Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) KRPKAB- Episode 5


Recape- Sona confesses her love.
Dev is surprised and also shocked after hearing this. He is dumbstruck too.
Sona – Mr. Dixit…
Dev – ……….
Sona – Mr. Dixit..
Dev – …….
Sona (loudly) – Dev
Dev(comes back to his senses) – I love you too, Dr. Bose…. Sona.
Sona (shocked) – What ?
Dev – Yes
Sona – But you are getting engaged with someone else today.
Dev (smiles) – I will cancel it.
Sona – But you like that girl.
Dev – No.
Nikki comes in shouting hurrrrrreeeeee. Riya, Neha and Ishwari join them too. Sona is not expecting all this.
Nikki – Its Mummy’s plan, bhabhi.
Sona – Bhabhi ?
All laugh and Sona is totally confused.
Nikki – Yes Bhabhi. You and Bhaiyya love each other and will get married very soon. After that we have to call you bhabhi no. So why not now, I am practicing to call you bhabhi from now.
Ish – Haan beta.
Sona –But aunty ji , aaj to Dev…. Mr. Dixit ki sagai hone wali hai na ?
Ish – Nai beta.
Sona – But Nikki told me that Mr. Dixit likes some girl.
Ish – Yes, Nikki told you correct, Dev likes a girl.
Sona – Who ?
Ish – You.
Sona (again shocked) – What???
Ish – Yes beta. Aaj koi engagement nahi hai. It was our plan to make you realize that you too love my Dev.
Sona (embarrassed) – What ?
Sona looks at Dev who is watching her with a great smile.
Ish – Yes. Ans see, our plan is successful too. You finally realized your feelings for Dev. We all are very happy for both of you. God bless you.
They all left Sona and Dev alone.
Sona (Angrily) – So, what was all this Mr. Dixit ?
Dev – Its love, Sona.
Sona – Is this the right way ?
Dev – Couldn’t help it. It was Maa’s plan totally.
Sona – Now what ?
Dev – Its simple.
Sona – Kya ?
Dev – There is no rocket science Sona. It is very clear if we love each other, we will soon get married. And stop calling me Mr. Dixit now. Don’t you think you should call me Dev now, after all you ar going to be Mrs. Dixit very soon.
Sona blushes and runs out of the room.
Sona – Aunty ji, I am going home.
Ish – Dev will drop you beta.
Sona – No aunty ji, I will manage.
Ish – No excuses. Let him drop you. And one order for you.
Sona Kya aunty ji ?
Ish – No aunty ji now, call me Maa as my children call me.
Sona – But aunty ji.
Ish – No argument.
Sona – Ok aunty ji.
Ish – Kya ?
Sona – Ok aunty……..Maa.
Ish – That’s like my bahu.
Ishwari hugs Sona and blesses her. Dev watching them and smiles happily. On the other hand Radha Rani is fills with anger after knowing all this.

Credit to: Asmita...

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    1. DIL? U mean heart di?how does ishwari Aunty ji like sona as her Heart?

      1. No nishi… dil means daughter in lawlaw…bahu

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