“ Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) KRPKAB- Episode 2


Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 2

Hi to all. This is the 2nd episode.

Sona reached hospital and came to know that her father met with an accident while coming back to home and a person took him to hospital. She goes to say thanks to the person and finds that he is none other than Dev.
Sona – Thanks Mr. Dixit for taking care of Baba.
Dev – Its ok. Agar meri jagah koi aur bhi hota to yahi karta.
And he left.

After this Sona realized that Mr. Dixit is not as she thinks. So she decides to accept Dev’s proposal. She calls Mr. Dixit and says yes for the job. Dev is happy to know this.
Dev’s house – Next morning Sona comes on time. Dev introduces her to all. Everyone is glad to see her.
Sona starts her work properly. She takes care of Ishwari. Dev’s family starts liking Sona. But Dev’s Mami (Radha Rani) doesn’t like her. Sona takes care of whole family. Dev also starts feeling for her.
Radha Rani acts being good infront of all but is real she is not a good lady, she blames all the time her destiny for not having wealth. Radha wants all the property for her own son (Vicky) who is bad guy. One day Radha is sitting with Vicky and planning how to get all the property of Dev. Sona overhears it and asks Mami what is she upto. Mami tells her that you are a servant here, just be like sarvant, don’t interfere in our talks. But Sona tells her clearly that she will not let her do this.
Sona did not tell this to anyone coz she thought that Mami will not do anything as she knows her plan. Radha thinks now she has to something soon coz Sona knows about her planning and she will definitely tell this to Dev. Now she plots against Sona to kick her out of the house. But all in vain as all the family likes Sona and trust her a lot.
Radha now tries to harm Dev so that Visky can take over the business and all. She makes coffee for Dev and adds some powder in it which is definitely not good for Dev. Sona watches this. Before she can do anything Mami gives the coffee to Dev. Dev is to take it but Sona make it fall intentionally
Sona – Sorry, Mr. Dixit.
Dev – Its ok Dr. Bose.
Radha fumes to see all this. Sona comes to her and warns her not to do all this otherwise she will tell the family about her. Mami says that until unless you do not have proof against me you cant do anything and goes.
One day when Sona is about to go home Dev comes and offers her to drop home so that he can spend more time with her. In the middle of the way some goons attack on them and try to kill Dev. But Dev fights with them and gets injured badly. Sona shouts for help but no one is there. Goons run away as Sona makes call to police. Sona takes Dev to the hospital and informs his family too. Ishwari thanks Sona with teary eyes for saving Dev’s life.

Sona takes care of Dev in hospital so well and after coming home to. After some day in the morning Dev is getting ready and about to slip when Sona enters in his room and holds him.
Sona – You are going somewhere, Mr. Dixit ?
Dev – Yes, Dr. Bose. I am going to office today.
Sona – You can’t go as you are not well. I will not allow you to go.
Dev – I have to go coz so many works are pending in office.
Sona (Voice full of right)– No. Work can be done later. But you will not go.
Dev – Please Dr. Bose try to understand. This business is so important for me.
Sona – But note more than your health. I said you will not go and its final.
Dev has no option than to stay back. But he likes the way Sona scolded him andasks him to stay at home.
Sona comes to Ishwari.
Ishwari – Look Sona, Dev is not listening to me.
Sona – What happened Aunty ji ?
Ishwari – I told him not to go to office but he is…..
Sona – Don’t worry Aunty ji. I did not allow him to go anywhere until he gets well completely. So he is not going anywhere now.
Aunty ji (Surprised) – Dev ne tumhari baat maan li ?
Sona – Yes, Aunty ji. He has no oher option.
Ishwari and Nikki are happy to know this that now there is someone who can make Dev to follow her rule. She is surprised too after knowing that Dev is listening to Sona. She thinks about Dev and Sona’s relationship and feels they can make a good pair. She finds Sona perfect for his Dev. Dev has also started falling for Sona slowly, but not able to tell her. Other side Sona is only doing her job and not noticed yet that Dev is in love with her.

Precape – Ishwari tells Sona about Dev’s engagement to some other girl. Sona is shocked to know this.

Credit to: Asmita...

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  1. Nice episode.. Dev ko pehle pyaar hua..yippie..don’t know y but d story gets more interesting if d boy falls in love first n then d girl.

    1. Thnks

  2. Hmm interesting. Shocking precap poor sona

    1. And finally Dev is in love with sona first

  3. Interesting that first dev falls 4 sona and dev is fighting aahaaa. Love devakashi

  4. Ur epi 2 was interesting than epi 1 make it interesting day by day

    1. Thnks

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