“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 8

Hi to all. And sorry for the delay as I was bit busy in office and at home

Every thing is going well, meanwhile Radha Rani plans a lot against Dev but because of Sona nothing works.
One fine morning –
Dev – Maa, aaj mere office meen ek bahot important deal hone wali. Wish me luck so that I can crack the deal.
Ish – My blessings are always with you, beta.
Dev – Maa, Where is Sona?
Ish – She is in kitchen.
Dev goes in kitchen.
Sona – All the best for your deal.
Dev – How do you know about the deal?
Sona – you just told maa no.
Dev – Yes.
Sona – I heard that.
Dev – Oh Sona, you are too good.
Sona – Have some curd and sugar from Maa.
Dev goes to Ishwari.
Dev – Make me eat curd and sugar maa.
Ish – Go to Sona, she will make you eat.
Dev – But maa, till now you made me eat no.
Ish – But now Sona is in your life, so its her right.
Dev (smiles) – Ok, maa.
Sona makes Dev eat and he leaves for office.

In office –
Dev is very nervous as Mr Gujral is one of the top business men in India. Mr. Gujral comes along with his only daughter Natasha. While talking about the deal Natasha continuously staring at Dev. It seems she likes Dev in just first glimpse. After the discussion Mr. Gujral praises Dev –
Mr. Gujral – You are a smart business man Mr. Dixit. You have achieved a lot in this young age.
Dev – Thank you Mr. Gujral. What about the deal?
Mr. Gujral – We will think and will let you know.
Dev – Ok, Mr. Gujral.
Mr. Gujral leaves with Natasha.
In the evening at Dev’s home –
Ish – Dev, aaj tumahari meeting thi na, kya hua?
Dev (happily)– Meeting was good maa. If everything goes fine, we will crack the deal.
Ish – I know beta, you will get succeed.
Dev – It is all because of your blessings maa.
Dev goes to drop Sona.
Dev – Hope, this deal will get done soon.
Sona – you will do it Dev.
Dev – After this, we will get married, Sona.
Sona – For that you have to talk to my family.
Dev – Maa will talk to them. And I don’t think that they will deny.
Sona (teases) – You never know. May be they will.
Dev – Seriously. Do you think they can find a guy like me ?
Sona – What is special in you Mr. Dixit?
Dev – Should I tell you?
Dev goes close to Sona.
Sona – No, no, stop. Let the deal get finalized first.
Dev – Better for you.
Dev drops Sona. A man is watching their cute nok-jhonk from his hiding place. As Dev goes he comes out from the hiding place and grabs Sona’hand. Sona turns and is shocked looking at him.

Precape – Who is the man? Why Natasha was staring at Dev?

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  1. I know this episode is bit boring but in next one something shocking will be there definitely. Please do comments.

  2. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    I hope Natasha doesn’t seperated devakshi

    1. U will come to know in nxt episode…

  3. Pevees aka Ishram

    Pls give recaps

    1. From nxt episode I will recap too… btw romantic bike ride is the recap 4 this episode

  4. Good going dear….
    Eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Thnk 4 comment dear.? I will try to update soonsoon…

  5. Natasha has fallen for Dev..I think..n dat guy can b a secret admirer of Sona..may be

    1. May be…?

  6. Nice one…. Post next part soon….

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  7. Good epi……

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  8. So nice Asmita!upload frequently pls!

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  9. Where is Sultana ???
    She asked me to update soonsoon.

  10. Nice episode n beautiful cover pic

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  11. Not so boring di in last scn u did ur twist …

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