“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 10

Recap – Dev found Aayush in hospital and asks him about Sona. Aayush gave him shocking info about yash and mami.

Dev and Ishwari reach home. All are relaxed to see Ishwari.
Neha, Riya & Nikki – maa, aap thik to ho na ? ( maa, are you alright?)
Ish – Haan beta main thik hu. (yes, I am alright)
All 3 – aap bina bataye kahan chali gayi thi? (where you went without telling anyone?)
Ish – ab to main wapis aa gayi ho na so don’t worry.
Mami – haye haye jiji, esa bhi kya ho gaya tha?
Dev fumes but Ishwari signs him to keep quite.
Ish – bhabhi aapka phone dena, mujhe 1 phone karma hai aur mera phone pata nahi kahan rakha hai. (Give me your phone, I need your phone to make a call)
Mami – ye lo jiji (take it)

Ishawari gives the phone to Dev.
Ish – dev, call police.
All – why?
Ish – Just wait. Let police come first.
All are shocked except Dev. Dev calls police. Police comes after some time.
Ish – Inspector, please arrest my bhabhi.
All are super shocked especially Radha Rani.
Radha – Haye haye jiji, is garib ki beti ne kya bigada hai aapka? (jiji, what have I done to you?)
Ish (angrily) – aapne koi kami hi kahan rakhi hai bhabhi. Sab kuch khatam kar diya aapne. (you spoiled everything.)
Dev – Mami, Aayush ne hume sab bata diya hai. ( aayush told us everything).
Radha looks at him with wide open eyes and mouth. Finally she accepts everything.
Radha (shows her true color & smirks) – To aur kya karti main? Us Sona aur aap sab ki wajah se maine mere Vicky ko kho diya. To maine bhi aapki laadli Sona ko aap sab se humesha ke liye door kar ke maine uska badla le liya. (Because of that Sona and you I lost my son Vicky so I took revenge by saperating Sona from all of you).

Ish – Inspector please take her.
Radha – You will never ever get Sona back. You all will feel the pain which I am feeling.
Ish starts crying.
Ish – Mujhe maaf kar de Dev. Meri wajah se hi ye sab hua. (Forgive me Dev. It all happened coz of me).
Dev – Maa, tune khuch nahi kiya. Tu kyun maafi mang rahi hai? (you did not do anything. Why are you feeing guilt?)
Ish (still crying) – Main hi to bhabhi ko wapis lekar aayi thi. Agar main unhe nahi lekar aati to sab nahi hota. ( I brought her back in this house, otherwise this would have not done.)
Dev – Maa, teri wajah se kuch nahi hua. Tu ro mat. Sona ko to main har kimat par dhundh ka rahunga. (nothing happened coz of you. Don’t cry. I will search Sona at any cost.)

Dev asks someont to take out the details of the phone number given by Aayush. After sometimes Dev gets all the details (including location) of the phone number. Dev goes to that place and asks to near by people about Sona and Yash showing their pics. A person points out his finger towards a house and informs that both are living in that house but the girl is injured and in very bad condition. Dev is happy to listen this as well as sad too.

Dev calls police, tells them the location and asks them to come fast. After sometimes police arrives. The house is surrounded by police and then they enter into the house.
Yash is inside the house, he is damn shocked to see Dev and police. He tries to escape but Police catch him. He has a cunning smile on his face (the reason of smile, I will reveal later). Dev shouts “Sona….Sona” and searches for Sona. Finally he finds Sona lying on bed. She is unconscious and very weak too due to illness. Dev looks at her with teary eyes and hugs her.

Precap – A shock.


  1. Bhoomi


    |Registered Member

    Wow… Radha rani ko hatkadi lag gayi…..
    Shock ??? …. i m shocked with precap…. U r superb Asmita your precaps always give me shock…. lol ?

  2. Zarmin shah

    Wow….what a surprise!! Sona bhi mil gaye aur radha rani ki haqeeqat bi sab k samne aa gai and now a new suspense in precap.excellent job asmita. keep writing like this alwaysss……eagerly waiting for ur next update

  3. ishika

    hii asmita actually i am silent reader
    i read all your ff its really too good yar
    i like to read your ff
    accha hua radha rani chali gai usaki sahi jagah par ??

  4. yashfeen

    Great wrk asmita…n u knw d best part abt ur ff tat dy have mind boggling surprises…keep going..

  5. erika

    awesome asmita u write great and your precaps always create a suspense for us to keep us waiting eagerly for the nxt episode
    i have to just tell that u write awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    please update soon.

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