“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 19


Recap – Sona feels dizzy on the road and Dev hold her. They both enjoy ice cream.

Sona is about to go in her room just then Neha calls all for dinner room. Yash is angry but somehow controls coz all are there. Thay all have dinner together. After Dinner Sona goes into her room. Yash comes and shouts on her badly.
Yash – Sona, tum kisse pooch kar gayi thi? Kya zarurt thi tumhe jane ki? (to whom did you ask for going? What was the need to go?)
Sona – Yash, Dev needed that file and nobody was available at that time. Thatsy I went.
Yash – Dev ke liye agar wo file itni hi jaruri thi to wo khud aa sakta tha ya kisi ko office se bhej sakta tha. Usne tumhe kyun bulaya? (if the file was so much important Dev could come himself else should have sent someone from office. Why he called you ?)
Sona – Dev did not call me? I went myself. Even dev did not know about it. Dev also scolded me a lot for coming to office alone as I am not well yet.
Yash – Tum samjhti kyun nahi…….. Dev is not a good person… you should maintain distance from him…
Sona (shocked) – what???
Yash – yes…
Sona – how dare you even think that? In logon ne hume apne ghar me rakha, humari itni help ki… aur tum in logon ke bare me aisa sochte ho… (these people helped us a lot…we are living in their house and you are thinking bad about them)
Yash (shouts) – I said… stay away from Dev… understood.
Yash leaves Sona crying. He does not bother about her.
Riya overhears this as they all are keeping an eye on Yash. Riya feels bad for Sona and tells this to Dev. Dev fills with anger and goes into yash’s room.
Dev – how dare you……?
Yash – what ?
Dev – how dare you shout at my Sona?
Yash (smirks) – Your Sona ? huh.. she is mine now… I will do whatever I want to do with her… whor are you to stop me?
Dev holds his collar nad is about to hit him but doctor comes with the blood test report of Yash. All enter in the room. Dev leaves Yash.
Sona – What is there in report? Is everything alright?
Doc – nothing to worry. Actually it happened coz perhaps Yash ate unhealthy food. Yash you have to take heathy and nutritious food now for some days. It will be good for your health.
Sona – don’t worry Doctor, I will take good care of him.

All others smile secretly. Yash does not get the reason of their smile and gives a confusing look. ( Dumbo Yash…hope you all understood why they all are smiling 😉 )
All go to sleep except Sona. Though Sona is ready to take care of Yash but she is feeling very sad as yash scolded her. She is not able to sleep and goes to garden area. Dev is already there, sitting, watching stars and eating chocolate (obviously favourite flavour of Sona). He is also sad as Yash scolded Sona and he could not do anything.
Sona looks happy after seeing Dev.
Sona – Hey Dev, what are you doing there?
Dev – playing football?
Sona – what?
Dev – you can see… I am sitting here and watching stars…then no sense in asking this question.
Sona (smiles) – oh…good sense of humour.
Dev – BTW what are you doing here?
Sona (becomes sad) – actually not feeling sleepy so I thought to come here.
Dev understood that she is sad but does not say anything. Thay both sit silently for some time. Dev offers her the chocolate and she starts eating. After some time –
Sona – Actually Yash shouted at me thatsy I m sad.
Dev (acts as he does not know the reason) – why?
Sona tells her the whole thing.
Dev – I told you the same thing. That time you did not mind then why now?
Sona (thinks) – the way you said was the very different from yash. You did not shout at me. You were concerned about me but Yash…….
Dev – Yash…what….
Sona – nothing…

