“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 1

Hi guys………….. I am back with “Rang Pyar Ka – Again”……..!!!
Thank you guys for your suggestions and support……..!!!

As I asked you about the story line, many of you said to continue the same story so I have kept the same story. It means I will write the story after marriage now. And I have not included Shraman from EDKV. Hope you people will like this too. In the last part Dev and Sona got married happily. So here we go –

Dixit House –
Its morning time. All are doing breakfast.
Dev (makes face) – What is this?
Sona – Ki holo? (what happened?)
Dev – Sprouts, oats and beetroot juice in breakfast.
Sona – Yes.

Dev – Sona, ye breakfast koi karta hai kya?
Sona – Ab se sab yahi khayenge.
Dev & All – Eeeewwwwwww
Sona – Yes.
Dev – Sona please.
Sona – No please.
Dev – Only Maa is not well, why we all to bear this?
Sona – So that you will have good health.
Dev – Maaaaaaaa……
Ish – Eat whatever Sona gave you.
Dev – Aap meri Maa hain ya Sona ki?
Ish – You are my son only but Sona is my bahu and beti too
Dev (helpless) – This is not done maa.
Sona and Ishwari laughs.
Dev – Hitler’s dictatorship.
Nikki (slowly to Dev) – Aur karo Nutritionist se shadi.

Sona – What happened Nikki?
Nikki – Nothing bhabhi.
Dev (to Nikki) – Chupchap kha le, else Hitler will take your class too.

After breakfast all go to do their respective works. Dev goes into his room to take his file and Sona comes.
Sona – Dev, tell me what you will have in lunch?
Dev (happily) – You will make lunch of my choice.
Sona – Depends.
Dev – Means?
Sona – If you tell me to eat healthy food than ok… Otherwise…..
Dev – What?
Sona (smiles) – You have no option.
Dev – When you are the option, who will ask any other option.
Dev gets romantic and comes closure to Sona. Sona steps behind and about to fall but Dev hold him and pulls her close to her.
Dev (smiles) – You were saying something about the lunch…. I can start it now…..
Sona – Dev leave me.
Dev – Nope.

Sona – Please Dev.
Dev – You torture me by giving tasteless now I will take revenge.
Sona – Maa…
Dev immediately leaves Sona and turns. Nobody is there. Sona laughs and run out of the room. Dev smiles and leaves for office.

Precap – Sona finds Nikki with her boyfriend. Mami gets well.

Hey guys tell me whether you like it or not through your comments. And sorry for Shraman’s fans for not adding them in my story.

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  1. welcome back asmita ……. and wow episode …………

    1. Thnks Neela

  2. Asmitha its really superb…i read full of it with a big smile on my face…its soo realistic…can u hlp me actually i want also give one ff…by using phone do u knw how to give “captcha” i mean which numeric value is given in tat..i got confusion seeing that so can anyone help me…????

    1. U have to type 5 .. ” 5 ” is the answer ..

    2. Thnks Sagaa, thnks for calling it rerealistic a huge complement for me.
      And welcome to krpkab ff write club.

    3. 5 is the answer

  3. Oh no!!maami gets well?and Nikki with her Boyfriend?amazing episode di!

    1. Thnks Nishi.

  4. Happy to see u back Asmita…. Very good episode.. ???

    1. Thnks Bhoomi

  5. Oh no mami returns..or shud i say king kong returns

    1. Lol

    2. Some twist b there AartiAarti othrwise it will become dull. And without hatred and revenge how you will enjoy love.

  6. Welcome back ashmita good start and plz get rid of radha in this and thanks for not adding EDKV characters

    1. Thnks Partho

  7. Happy that u r back…….amazingly described every scene…I love this dialogue”aur karo nutritionist se shaadi”….Lol…

    1. Hehehe, thnks Tanya, i read your ff too, it is fantastic dear

  8. Bhoomi tanx alot….

  9. I am happy u are back with a new season 🙂

    1. Thnks for comment. I was eagerly waiting for your comment as Nishi u are a great writer so i want you to comment on my ff too. Did you like it or not?

  10. wow asmita grt yaar.. u force me to cmmnt.. loved it to core..post the next one soon..

  11. Thnks Tara for liking my ff. Happy to know that my ff made you feel to comment.

  12. Nice one.. Waiting for nxt episode.. Enjoyed reading 🙂

    1. Thnks Shraman 🙂

  13. Nice episode asmita… Loved the dialogue aur Karo nutritionist se shaadi! Mami returns uff:! Problems r back. Try to make it a bit longer post soon

    1. Thanks Tani….

  14. nice epi keep it up

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