(shows fake attitude) – Mr. ‘Rajdhani Express’….. control your self….. otherwise I will not tell you anything.
Dev(eagerly) – Nikki, plz stop this drama and tell me.
Nikki – what will I get after telling you.

Just then Ishwari, the SAVIOUR comes.
Ish – kyun pareshan kar rahi hai Dev ko? Bata dena ise.
Nikki – ok.
Nikki slowly tells everything to Dev and Ishwari. They become happy. Dev hugs Nikki.
Nikki – now tell me… ab mujhe kya milega ?
Dev – you can ask for anything. Wese bhi tujhe kuch maangne ke liye kisi bahane ki jarurat nahi hai. Tu kabhi bhi mujhse kuch maang sakti hai.
Nikki(gets emotional) – I know bhai. You are the bestest bhai in the world. I just want to see you happy with bhabhi, nothing else.
After this emotional scene Dev goes to office happily.

Sona’s room –
Sona is still thinking about Nikki’s question… “DO YOU LOVE YASH?”… she tries to find out the answer but every time left with no answer. She is shocked and confused as well. She keeps thinking about this.

Nikki’s room –
Riya and Elena come.
Elena – what happened Nikki? Why you call us here?
Nikki – to make a plan?
Riya – what plan?
Nikki – To make Yash irritate.
Both(confused) – what?
Nikki – , yes, we have to do something to irritate Yash. This is the only way to stay away him from bhabhi.
Riya – do you think, this plan will wok?
Nikki – of course, it will work.
Elena – we should once ask to Dev.
Nikki – no…….we cant ask bhai. He will not let us do this.
Both(think) – you are right… so tell us the plan.
Nikki tells them plan.

Precap – Dev and Sona dance in party.

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