Again Dev understands but keeps quite. He can feel Sona’s pain.
Dev – so, it means you did not like the way yash shout at you ?
Sona – I don’t know but I did not feel good. But I can understand he is also not feeling good and when he did not find me around him, he got worried thatsy he reacted like that.
Dev (in his mind) – Sona, I know…you such a nice person that you don’t see anything bad in others.
Sona – what are you thinking?
Dev – nothing.
Sona – ok…tell me something about you.
Dev – what you want to know?
Sona – ummmmm… do you have any girlfreind?
Dev was not accepting this straght question from Sona. He thought to lie first but then tells her the truth.
Dev (smiles) – no, I don’t have any girlfriend.
Sona (teases) – why? You are so handsome, dashing, smart….. you should have a girlfriend….. I can bet that many girls would be dying to your girlfriend.
Dev – soooooooo…according to you I am smart ?
Sona – yes… if I were single… I could have proposed you.
Dev feels very to listen this and starts staring at her. They both share an eylock.
Sona – Seriously tell me… you never fall in love with someone yet?
Dev keeps silent.
Sona – come on Dev….tell me.
Dev – I love someone…
Sona – who?
Dev – you….
Sona (shocked) – what?
Dev – I am just kidding.
Sona (relieved) – oh. I thought you were serious.
Dev (in his mind) – yes I am serious. I love you, Sona.
Sona – tell me please.
Dev – I love someone.
Sona – who is she?
Dev – She is not with me.
Sona – why? Did she betray you? How could she?
Dev – no, she loves me a lot.
Sona – then why she left you?
Dev – she could do anything for me. She went away from me while saving my little sister. And I believe that wherever she is, she still loves me.
Sona is touched to listen this.
Dev – Lets go and sleep. Its too late.
Sona – ok.
She feels good after talking to Dev. They both go in their respectivr rooms.
Sona (thinks) – why I feel so happy whenever I am with Dev. Why don’t I feel the same thing with Yash?
Dev (thinks) – you are in front of me but I cant even express my feeling. That yash shouted at you and I could not do anything….So helpless I am.
Ishwari comes in Dev’s room and finds him thinking. She does not say a single word, just sits besides him, keeps her hand on his head and caresses. He also does not say anything and keeps his head in her lap and sleeps.

Next morning –

All are ready to have breakfast.
Nikki – dekhna ab aayega maza (now, we will have fun)
Riya – hmmm…you are right. Now yash will realize…
All laugh. Sona comes with Yash. Yash takes junk food in his plate, just then…..
Sona – yash, have you forgot what doctor said. You can not eat this food. You have to eat something healthy food.
Yash – leave it. I am feeling better now, so I can have this.
Sona – no…. you have to follow Doctor…
Sona takes the plate and makes Yash eat so called healthy food and very tasty karele ka juice (after all she is the best nutritionist, does not matter that she lost her memory. All the things are still there in her inconscious mind 😉 )
Yash tries a lot to escape but not succeeded, after all she is Hitler too.
Yash – Sona, you are behaving like Hitler now.
All get shocked to listen this word, especially Dev, even Sona too.
Sona – Yash, don’t call me that.
Yash – why? You are Hitler in real.
Sona – please Yash, don’t call me that, it seems, someone very special used to call me that, so you are not allowes to call me that.
Yash (doubts whether Sona regain her memory) – who was that?

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  1. Priya9876

    Waoooo!!! What a fantastic episode…love u yaar….
    There r many waoooooooo moments in today’s episode….???
    Garden scene was really awesome ??
    When sona ask dev, com on dev tell me u love someone,,
    N dev tell u….? omg….m also shocked tht time….
    Superb work mind blowing story?

    1. Asmita...

      ThNks Priya for such a lovely comment

  2. Amazing!!! Post soon
    Did she got her memory back?? I think no ???
    Post asaàp I request

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Zaku…

  3. Super duper episode

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      Thnks Ayushi…

  4. Sammy

    Lol dev used to call her Hitler and now she is remembering everything ..nice chappy 🙂 🙂

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      Thnks Sammy…

    2. Asmita...

      I think you read all parts today only, and you commentd on many parts… thnks Sammy for liking my FF ?

  5. Yes!!!sona is regaining her memory???yes yes yes!!!!

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      Glad tht u like it ?

  6. Bhoomi

    Superb Suspence queen…. Garden wala best tha… Egrly waiting for next part… post soon plzzzz…??

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Bhoomi……. but I think suspense is missing now…sooooooooooo……. in upcoming parts let some suspense be there………..what say ? 😉

      1. Bhoomi


  7. Superb episode.. Read 3 episodes in a go… Sona regaining her memory? Post soon

    1. Asmita...

      wait Tani… Sona will not regain her memory so soon…

    2. Asmita...

      wait Tani… Sona will not regain her memory so soon… and thnks for liking this FF…

  8. Ncz epi
    .. upload epi soon….I AM WAITING!!!!!!

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Riya… and one gud news for you…. tmrw i will be shifting work…….after getting all the things settled (LED to be fixed and new cable connection)….i will again start writing detailed update…..

  9. Wowww really superb epi…..

  10. awesome epi and pl. end the suspense soon so sorrrrrrrrrrrry to comment late but i had read it erlier but due to my office’s workload i was not able to comment i hope u understand.

  11. and update asap

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