“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 14


Recap – Memory loss of Sona. Dev brings Sona and Yash home.

All are very sad about the whole incident and worried for Sona too. Nobody knows why sona is so close to yash, how she remembers Yash even after memory loss?

Meanwhile In the room –
Sona and yash are sitting. Yash tries to come closer to Sona but sona feels uncomfortable and asks Yash not to come close before marriage. Yash agrees and smirtks. They start talking.
Sona – what is this? Whor are these people? Why we stay here? What is going on? Can you please tell me?
Yash – Relax dear… I will tell you all the things..
Sona – Tell me clearly everything.
Yash – Dev is my friend. I am an orphan so Dev’s family considers me as their son. We met with an accident and went missing that is why they are so worried for us and want us stay with them now. You don’t take tension, they all are like family. You feel comfort here.
Sona – then why you did not come here before?
Yash (stammers) – actually….. I did not want to trouble them. But dev is such a good friend of mine. He was searching for me and finally got me and he brought us here.
Sona – really……..i must say that Dev is very good friend of yours… his family is also nice…. You are very lucky to have a friend like Dev.
Yash – I agree. Now you take medicine. You have to take rest dear.
Sona – ok.
Sona takes medicine and sleeps. Yash is sitting by near her smirking and talks to himself.
Yash – Sona will be mine only now at any cost. Dev ab tum kuch nahi kar sakte. You are completely helpless. Tumahare ghar me, tumhare samne hi main Sona se shadi karunga aur tum sirf dekhoge, lekin kuch kar nahi paoge.

Now yash is looking so happy to stay at Dixit house.

Flash back –
Sona and Yash on hiding place. Sona got injured in accident. Yash did not take her hospital. He brought medicines and treated her by himself only. Sont was unconscious for some days. After sometime Yash came to know that Sona has lost her memory. (This was the time when Yash called Aayush but Aayush himself was injured so he was of no use to Yash that is why Yash did not tell anything to Aayush too.) He did not bother about it rather than he was so happy to know this coz now he could cook any story and it was easy to make her believe on this story. Sona did not remember anything and asked Yash. Yash cooked up a fake story that they both loved each other. But Sona’s family was not ready for their marriage so they left the home. Sona asked about his family so he said that he was an orphan and that is the biggest reason why Sona’s family did not accept their relation. Sona was not looking 100% convinced with this story but somehow she believed Yash because she did not have any other option. Yash was taking so much care of Sona now slowly sona started believing him. Then Yash again told her that her famil was searching them to kill them. Sona got scared after listening this.
(that is the reason why sona left Dixit house when Dev brought her home first time when she was unconscious. As she got up she found herself on some unknown place. She thought that it was done by her family and she left. And that is why she was not ready to go anywhere with out Yash anywhere when Dev took her to hospital.Sona started believimg Yash but still something was there which was stopping to trust him and she was not able to find out this )
Flash back ends.

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  1. Simplesweety1

    Well Written! Update Soon! 🙂

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  2. Read all ur epi today it’s osm….update but epi fast

    1. U anyone tell me how did Vicky die??and why does radha rani blame sona???? comment in eng I dnt know hindi plzzzz

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      1. Thzz dr will rd it for sure…..may I know u wrote any hindi convo bcz I dnt understand hindi

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        Dfntly somewhere I would have written in Hindi but I dont remember it now…….. wherever you find problem you are free to ask me 🙂

  3. Bhoomi

    Well written Asmita ??…. Hope sona will soon get her memory back ?….

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  4. Asmita Di!!pls change the track!!!i can’t take it like this!!??

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      Nishi wait dear…….. They have to go through all ups and down to prove their love…

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    Good episode, pls unite them soon!

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  6. Poor devakshi but nyc thinking

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  7. Nyc written!
    But plz change the track soon

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  8. well done asmita nice story line but i hope u will get back sona her memory soon
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