“ Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) KRPKAB- Episode 4


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Dev’s house – Everybody is busy in preparation. Sona goea to Nikki to ask about this engagement & all. Nikki shows as she is so busy.
Sona – Hi Nikki
Nikki – Hello, Dr. Bose.
Sona – What is going on ?
Nikki – Maa told you na, Its Bhaiyya’s engagement today.
Sona – You did not tell me before.
Nikki – Are Dr. Bose, sab kuch itni jaldi mein hua. Bhaiyya likes a girl, he told to Maa yesterday only.
Sona – Itni jaldi ?
Nikki – Yes, the girl is very pretty, so beautiful and Maa also likes her. Maa was praising that girl a lot. So Maa decided all this so fast. Dr. Bose. I am so busy in preparation, so I will talk to you later.
Sona goes to Neha and Riya too but they both also praise that girl and make excuses to avoid Sona.
Sona gets jealous after listening all this. She gets restless. She wants to know more about that girl but no one is giving her attention. All are ignoring her. She is so irritated because of this. Finally she moves to kitchen.
Sona talks to herself – Why I am not feeling good ? Why I am not happy to know about Dev’s engagement (no Mr. Dixit)? Why this thing is disturbing me a lot? What is all this? Why Mr. Dixit did not tell me before?
Sona decides to talk to Dev about this. She enters into the room without knocking the door and bumps into Dev. Dev is changing clothes.
Dev- What happened Dr. Bose ? Are you ok?

Sona – Yes, I am ok.
Dev – Then why you did not knock the door before entering? I am changing the clothes.
Sona – Sorry Mr. Dixit. But I need to talk to you.
Dev – Yes, boliye.
Sona – Actually, I want to ask something.
Dev – Haan, poochhiye.
Sona (hesitates) – What is this?
Dev – Kya..?
Sona – Today is your engement?
Dev – yes.
Sona – Why did you not tell me before?
Dev – Why should I tell you?
Sona – Yoy must tell me, Mr. Dixit.
Dev – Look Dr. Bose. You are my mother’s Nutritionist only, not more than that. And this is my personal matter. I don’t think I should tell everyone about this.
Sona (shocked) – O really ?
Dev – Yes Dr. Bose. Now You can leave. I have a lot of work to do to make today’s evening the best day of my life.
Sona (fumes with anger) – Thanks Mr. Dixit. And leaves.
Dev smiles. All 4 ladies come out from their hiding place and looking very happy.
Ish – It seems our plan is working.

(Flash back – Ishwari made a plan to organize fake arrangements of Dev’s engagement to make Sona realize her love for Dev.)
Dev –Don’t know Maa. Aapne dkha na Lady Hitler kitna rude baat kar rahi thi. Don’t know whether she loves me or not?
Ish – Dev, dnt you dare call my bahu Lady Hitler. She is so adorable. And you don’t worry our plan will definitely work. It is already showing that Sona is not happy after listening all this. Now she will realize that she loves you too. The we will do arrangements for your real engagement.
Sona calls Elena (her cousin) and tells her all the things and her feelings also that she is getting jealous.
Elena – It is clear Sona.
Sona – What?
Elena – That you love Mr. Dixit.
Sona – No.
Elena – Yes.
Sona – No, this is not possible.
Elena – If not so why you reacting so much?
Sona – I don’t know.
Elena – That is only love.
Sona – But aisa keke ho sakt hai?
Elena – Aisa ho chukka hai dear.
Sona – After all he is my Boss not more than that.
Elena – So what. Love can be happened with anyone.
Sona – Really.?
Elena – Yes my dear, you are in love with Mr. Dixit.
Sona – Now what.
Elena – What you mean by what now? Go to Dev and tell him about your feelings dumbo.
Sona – But how? Its his engagement today. He likes some other girl.
Elena – So what Sona? You just tell him about your feelings otherwise you will regret all your life.
Sona – Its very difficult for me Elena.
Elena – Everything is fair in love and war. Go Sona go and fight for your love. Today is only first and last chance else you will lose your love forever.
Sona – Ok. I will try.
Elena – No try, you have to do it. You don’t have any other option. All the best.
She disconnects the phone.

Sona to her self – Sona, have courage, you have to do it anyhow, you will not get next chance.
Sona goes to Dev again. Dev is still in the room. It seems that he is already waiting for Sona.
Dev – Dr. Bose.
Sona – Hmm
Dev – Dr. Bose, kya hua?
SOna – Mr. Dixit…..Dev, Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai.
Dev (surprised and amused too after listening her name first time from Sona) – Haan boliye, Dr. Bose.
Sona – I don’t know how to say and whether it is right or not to tell you like this, but I ned to tell you.
Dev – Yes Dr. Bose, kahiye.
Sona (with lot of courage and difficulty) – I love you Dev…. Mr. Dixit.

Precape – A surprise is waiting for Sona.

Credit to: Asmita...

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