“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 7


Dev – Chale?
Sona – Haan, par bike par.
Dev – Bike par kese ja sakte hain Sona? But I told you na Sona, I don’t know driving.
Sona ( Smiles) – But I know driving.
Dev – ???????
Sona – I will drive.
Dev – What? Please don’t.
Sona – Yes, I promise you will enjoy riding a lot.
Dev – You know driving?
Sona – Haan.
Dev – Kese?

Sona – Dada (Saurav) ki bike unhe bataye bina bahot chlayi hai maine Elena ke sath.
Dev – Tum handle kar logi kya ?
Sona – Don’t you trust me?
Dev – I trust you but your driving skills……… I don’t know.
Sona – Dev?
Dev – Haan
Sona – Dev, do you think you have any option.
Dev (gives up)- I know, Hitler. When you are the option then there is no option for any other option.
Sona – Hahaha, that’s good, follow me now.
Sona starts bike and Dev sits on back seat.
Dev (in low tone) – Hey Bhagwan, please aaj mujhe bacha lena.

Sona – Do not fear, when Sona is here.
Dev (again slowly) – Usi baat ka to dar hai.
Sona drives, in the starting she does not drive well to scare Dev and laughs when Dev seriously gets scared but finally she drives well. Dev feels ok now.
Sona- How you feeling now?
Dev – Ok now.

Sona – Only ok. Means you are not enjoying? You can hold me Dev.
Dev (with fear) – No, please concentrate on driving Sona.
Suddenly Sona applies break. And Dev collides on Sona.
Dev – What is this Sona. Drive carefully. Main pehle se hi dara hua hoon aur tum aisa kar rahi ho.
Sona – Better to hold me tight Mr. Dixit and enjoy.
Dev keeps his hand on Sona waist. Slowly he starts enjoying the ride. Suddenly he just keeps his head on Sona’s shoulder and kisses her on neck unknowingly. Sona senses his lips and keeps her one hand on Dev’s head and caress, he closes his eyes peacefully and completely lost. He feels so comfort that he never felt before. They both enjoy riding and spend good time.
Sona – Dev.

Dev (Silent)- …….
Sona- Dev
Dev – Hmmm
Sona – Devvvvvvv
Dev – Don’t disturb me,Sona. Let me enjoy this moment.
Sona – Ghar nahi jana kya?
Dev – Nahi
Sona – Kyun?
Dev – I don’t want this ride to end.
Sona – We are getting late Dev. We have to go back.
Dev – Sona, please.
Sona – Dev, Please
Dev (sad) – Ok, again no option.
Sona (smiles) – We will come again.

Dev’s house –
They both are back.
Sona – Sooooooooo Mr. Dixit how was the bike ride?
Dev – It was the best riding of my life Sona.
Sona – You enjoyed no?
Dev – A lot.

Sona – I told you na, you would enjoy.
Dev – You made my day, Sona.
Sona – O really? But some was not ready to go no.
Dev – Sorry.
Sona – Its ok Dev. Now you drop me home else I have to take taxi.
Dev – I will drop you, but by car.

They both laugh and Dev drops Sona home.
At night Dev calls Sona –
Sona – Hi Dev.
Dev – Want to say something.
Sona – Hmm, bolo.
Dev – Thanks , Sona.
Sona – Thanks for what, Dev?
Dev – Thanks for today.
Sona – Maine aisa kya kar diya kit um mujhe thanks bol rahe ho?
Dev – You always surprise me Sona.

Sona – What was the surprise?
Dev – This bike riding.
Sona – That was just a bike ride Dev. I did not do anything special.
Dev – For you it might be only a bike ride, but it was very special for me.
Sona – What was so special?
Dev (gets emotional) – Sona, my whole family bore a lot in past. I did a lot hard work to reach here.
Sona (listening him very calmly) – Hmmm
Dev – I never enjoyed my childhood. But today you made me enjoy a lot. When I kept my head on your shoulder, I felt so relaxed, so comfortable. And when you caressed I found myself in another world. I was lost totally in you. I realized that someone is there for me now who will never leave me. With whom I can share all the things which I can not tell any one.
Sona – Oh Dev.
Dev – Thanks for coming in my life. Thanks for making me feel that I can also enjoy life. Thanks a lot Sona.
Sona – No need to thank me Dev. You will get many more surprises like this. So be ready.
Dev – I love you, Sona.

Sona – I love you too, Dev. Sona nahi hai kya? (Don’t want to sleep)
Dev – Sona nahi hai na.(Sona is not here)
Sona – Dev, I am asking you don’t want to sleep.
Dev – I want you only.
Sona (blushes) – Goodnight, Dev.
Dev (smiles)– Ok, Goodnight, Sona.

Credit to: Asmita...

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