“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 20


Extremely sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys for not writing this FF for such a long time. I hope you still remember me and my FF. Firstly I was busy in shifting house, then I got hospitalized due to high fever and after that I got hell busy in training (must say a torture). Now I am free so I am back with this. Hope you guys like this.

I want to brief this FF for those who have forgotten the story –
Dev finds Sona with Yash but Sona lost her memory and thinks that Yash is her boyfriend. Dev brings Sona home but Dev has to bring Yash home too due to Sona’s memory loss. Sona helps Dev and coz of this Yash shouts on Sona and makes her cry. Sona feels a connection with Dev.

Recap for last part – Yash gets angry on Sona and shouts badly. Sona cries. Sona makes Yash eat healthy and tasteless food as per doctor’s instructions.

Dev goes to office and calls Ishwari.
Dev – Hello, Maa.
Ish – Haan Dev, bol. (yes Dev,tell)
Dev – maa, aaj sham ko meri ek bahot important meeting hai, tu meri blue shirt ready rakhna (Today evening there is an important meeting, keep my blue shirt ready)
Ish – thik hai beta. (ok)

In the evening –
Ishwari keeps ready his shirt, Nikki comes.
Nikki – Maa, ye aap kya kar rahi ho? (what are you doing maa ?)
Ish – Today there is an important meeting of Dev, and as you know he wears this blue shirt for every important meeting, so I keep it ready for Dev.
Nikki – kya maa aap bhi?
Ish – kya hua? (what happened?)
Nikki – ye shirt to bhabhi dengi na bhai ko (this shirt Sona bhabhi will give to Dev bhai)
Ish – but how?
Nikki – aap bas dekhte jaao (you just see)
Ish – ok

Dev comes.
Dev – maa, main fresh ho jata hoon, tu meri shirt nikal de (I get fresh then give me the shirt)
Ish – thik hai, beta.
Nikki comes with hair oil.
Nikki – bahot din ho gaye maa, aapne mujhe head massage nahi kiya, abhi kar dijiye (since a long time, you have not done head massage to me, so do it now)
Ish – par beta (but Nikki)
Nikki winks, Ishwari understands.
Ish – thik hai.
Dev (from his room) – maa meri shirt kahan hai? (where is my shirt?)
Ish – ……….. (on silent mode)
Dev again shouts but no reply.
Dev comes to Ishwari.

Dev – maa, meri shirt?
Ish – are dekh naa Dev… main to shirt de hi rahi thi par ye Nikki mujhe le aayi… ab main tujhe shirt kese doon (she shows her hands full of oil)
Dev (makes face) – main khud dhoondh lunga. (I will find it myself)
Dev leaves and they both smile. Dev struggles to find his shirt but does not able to find it. (agar use mil jati to Sona kya karti phir 😉 )
Sona comes and asks him.
Sona – Dev kya dhoondh rahe hain? (what are you searching for?)
Dev – my blue shirt.
Sona – wait. I will give it.
Dev – you…….???

Sona – yes… me.
Dev – ok
Sona opens the cupboard and immidiately gets the shirt.
Dev – how do you find it?
Sona – maa always keep it on the right side. Have you forgot?
Dev (in his mind) – main to bhul gaya Sona, par tum to bhul kar bhi kuch nahi bhooli.
Dev smiles.
Dev wears the shirt and leaves for meeting.
Nikki, is watching this by hiding, gets happy. She goes to Ishwari and tells her. Ishwari also gets happy.

Dev comes back in two minutes.
Ish – Kya hua beta? Tu wapis aa gaya. Meeting cancel ho gayi kya? (what happened? You came back. Has meeting been canceled?)
Dev(worried) – Maa, meeting cancel nahi hui, meri car gayab ho gayi. (meeting has not been canceled, my car is not there)
Ish – teri gadi kahan gayi? ( where is your car?)
Dev – mujhe ya pata? (how would I know?)

Nikki comes.
Nikki (stammers) – Maa, wo kya hai na, Riya di ko kuch kaam tha to wo Bhai ki gadi le gayi. Bhai ghar aa gaye the aur Di ko pata nahi tha ki Bhai ko meeting ke liye jana hai aur dusri gadi bhi nahi thi to maine hi BHai ki gadi ki chabi Riya Di ko de di.
Ish – beta, to dusri car le ja (then take another one)
Dev(tensed) – maa, no car is there. I already checked.
Ish – Dusri gadi kahan gayi? (where is the other car?)
Nikki(makes face) – abhi 2 minute pehle Yash le gaya hai. (yash has taken 2 minutes befores)
Flashback –
Yash came to know about important meeting of Dev and heras Riya talking to Nikki about going somewhere. So Yash thinks to take the car so that Riya has no option than taking Dev’s car. By this Dev will have no car to go and by this he will miss the so called important meeting. Yash smirks. Thatsy Yash took car.

Dev – Its very important meeting for me. Now what to do?
Just then Sona comes and looks at tensed Dev. She asks Nikki and Nikki tells her the problem.
Sona – May I help you?
Dev – you cant.
Sona – I can
Dev – How?

