“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 16


Recap – Nikki overhears Yash and Sona’s conversation.Complete family is ready for “Mission Hitler”.

The whole family starts thinking to make a plan. Thay discuss a lot and finally end up with a plan. The plan is………………. (Should I tell you? let me think…….ummmmmmmmmm…….…I think…. no…… 😉 )

Ishwari goes to Sona.
Ish – yash, tum dusre room me rahoge (you will stay in another room)
Yash (suspiciously) – why?
Ish – because you both are not married till now. That is why you both will stay in saperate rooms.
Sona agrees, but yash disagrees.
Sona- yash, aunty is right. We cant stay in one room.
Yash – then who will take care of sona ?
Ish – so many people are there to take care of Sona… you are like my son… you don’t worry about Sona.
Yash (whispers) – this is the tension only.
Ish – you said something….
Yash – no aunty. how can I live without you, Sona?
Sona – we are in one house Yash. Don’t react like this.
Yash – but Sona…….
Sona (strictly) – but what…….no arguments Yash… just go.
Yash left with no option.
Ish – kichu will show you your room.
Dev is watching this hiding out of the room.
Dev – That’s like my Sona. You are still a “Hitler”. I love this….I must agree the name given by Nikki is correct “Mission Hitler”…. …… …

Sona has started feeling well.

Next morning –
Whole Bose family comes to Dixit house. All are happy to see them.
Yash (slowly) – Ye yahan kyun aaye hain? (why have they come here?)

All sit in hall and start talking. Sona comes and is surprised to see them.
Ish – Sona beta. Come and sit. This is my friend Asha.
Ishwari introduces Asha (sona’s mother) as her friend. And this is her family. As some renovation work is going on in their house so they will stay with us for some time.
Sona – ok, aunty ji.
Yash hits his head with his hand.
(Actually Dev called Bose house and asked them to stay in Dixit House until Sona gets well. So that all will stay around sona, it will help to regain her memory. And they all can take good care of Yash too. Bose family agreed and came to Dixit house as per the planning.)

All are having breakfast. Ishwari takes oily and spicy food in her plate knowingly.
Sona – aunty ji, you should not his spicy food, its not good for your health.
All are surprised to see this except one (obviously yash).
Ish – why? Mujhe kya hua hai?
Sona – I don’t know know aunty, but mujhe aisa laga to maine keh diya.
Ish – ok, tell me what I should it.
Sona gives her healthy and tasteless food, ishwari eats it happily. Everyone looks at Ishwari with widely opened eyes.
Nikki (slowly) – maa, kya baat hai? Aaj to aapne bina kisi pareshani ke itna tasteless khana ache se kha liya.
Ish (wet eyes) – humari sona ne aaj itne baad mujhse kuch kaha hai to main use kese mana kar sakti hu.
Nikki (smiles) – awwwwwww……

Ishwari and Asha are going to temple. They ask Sona to join them.
Ish – Sona beta, you should come with us.
Sona – but aunty ji… I am not well.
Ish – its ok beta…….we are going to temple only… you will feel better after going there. You can pray there.
Sona – I think you are right only. Ok… I will come with you.
Yash – sona, you cant go….. you are not keeping well.
Asha – you don’t worry Yash beta, we are with her……..so nothing will happen to her.
Yash – Sona..?
Sona – they are right yash. I should go.
Yash – Then I will also come along with you.
Nikki – hey yash bhaiyya…. You come here after such a long time… we have lots of things to tell you…. You just stay with us… bhabhi ko jane do…(slowly she says….ab bajega aapka band)
All are shocked to listen “bhabhi” word.
Sona – bhabhi……..????
Nikki (stammers) – ummm……wo……kya hai na…….
Nikki is confused what to say now but Riya comes.
Riya – are wo kya hai na…..yash bhaiyya aapse pya karte hain aur bahot jaldi aapse shadi karne wale hain to uske baad to aap humari “bhabhi” hi ban jayengi na…isilye Nikki aap ko abhi se bhabhi bolne ki practice kar rahi hai.
Sona smiles. All are relieved. Nikki holds Yash’s hand and not let him go with them. Ishwari, Asha and Sona leave.
Riya – Nikki, aaj to tune marwa hi diya tha.
Nikki (holds ears) – Sorry Riya di…..galti ho gayi..
Yash is feeling helpless and fills with anger. He is about to slap Nikki. Just then Dev comes and his hand.
Dev (angrily) – Don’t you dare….
Yash (smirks) – else what will you do?
Dev – you know very well what I can do.
Yash – you cant do Mr. Dev Dixit. You know very much how important I am for sona. So you cant do anything. Without me Sona will not live. So you better be in your limits and don’t try to play any game with me. Else you cant even imagine what I will do.

Dev feels sad as he knows Yash is right.

In the evening –
Ishwari and Asha in Ishwari’s room.
Ish – aaj to Nikki ne gadbad kar di thi… wo to achcha hua ki Riya ne baat sambhal li warna pata nahi hum Sona ko kya jawab dete.
Asha – par achcha hi hua ma…….ab wo aaram se Sona ko bhabhi bol sakte hain…
Yash and Sona are sitting together. Nikki and Elena are playing badminton in the garden. Yash is trying to talk to Sona but she is watcing Nikki and Elena playing. Yash gets irked.
Yash – sona, I am talking to you but you are not listening to me.
Sona – yash, just wait, I will come.
Yash – but where are you going?
Sona – to play with Nikki.
Sona joins them. They both are happy; on the other hand Yash fumes to see this. Sona enjoys a lot with them.

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