“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 21


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Recap – Dev left with no car at home when he was about to go to attend an important meeting in the evening. Sona comes forward for his help. Dev asks Sona to come back home after dropping him but she denies.

Dev – Why?
Sona(makes a cute face) – aap wapis kese aaoge? (how will you come back?)
Dev smiles.
Dev – Then you have to wait till my my meeting ends.
Sona – ok.
Dev – ok. Lets go.
Dev attands the meeting and comes out of the confrence room happily.

Dixit house –
Both Dixit family and Bose family are happy as Devna went together. Riya comes.
Riya – kya baat hai… aap sab log bahot khush lag rahe hain… bhabhi ko sab yaad aa gaya kya?
Elena – are nahi Riya.
Riya – to phir kya baat hia?
Asha – aaj nikki ne galti se bahot achcha kaam kar diya.
Nikki(makes face) – main jaan bujh kar bhi bahot sare achche kaam kar deti hoon.
Elena briefs Riya whatever happened nad Nikki shows fake anger.
Ish – are haan meri laadli Nikki… tu to sabse jyada samjhdaar hai.
Saying this ishwari hugs Nikki.
Then only Yash comes and overhears their talk. He is hell angry with Sona and Dev.

Dev and Sona –
Sona – congratulations.
Dev – for what?
Sona – coz you cracked the deal?
Dev(shocked) – how do you know that I cracked the deal?
Sona – it is shown on your face clearly.
Dev(smiles) – ok. So Mrs…. I mean Ms. Sona…you know face reading also. ( stupid Dev…..kya kehne jar aha tha)
Sona – yes.
Dev (in his mind) – sona, tum mujhe mujhse bhi jyada janti ho and he smiles.
Sona – kya hua?
Dev – kuch nahi.
Sona – chale?
Dev – hmmm…Lets go.
Sona(bows) – yes sir.
Both laugh and leave.
Sona drives the bike and Dev sitting on back seat completely desperate to cuddle Sona but somehow control himself. (bechara Dev)
(you can imagine movie “EK VILLIAN”……the way Shraddha Kappor drives bike.)
Sona – aap mere sath bike par aane ke liye itna easily kese maan gaye.
Dev – kyun……mujhe mana karna chahiye tha kya?
Sona – nahi mera wo matlab nahi tha…….I mean…..aapko zara bhi dar nahi laga.
Dev(smiles) – nahi, bilkul nahi.
Sona – kyun? (why?)
Dev(slowly) – laga than a…pehli baar bahot dar laga tha, baar baar thodi na lagega.
(o teri……. Ye kya keh diya Dev ne……ab to wo gaya……)
Sona(shocked) – kya? Pehli baar laga tha….. matlab? Aap pehle mere sath bike par kab gaye the?
Dev(stammers) – wo…….am……m….. abhi abhi..
Sona – abhi…???
Dev – abhi jab meeting ke liye aaye the tab…….aur kab. (now only when we came for meeting)
Sona – ohh…then ok.
Dev(relievd)(thinks) – bach gaya Dev… warna aaj to tu khud ki band bajwane wala tha.
Sona – to aapko bilkul dar nahi lag rah. (it means you are not scared at all)
Dev – nahi. (no)
Sona(smirks) – ok.
Suddenly Sona applies Dev and Dev falls on her.
Dev – Sona kya kar rahi ho? Derive carefully.
Sona(laughs) – aap to keh rahe the ki aapko dar nahi lag raha phir ye kya hai? (you were saying that you don’t scare. Now what is this?)
Dev lost watching Sona laughing.
Sona – agar aapko dar lage to you can hold me.
Dev does not hold her but Sona is in full mood today. She again applies break.
Dev – Sona… what are you doing?
Sona(innocently) – driving…
Dev – drive carefully.
Sona – aapko to dar nahi lagta na.
Dev(smiles) – nahi lagta…
Sona – kyun?
Dev – coz you are with me.
Sona – matlab.
Dev – kuch nahi (nothing)
Sona – bataiye na…
Dev – coz I know… when you are with me…nothing will happen to me.
Sona stops laughing listening this and stares at Dev. Dev is looking at her only. Sona feels awkward and moves.
They move. Dev see an ice cream shop.
Dev – sona, ruko… ruko… ruko (sona, stops)
Sona (stops) – kya hua? (what happened?)
Dev – lets have some ice-cream as I cracked the deal so we can celebrate.
Sona – noooooooooooo.. Its not good for health (uffffff… Sona the nutritionist)
Dev – Good for you.
Saying this Dev gets off the bike and goes to ice cream shop.
Dev – tumhe nahi chahiye to koi baat nahi……main akele hi kha leta hoon.
Dev comes back with one ice cream. (seriously how rude…… only one ice cream… bahot naainsafi hai… par agar wo do ice cream le kar aata to…….. 😉 )
Dev starts eating ice cream infront of sona without offering her.
Dev – its very tasty… chocolate flavor is superb… I am loving it.
Sona(fake anger) – how mean?
Dev – kya hua?
Sona – how can you eat ice cream alone when you are with me?
Dev – you said that you did not want it thatsy I did not ask it.
Sona – now I too want it.
Dev – then go and get for yourself.
Sona – nooooooo
Dev – ???????
Sona – I want………
By saying this she takes Dev’s ice cream and runs. For a minute Dev did not underastand what happened. Then he runs after Sona to get his ice cream back. But Sona is faster than him. Sona busy in running does not see the stone ahead and about to fall but……..But our hero Dev holds her. (how can she fall when Dev is with her….and what you think Dev will let her fall……..no chance)