Sona – Come
Dev – Where?
Sona – Don’t ask, just come.
By saying this Sona holds Dev’s hand and almost drags her. ( you guys can imagine Dev is ready to go anywhere with Sona like this)
Ish – Kahan ja rahe hain ye dono? (where are they going?)
Nikki – jane do na Maa. Wo meri bhabhi hain, unke paas har problem ka solution hota hai, wo is problem ka bhi koi na koi solution nikalhi lengi. Aap tension mat karo. (Let them go. Bhabhi has solution for all problem, she will solve this problem too. You don’t worry.)
Ishwari and Nikki both smile.

Out side the house –
Dev – Tell me now. How will I go?
Sona – I will drop you.
Dev – But how?
Sona shows Dev bike. And suddenly Dev starts smiling. ( if you have read first season of my FF then you guys definitely remember the romantic Bike Ride where Sona drives the bike and Dev sits on back seat)
Dev – ok. Lets go. I will tell you the place where I need to go. After dropping me you can come back.
Sona – no, I will not come back.
Dev – Why?

Precap – Dev comes and looks happy after the meeting.

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  1. Aaru

    Oohh..it was so nice..n I felt so happy after reading it after so many days .

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks a lot Aaru 🙂

  2. Aaru

    Oohh..it was so nice..n I felt so happy after reading it after so many days..kuch zyada hi SO SO ho gya na!!

  3. Erica

    Yesh Sona is regaining her memory!!-Nishi

    1. Asmita...

      Wait for upcoming episode NIshi 😉

  4. Bhoomi

    Yeppieeee…… Thanks for posting …. i was so egar to read your ff ?…
    Superb…. Wow Bike Ride ……..
    Nikki is very Smart ? ……
    Acha hua jo yash car leke chala gaya … Buddhu kahika …. ?….

    Egrly waiting for next part … Plzz post soon…. Plz????

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Bhoomi for waiting 🙂
      And yes Yash is really a buddhu

  5. Priya9876

    Soooo,,,here u come…after a loooooooooooooooong time…hmm..
    1st off all how can i forget u nd ur FF ( he..heeehe…. 🙂 bcz we r always in touch )
    offcourse i rememberd tht Ossam bike riding…
    hope this droping moment,, sona comes closer to dev… sayad use 1st bike ride yaad aa jaye…

    well!! well!! Well Nikki is soo smart…kya plans karti hai…
    soo it was a nice come back…
    hope u will be continued…

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks for such a lovely comment Priya 🙂

      1. Priya9876

        Its all mine pleasure

  6. Manya

    Thank god u posted after decades I haven’t forgotten u the epi was ???finally Sona is gaining her memory back???plz post soon????????

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks for waiting Manya 🙂

  7. It’s really nice one .

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Princess 🙂

  8. woww..its nice asmita…solid creativity…& ty for sonas & dev’s cute scenes …

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks for the appreciation Apeksha 🙂

  9. Superb

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Vividha 🙂

  10. Tiara

    Hiii nice one… loved reading n good to hear that sona.. is getting her memory back

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Tiara 🙂

  11. Finally got to read ur ff. Take care of ur health too. Update next one soon.

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      Thnks Sgatik 🙂

  12. aap ko nahi pata mene kitna wait kiya iss ff ke liye meri tabiat kharab ha mujhe fever ha lekin ye dekh kar ke aap ne epi upload kar di ha me adhi theek ho gae hu ab plz doosri bhi jaldi uplaod karna

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      Thnks a lot Pinky for the huge compliment… it matters a lot dear… get well soon dear 🙂

  13. Madhuri

    Wow nice

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Madhuri 🙂

  14. happy to read ur ff after long time…and also take care of your health also…and soon sona regain her memory…but is there any possibility for sona to think more abt dev and something wrong abt yash…? I just thought and I asked it…that’s all..

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Krish 🙂

  15. Chanpreet0815

    After soooooooooooo loooooooooooong time asmita. Really happy to read ir ff. Kitna wait krvaaya aapne. Or ff ke baare mai kya kehena. Really aswm as always. But bht hi chota tha. I was expecting more. But its too good. Next time bada likhna okk asmita. Or aapka ff i don’t think so ki koi bhula h. But acha h aapne apni story repeat ki. Thnks☺??

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks a lot Prit for liking my FF 🙂

  16. Finally my wait is over I was waiting for ur ff I just love it plzzzzz upload next soon

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      Thnks for liking this Benish 🙂

  17. Thank god that u r back i was waiting gor u since long……and i m also gald for the epi the amazing part is sona drives the bike scooty tak to thik tha but bike wow i wish ma b jaldi bike chalana seekh jaon

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Naina… and all the best to learn Bike chalana 🙂

  18. So longgggg…..nice epi

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      Thnks Laxmi 🙂

  19. reallly ..I was searching for ur ff lyk a mad ….its awwwwsssmm as alwyz…

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      Thnks Ibtesam ?

  20. Esme

    I was thinking about this FF n when I saw it here, I jumped in happiness. I was badly missing u. Keep it up….ur good work n yes I m missing ur detailed update of the main show.

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