“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 17

Precap – Bose family comes to live in Dixit house. Sona is happy too.

Next Day –
Yash is not feeling well. Sona is worried for him and asks Dev to call doctor. Doctor comes and takes blood sample of Yash and tells that report will come till evening. Yash tries to be with Sona all the time.
Sona – Yash, why are you roaming arround me?
Yash – I just want to be with you.
Sona – But you are not well, go and take rest.
Yash(annoyed) – You are also not well, then why don’t you follow the same thing?
Sona – I am feeling better now and so many people are there to take care of me.
Just Riya comes.
Riya – Bhabhi is right. We all are here for her.
Sona smiles and takes Yash to his room. Yash unwillingly goes inside. Riya too smiles.
Yash (to himself) – I will see you all.

In the afternoon –
Phone rings but nobody is picks up the phone so Sona picks.
Sona – Hello.
Dev – Hello, maa.
Sona – Aunty ji is not here.
Dev – oh…..
Sona – What happened mr. Dixit ?
Dev – Actually, I forgot my one file at home and that is so important. I need it now. But what to do now as maa is not there.
Sona – Which file? Tell me. I will ask someone to take the file.
Dev – ok.
Dev is happy after talking to Sona. Sona goes into Dev’s room and finds the file.
She calls Ishwari, Neha, Nikki and others but no one responds.
Sona (to herself) – It seems all are sleeping or out of house. Mr. Dixit is asking for the file, what to do now? I think I should go to give the file.
(Neha overhears Sona and Dev’s conversation. She warns everyont not to help sona. All agree as they want Sona to go to Dev.) {smart Neha 😉 }
Sona leaves for Dev’s office.
Ish – Neha, ye tune kya kiya? (neha, what have you done?)
Neha – Ab kya hua maa? (now what happened?)
Ish – Sona ko pehle ka kuch bhi yaad nahi, phir wo Dev ke office kese jayegi? (sona does not remember anything then how she will go to Dev’s office).
Elena – kese jayegi wo nahi pata aunty ji, par ita confirm hai ki sona office pahunch hi jayegi. (I don’t know how she will manage, but definetely she will reach)
Nikki – Maa, aap pareshan mat hona. Humari Sona bhabhi kuch bhi kar sakti hain. (You don’t worry maa. She is our Sona bhabhi, she can do anything.)
All smile and Yash watches this from hiding and fills with anger. (now you will ask where yash was when Sona left for office………… so let me tell you that he was sleeping coz he is unwell…..and now he got up……) [Stupid Yash]

Dev’s office –
Sona reaches to Dev’s office and directly heads to Dev’s cabin.
Sona – Hi…Dev.
Dev is surprised to see her and shocked too. He loves the way Sona calls her Dev.
Dev – Sona, aap yahan kya kar rahi hain? Aap yahan kese aayi? Aap ki tabiyat thik nahi hai. Aapko ghar par aaram karna chahiye. Kisne aane diya aapko? (Sona, what are you doing here? How you came here? You are not keeping well. Who allowed you to come here?)
Sona – uff….Dev…….kitne sare sawal ek sath…….relax (Dev…….so many questions…..relax)
Dev – pehle jawab to do (then reply me)
Sona – Mujhe pata hai Dev, lekin aapne hi to kaha tha ki ye file important hai aur ghar par koi bhi nahi tha, isiliye maine socha ki main khud hi aapko ye file de doon. (I know Dev, but you told that this is important file and no body was available at home to bring the file so I came to give you the file.)
Dev is so glad but controls himself.
Dev – But aapko yahan ka address kisne bataya? Aap to yahan pehle kabhi aayi bhi nahi?(but who told you the address of my office? You never came here before.)
Sona (surprised) – pata nahi par mujhe aisa laga ki shayad main aapka office janti hoon, to main aa gayi.
Dev – Thnks Sona.
Sona – Frienship me no sorry no thanks.
Dev – Friendship ?
Sona – haan..aap yash ke friend hain to mere bhi friend hi hue na….to kya hua agar mujhe kuch yaad nahi to…..aap pehle bhi mere achche friend hi honge… (yes… you are friend of Yash, it means you are my friend too…….. I don’t remember anything but I can say that you would be good friend of mine)
Dev smiles cutely. Sona forwards her hand towards Dev.
Sona – Friends?
Dev (to himself) – main to friend se bahot jyada banna chahta hoon.. (I want to become more than friend)
Sona – aapne kuch kaha ? (did you say something?)
Dev (stammers) – no…no…nothing…..
Sona – so friends….?
Dev – ofcourse…
Sona – Dev… its not good…
Dev – what happened now?
Sona – aaj main pehli baar aapke office aayi hoon… to kya aap ek cup coffee bhi nahi poochhenge? (I have come first time to your office today……and you are not even asking for coffee)
Dev – oh…. I am sorry…
Dev orders for coffee and they both enjoy.
Sona – ab mujhe jana chahiye. (I should leave now)
Dev – listen…
Sona (turns) – yes…
Dev – we can go together, if you can wait for sometime…
Sona – ok…
Dev (gets happy) – it will take 10 minutes only. If you don’t mind…..
Sona (inturpputs) – Don’t be so formal…I will wait…
Dev (to himself) – is this the same Sona…??? Where is “The most KHADOOS Dictator Hitler…”………whatever I love her
Dev smiles and is lost in his thoughts.
Sona – Dev… go and finish your work fast.
Dev – oh…yes
Dev finishes his work with super duper speed and comes back to Sona.
Dev – ok…lets go home.


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    loved it completely

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