They both share an eyelock. Suddenly Dev shouts.
Dev – oh…..noooooooooo…
Sona – kya hua? (what happened?)
Dev(sadly) – meri ice cream gir gayi.
Sona – hawwwwwww… aapko ice cream ki chinta hai… agar main gir jati to ?
Dev – I will never let fall Sona.
Again Sona feels awkward.
Dev – wait… I will get you another one.
Sona – no… I don’t want it now.
Dev – arrrrreeee…par abhi to tumhe chahiye thi.
Sona – par ab nahi chahiye.
Dev – par kyun?
Sona – I want to go home.
Again they are on bike. This time Dev keeps his hand on Sona’s waist unknowingly and Sona feels a shivering through all over the body. Sona stops the bike near a garden.
Dev – kya hua? Bike kyun rok di?
Sona – can we sit here for sometime?
Dev(slowly) – tumhare sath to main zindagi bhar yahan baith sakta hoon.
Sona – aapne kuch kaha ??
Dev – no…..
Sona – kya no…
Dev – I mean……yes
Sona – what yes?
Dev – I mean we can sit here.

Precap – Emotional talks.

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  1. nic bike ride was awesome.

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      Thanks Deeptanu 🙂

    1. Asmita...

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  2. Erica

    Everytime I read your ff,I cry

      1. Erica

        It’s so amazing I can’t believe someone has so much talent-nishi

    1. Asmita...

      Plz don’t cry Nishi… I don’t feel good if you cry…

  3. Ur ff is superb…waited a long time for ur return…plzzzzzz write sub title in English…bcz u Missed a lots of line to write in English

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Jyo… I will try to write subtitles next time 🙂

  4. Aaru

    Awww..I too want such a bike ride..dat too wid Dev Babu..hehe!!

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  6. i am feeling better now and the epi was awesome lekin thora barra karo na pehle ki tarha

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      Pinky episode long kiya to main regular post nahi kar paungi… long likhne ke liye time hi nahi mil pa raha… isly jitna likh pati hoon utna hi post kar deti hoon… I hope you understand… and take care dear 🙂

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    cute episode 🙂

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  9. Bhoomi

    Awwwwww….. Very ROMANTIC BIKE RIDE ?….
    Emtional talk hmm… Wait karna padega … par jalsi post karna… main jyada wait nahi kar sakti?….
    Superb episode?

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks BHoomi… I will try to post asap 🙂

  10. hope sona doesn’t lost her memory….and hope that she is teasing evry1 ….BDW epi was as usual amazing ! !!! luved it !!

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  11. Priya9876

    Awww!! u called me swetie pie…. 🙂 🙂 thanx 4 mentionting my name…
    again AWESOME cute bike ride…. Hmmm….today sona in naughty wala mood..haaa naughty girl… break pe break…haha..haha… chalta hai chalta hai after all he is ur hubyy no…
    waiting for emotional talk…

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Priya… and I agree sab chalta coz Sona ka hi hubby hai wo bhi personal 😉

  12. Madhuri

    Nice epi. Sweet fights and all

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    Aaj aapka ff padh kr face pr smile aa gai asmita. I loved bike ride. Post ur next update soon. I will wait

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    Sabse funniest part jab dev baar baar galti kr raha tha aur sona bol rhi thi kya bol rhe ho aap. I just loved it.

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