“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB – Episode 6


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Dev & Sona go in the car. In the mid of the way, an ice-cream shop.
Dev – So Dr. Bose… Sona, Would you like to have an ice-cream with me ?
Sona – Its not good for health, Mr. Dixit.
Dev – Dev….
Sona – Hmmm… Dev.
Dev – See, that is why I call u Hitler.
Sona (rolling her eyes)– What, you call me Hitler?
Dev – Yes, coz you always want to dominate. (And makes face)
Sona (laugh) – Ok, today anything for you.
Dev – Thanks Sona.
They spend quality time, It can be called their first date too.
Sona’ s house-
Sona looks very happy with all this. She reaches home where she finds Elena is roaming in the room with so much tension on her face.
Elena – Sona , finally you came. I was waiting for you.
Sona – Kya hua, Elena. Sab thik to hain na? tum itna pareshan kyun dikh rai ho?
Elena (angrily) – Main pareshan dikh rahi hoon ? Main tumahari wajah se pareshan hoon. Kya hua aaj Dev ke ghar?
Sona- Nothing.
Elena – Nothing means what ?
Sona (smiles)– Nothing means nothing.
Elena (angrily)– Sona….
Sona – Hmm…
Elena – Answer me Sona. Dev ke ghar kya hua? Did you tell Dev anything? What about his engagement?
Sona – I told him and guess what happened?
Elena – What?
Sona – It was all fake, a trap for me?
Elena (surprised)– Trap? What are you saying Sona? I am not getting anything. Tell me everything in detail.
Sona – Yes, that all was planned by Dev’s Maa. She wanted me to realize that I too love Mr. Dixit….Dev.
Elena (with shocking expression)– Seriously..?
Sona – Haan , Mr. Dixit……Dev to mujhse pehle se hi pyar karte hain. They all were happy to know this. Then Dev came to drop me and we had good time together.
Elena (teases Sona) – oho, Mr. Dixit se directly Dev. I am also very happy for you Sona.
Elena hugs Sona.
Next morning –
Sona gets ready to go to Dev’s house. As she comes out she finds Dev is waiting for her.
Sona – Dev, tum yahan?
Dev (bends)- yes , always at your service.
Sona – oho Dev, tum bhi na.
Dev – chale mam.
Sona – hmm, chalo.
Again they have good time while going home.
Dev’s house –
All are happy except Radha Rani & Vicky. They both fume in anger and jealously. They don’t want this relationto be turned into marriage. So they decide to do something.
Radha – Are Vicky beta, do something.
Vicky – Kya hua Maa?
Radha – Do anything but stop this Bangalan. I can’t bear it. I don’t want to see her as bahu and malkin of this house.
Vicky – But how Maa?
Radha – This Bangalan knows everything about us. She will tell everything Dev and Jiji. What if she tells them? We will be finished, beta.
Vicky – Wiat Maa, let me think something.
Radha – Soch beta socho. Par job hi sochna hai jaldi socho. Ek Dev ko hi raste se hatana mushkil ho raha tha aura b to ye Bangalan bhi aa gayi pareshani badhane. Bhagwan jane kya hoga is garib ki beti ka?
Vicky – Ek minute Maa, suno.
They both start their planning.
After somedays. One fine day. Sona calls Dev early in the evening to drop her home. He comes.
Dev – Sona, You called me.
Sona – Haan
Dev – Kuch kaam tha kya?
Sona – Kyun, kya main tumhe bina kaam ke nahi bula sakti ?
Dev – Are maine aisa kab kah ?
Sona – yahi to kaha tumne.
Dev – Mere kehne ka matlab tha ki ….. Leave it. Batao kya hua?
Sona – Kuch nai. Bus tumhare sath time spend karena ka man hai.
Dev (smiles)- Oho, to ye baat hai. Bataiye kya hukum hai mere liye.
Sona – Aaj tumhare sath long drive par jane ka mood hai.
Dev – Kya baat hai, aaj Hitler bahot romantic mood mein hai.
Sona (Angerily)– Don’t call me Hitler.
Dev – Just jocking, Sona.
Sona – To cahlen.
Dev – Chalo.
As they come out. Dev is about to sit in car but Sona stops him.
Dev – Kya hua, Sona.
Sona – Mujhe car mein nahi jana.
Dev – But, abhi tumne hi to kaha ki tumhe long drive par jana hai.
Sona – Haan, mujhe jana hai par car mein nai.
Dev – To…?
Soan looks at bike. Dev understands Sona’s intension.
Dev – Sona, we cant go on bike. there is a problem.
Sona – What problem? Ok. I got it. Mr. Dev Dixit, such a big business man can not go on bike. Yahi na?
Dev – No Sona. This is not the reason.
Sona – Then what is the reason? Tell me.
Dev – Actually…….
Sona – What……. Tell no.
Dev – I will tell you, but please hansna mat.
Sona – Ok.
Dev – I don’t know how to drive bike.
Sona – Seriously Dev. Tumhe bike chalani nahi aati
Dev – Nahi.
Sona (laughs loudly)– Hahaha.
Dev (gets irritate)– Kaha tha maine hansna mat. To kya hua agar mujhe bike chalana nai aata.
Sona (controls her laugh)– Kuch nai
Dev – I have car now so wahat is need of bike.
Sona – Hmmm…
Dev – To ab chalna hai ya nai
Sona – Haan, chalna hai, par….
Dev – ab kya ?

Precapr – A romantic bike ride.

Credit to: Asmita...

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  1. But dev ko too bike chalene aati nhi…..too ab….????
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    1. Wait… u will know in nxt update…☺

      1. Sona drives?

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  8. why are you keep writing such things if is it not happen yet ? i can not understand . but whatever it is amazing. may be you starts living this serial in reel life to real life.

    1. I thnk u dont know the meaning of fiction dear… its a fan fiction… by the thnks 4 commenTNG… if u dont like thn i would suggest u not waste ur tym in reading ths…1 more thng we are not here to discuss our real lives… got it dear…☺

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