“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 15

Recap – Yash tells Sona that Dev is his friend that is why they will stay now in Dixit house. Yash is trying to take benefit of Sona’s memory loss.

Dixit House –
All ask Dev why he brought Yash home. Dev tells them the reason.

Flash Back –
In hospital Dev looks angrily at Yash and Yash smirks. Doctor already told about critical condition of Sona. Yash comes to Dev.
Yash – how are you Dev without Sona?
Dev clinches his fist with anger.
Yash – tumhari Sona ab tumhe pehchanti tak nahi hai…. Ab wo sirf meri hai….. wo ab mujhse pyar karti hai (your Sona does not know you…….Sona is mine now…….she loves me)
Dev – sirf tumhare sapno me……..aisa kabhi nahi hoga (only in your dreams…….This will not happen ever)
Yash – It will be better for you to accept this as soon as possible…. Sona trusts only me now…She doesn’t remember anything else than me.
Dev keeps quite.
Yash – what happened now? You cant do anything now Mr. Dixit. You are helpless. Infront of you I will get married with your Sona.
Doctor comes and tells that Sona is feeling beteer after seeing Yash so it will be good if Yash will also stay with Sona for her fast recovery, otherwise it will be difficult for Sona. Yash says thanks to doctor. Doctor tells not to give stress to Sona, else she will lose her memory forever. Doctor leaves.
Yash – You have listened what doctor told. Sona will recover only if I will be with her. Now you have no option. That is the reason why Dev brought Yash home.
Flash back ends.

Dev – Maa, mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha ki main kya karoon? (I don’t understand what to do?)
Ish – sab thik ho jayega, beta (everything will be fine)
Dev – kese hoga maa? Sona ki halat to dekhi hai na aapne…. Wo kisi ko pehchan bhi nahi rahi hai (but how? You have seen Sona’s condition….she is not recognizing anyone)
Ish – tu himmat mat haar………hum sab tere sath hain……hum sona ko itna pyar denge ki use dheere dheere apne aap sab yaad aa jayega……aur phir wo khud Yash ko is ghar se bahar nikalegi (don’t loose hope……..we all are with you………..we will love sona so much that she herslf will remember everything slowly……..and then she will kick out Yash out of this house)
Nikki comes there with a broad smile on her face.
Nikki – bhai.. a good news for you.
Dev – don’t talk nonsense right now…… I am not in mood to listen your senseless talks.
Nikki – please bhai…….. atleast once.listen to me…
Ish – whay are you troubling him? He is already tensed?
Nikki – Because it is very important.
Dev gets up and about to go from there.
Nikki – its about SOna bhabhi.
Dev stops and turns to Nikki.
Dev – What?

Flash back –
Nikki followed Yash and Sona to their room. She listened all their conversation hiding behind the door. And when yash was talking to himself reminding all the things, Nishi heard each and everything.
Ish – maine kaha tha na ki sab thik ho jayega. (I told you that everything will be fine.)
Dev is also looking happy to hear the whole thing.
Nikki – Bhai… Sona bhabhi does not allow that Yash to come near her.. it means she still not trusts him 100%. So there is chance for you.
Dev – yes, nikki…thanks for giving such wonderful news.
Nikki – I am your sister bhai…….i cant see you like this…….you all were busy in being sad…..it was only me who used brain and followed them…..and now you have to belive that I am the best
Dev hugs her.
Dev – I know you are the best detective.
All laugh.
Nikki – and best sister too……..(in filmy style) now “Mission Hitler” begins.
All look at Nikiki with a question mark.
All – “Mission Hitler”….???
Nikki – oho bhai…….you forgot………..you used to call bhabhi “Hitler”…….so this mission is also “Mission Hitler”.
Dev – what mission ?
Nikki – to get Sona bhabhi back in your life and in our life..
All join hands for this.
Dev – And Detective Nikki what you will do for this?
Nikki – not only me……..we all will do some planning to get rid of this irritating Yash…… you don’t worry bhai……..we all are with you.
They all do a group hug and start thinking of some plan.

Precap – “Mission Hitler” begins and some funny moments….

Hey Nishi be happy………from now the track will be changed….

Guys sorry for short updates…. I am trying to write a longer one but not possible…

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    1st of all again thanx to u, give a lovely story for us… just we want it….
    *in epi-1 fantastic.. glad to know tht u didnt add sharman story…
    Like that part when Nikki says — Aur karo nutritionist se shadi…hahah hahaha..poor all family…strict sona…
    Mujhe v laga tha ishwari ko hospital me sona mili hogi bt i was wrong…

    * In epi-2 kitchen part was soo romantic…love tht part…
    * N aage, manna padega aapko,, ur thrill, suspense was heart beating…
    Ossam….. well done….
    MAi bass imagine kar pa rhi ki sONA KAISI lagegi after marraige…

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