“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 9

Recap – Natasha’s entry, Deal in office and an unknown person holds Sona’s hand.

Sona turns and is shocked looking at him. That person is Yash, Sona’s lover since a long time. Sona – Tum Yahan.
Yash – Haan, Main yahan.
Sona – Kya kar rahe ho yahan? Aur is tarah mera hath kyun pakad rakha hai ?
Yash – Kaun tha wo ladka jiske sath tum itna pyar se baat kar rahi thi ?
Sona – Tum kaun hote ho ye poochne wale ?
Yash (angrily) – Main kaun hota hoon poochne wala? (holds her hand so tight that it hurts Sona)

Sona was in college. Yash proposed Sona several times but she never gave him positive response. He loved her a lot but she was never interested in him. Sona concentrated on her studies only. After so much rejection he became obsessed for Sona. He wanted Sona at any cost. After completion of study –
Yash – Sona, ab to studies bhi finish ho gayi.
Sona – Haan, to?
Yash – Ab to haan bol do.
Sona – Kis baat ke liye haan bolu?
Yash – Kya tumhe pata nahi hai ki main tumhe kitna pyar karta hoon ?
Sona – Par maine kabhi is bare mein nahi socha.
Yash – To ab soch lo.
Sona – Nahi, maine kabhi tumhe is tarike se nahi dekha.
Yash – Sona to ab dekh lo.
Sona – Look Yash. Main tumme kabhi interested nahi thi aur na hi future mein kabhi kuch aisa hoga. Mujhe abhi apne career par concentrate karma hai.
Yash – You cant do this to me.
Sona – I never said that I like you.
Yash – But I love you so much.
Sona – It does not matter to me. You are free to feel anything but from my side it was and will be a ‘NO’ always.
Yash – Sona, tum meri ho aur meri hi rahogi.
Sona – Forget it.
Sona leaves. Yash fumes with anger because Sona has hurted his male ego.
Yash (to himself) – Sona, tum sirf meri hi ho. Aur agar tum meri nahi hui to main tumhe kisi aur ka bhi nahi hone dunga.
Flashback ends.

Yash – Kaha tha maine tumse kit um sirf meri ho.
Sona – Tum abhi tak yahi sab soch rahe ho.
Yash – Sona main tumhe tab se follow kar raha hoon.
Sona (shocked) – Kya ?
Yash – Haan. Par abhi tak tumhari life mein koi nahi aaya tha isiliye main tumhare samne nahi aaya. Then I went out due to some work and when I came back I saw you with this guy.
Sona – Yes, he is the man in my life.
Yash – This will not happen Sona. I will not let it happen.
Sona – Who the hell are you to decide this?
Yash (smirks) – You just wait and watch ki main kya karta hoon. Till now I was very polite with you but from now you will see the real Yash. Mr. Dev Dixit and tumhara ye relation ab jyada time nahi rahega. Ya phir I must say ki Mr. Dixit hi ab jayda din zinda nahi rahenge.
Sona (shocked)– Tum aisa kuch nahi karoge.
Yash – Main aisa hi karunga. Tumhe pane ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.
He smiles cunningly and leaves a scared Sona behind.

Gujral house –
Natasha and Mr. Gujral are discussing about the meeting they had with Dev.
Natasha – I want to say something, Dad.
Mr. Gujral – Hmm, bolo beta.
Natasha – I want Dev.
Mr. Gujral – What ?
Natasha – Yes.
Mr. Gujral – Are you kidding ?
Natasha – No Dad, I am serious. I like him and I want him.
Mr. Gujral – He is not a thing beta.
Natasha – Whatever, I don’t care.
Mr. Gujral – This is not possible.
Natasha – I want him at any cost otherwise I will kill myself.
Mr. Gujral – What rubbish.
Natasha – Yes, Dad. Get me Dev or you will lose me.
Mr. Gujral – Don’t be so stubborn.
Natasha – I am dad. I love Dev.
Mr. Gujral – Let me talk to him. Bas tum apne aapko kuch mat karma.
Natasha (becomes happy after listening this) – Oh Dad. I knew it. You can never say ‘NO’ to me. I love you dad.
Mr. Gujral – Let me see what I can do for you in this matter.

Sona’s house –
Sona is so scared coz of Yash. Dev calls her.
Dev – Hello, Sona.
Sona (stammers)– Haan bolo Dev.
Dev – What happened Sona? Tum itni paresha kyun lag rahi ho?
Sona – Kuch nahi , Dev.
Dev – Bolo Sona. Kya hua?
Sona – I said na kuch nahi hua. I want to sleep will talk to you in the morning.
Dev – Sona suno.
But Sona disconnects the phone and leaves Dev thinking what happened. Dev is disturbed because of Sona’s strange behavior. And his phone rings. Its Mr. Gujral’s call. Dev picks up the ccall.
Dev – Hello, Mr. Gujral.
Mr. Gujral – Sorry Dev for calling so late.
Dev – Its ok, kahiye.
Mr. Gujral – I need to talk to you. So can you meet me tomorrow morning for breakfast.
Dev – Yes, I will come to your house.
Mr. Gujral – No Dev. We will meet somewhere else.
Dev – Ok, no problem.
Mr. Gujral – I will let you know the place in the morning.
Dev – Ok Mr. Gujral. Goodnight.
Mr. Gujral – Goodnight Dev.

Precape – Dev meets Mr. Gujral and is stunned after listening him.

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