“ Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) KRPKAB- Episode 3


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Now Dev seeks for more chances to be with Sona and roams around her. But Sona still does not understand anything (so dumb). Ishwari notices this and confronts Dev. He denies in the starting but finally confesses his feelings for Sona. Ishwari gets happy to know this.
Ishwari – I am very happy for you Beta. She is the perfect girl for you and bahu for this house. She can manage you well.
Dev – But maa, I have not told her anything till now.
Ish – Then tell her no.
Dev – Maa, I am trying but whenever I see her I feel hesitate.
Ish – Why beta ?
Dev – Actually MAa. She is very strict and always talks work, diet and all. She is very dominating and akdoo. Sometimes it seems that she is a lady Hitler. It seems impossible to tell her about my feelings.
ISh (laughs) – You can not give up like this. You should try.
Dev – But how Maa? Wo to kuch samjhti hi nahi hai.
Ish – We all help you beta.
All 3 sisters say “yes we will do anything for you bhaiyya”
Dev – Thank you so much. I love you all.
Now 4 ladies plan for the same. On the other handRadha filled with anger coz her plan of killing Dev didn’t work. She is planning something else now.
Next day, Sona’s huse –
Sona – I am going maa
Asha (SOna’s mom) – Have your breakfast first sona.
Sona – Maa, I have to go. There is no petrol in my scooty, so I have to take taxi.
Asha – Beta, thoda sa nashta….
Sona – Maa I will get late Maa, bye.
As Sona comes out she finds that Dev already sent car to pick her. She denies to sit but driver insists otherwise Dev will scold him. Sona sits and goes to Dev’s house. She straight goes to Dev.
Sona – Mr. Dixit, why you sent car for me ?
Dev – For your comfort, Dr. Bose.
Sona – I don’t need any favour from you, Mr. Dixit.
Dev – Its not a favour Dr. Bose. I am trying to say thank you for what you have done for me and doing for my family.
Sona – Whatever I have done for you is just humanity and What I am doing for your mother is my job. It means I am not doing any favour or ehsaan.
Dev (murmuring) – Seriously lady hitler.
Ishwari comes.
Ish – Sona beta, why are you saying no. Our driver will pick and drop you now onwards.
Sona – But aunty ji…
Ish – No argument. What I said is final.
Ishwari left and Dev smiles victoriously. Sona leaves angrily. Dev tries to grab Sona’s attention but all in vain (Poor Dev). Dev asks Kichu bhaiyya (servant) to make black coffee for him. He continues asking for black coffee after every half an hour. Finally Sona notices.
Sona – Mr. Dixit, Its not good for you.
Dev – What is not good for me.
Sona – So much black coffee.
Dev – Look, you are my mother’s nutritionist not mine. So better not to teel me what is good for me.
Sona – I know, Bit I will not allow you to take this. Sona picks the cup and about to go, suddenly she slips and Dev holds her. They have romantic eye lock. “Sab tera.” Song plays in background.
Sona – Mr. Dixit.
Dev – (lost completely) – Hmm
Sona (loudly)- Mr. Dixit.
Dev (comes to his senses) – Yes Dr. Bose and leaves her. She goes.
Dev to himself – Dev such a stupid you are.
IShwari comes and asks Dev – What happened Dev?
Dev – Nothing Maa.
Ish – Sona was here no. Did you tell her about your feelings ?
Dev – No Maa. Lady Hitelr ke saamne kuch bolne ki himmat hi nahi hoti.
ISh – Dev, She is my daughter in law. You can’t call my bahu Hitler.
Nikki – Don’t worry Bhaiyya. We will make her realize your love.
In the evening Dev drops her home and asks her to have ice-cream in mid way but she denies saying this is not good for health. Dev makes faces.
Next morning – When Sona comes to Dev’s house decoration and preparations are going on.
Sona – Aunty ji, aaj kuch hai kya?
Ish – Haan beta, aaj Dev ki engagement hai.
Sona gets shocked knowing this. She gives shocking expressions.
Ish – Kya hua Sona?
Sona – Kuch nahi aunty ji. Kisi ne mujhe bataya nahi.
ISh – Are beta, sab ita achanak hua ki kya bataun. Tum khush nahi ho kya?
Sona – nahi aunty ji. Nothing like that. Congratulations. (She says with very difficulty and moves towards kitchen.)
Ishwari smiles.
Precape – Sona is disturbed to know about Dev’s engagement.

Credit to: Asmita...

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  1. Hahaha. Nice. Loved it asmita 🙂

    1. Thanks…

  2. Ohh dev!!tum sona ko lady Hitler nahi kehe sakte..she’s going to be ur wife in future….yaaar…very interesting epi fati…

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. But its Asmita not Fati.

  3. Wow..always wanted Dev to roam around Sona.. U made my wish come true..thanx

    1. I wish the same but in the show this is not happening, so I made it happened in my ff.

  4. sab ulta real mein sona dev ki peeche aur reel mein dev sona ki peeche bt i luv dis track

    1. Thnks. Actually i dont want to write the same story as showing in serial thtsy i make it like this

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