“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 14


Hi guys, thank you so much for liking and supporting my fan fiction a lot and thanks a ton for your comments and appreciation also. This is the last episode of my fan fiction “Rang Pyar Ka (Devna)”.

Recap – Vicky died. Natasha in coma and Mami ji injured badly. Devna wedding is fixed. Yash kidnapped Sona.

Yash’s hiding place –
Yash looks at Sona.
Yash (to himself) – Sona, I told you na, you will be mine only. No Dev Dixit can get you.
After saying this Yash is about to remove dupatta from her face, he heard police siren and is to run but Police caught him. Suddenly Dev comes with the police inside the room. Yash is shocked to see him.
Dev – You would be thinking how we come to know about this?
Yash (innocently) – What have I done?

Dev (angrily) – Don’t act smart Yash. You tried to kidnap my Sona. How dare you?
Yash (smirks) – I did not try Mr. Dixit, I even did it.
Dev (smiles) – Being smart is good but being over smart is harmful.
Yash – What?
Dev – Have you looked the face of the girl you kidnapped?
Yash rushes to the room and removes dupatta from so called Sona’s face. He is stunned to find someone else in stead of Sona.
Yash – What the hell is this? You cheated me.
Dev – What do you think of yourself Yash? Sona told me everything about you. We knew that you would try to play some dirty game so I had already informed police. And it was a planning to catch you red handed.

Police arrested Yash.
Yash is mad in anger.

Yash – I will see you. Sonakshi is only mine
Dev – Don’t think even in dreams about Sona. Otherwise I will kill you.
Yash – I will not spare you.
Dev – I will make sure that you would be stay behind the bars for a long time.

Police takes Yash. Dev comes back to home. Sona hugs him tight. Dev tells that police caught Yash so nothing to worry about.

Vicky died, Natasha in coma and Radha Rani is unconscious in hospital. No hurdles in marriage.
Now time for wedding……. Happy wedding…..!!!

They all live happily ever after…..!!!!!!

The end.

If you feel that my writing skills are good let me know, I will write another fan fiction for the same show. Please do comments and share your views.

Credit to: Asmita...

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  1. Nice episode… Feeling nice that devakshi married happily… Do consider writing

    1. Thanks Tani 🙂

  2. Season 2… Coz u have a nice storyline n u don’t drag

    1. Thnks for liking my ff Tani 🙂

  3. hey asmita,,plz start to write part 2 of Rang Pyar ka..plz..after marriage how they enjoy their life..i dnt want other story..plz continue it..plzz

    1. u r ryt tanuja same thought..

    2. Thanks for the appreciation Tanuja 🙂

      1. Thnks Veera 🙂

  4. hey asmita,,plz start to
    write part 2 of Rang
    Pyar ka..plz..after
    marriage how they
    enjoy their life..i dnt
    want other story..plz
    continue it..plzz

  5. Oh god!!!!m extrmly sorry tanuja.i’ve copied your comment by mistake sorrrry.by d way thanks asmita for happy ending.natasha nd radharani bhi mar jati to bahat khushi milti mujhe.no problem.it’s ok

    1. Hahaha, Natasha is in coma and Radha Rani is also in hospital so don’t worry dear. Thnks for liking my ff Veera 🙂

  6. Asmitha nice creation….ur writting skill is gud…keep continue this.. if u can write another ff…All the bst and Congratsss…

    1. Thnks Sagaa 🙂

  7. Well.. Amazing ff I must say.. Used to wait for it everyday.. When will I get to read.. Well pls write another ff.. And a request.. If you consider this comment and write can pls include shraman I mean sumo and shravan from ek duje ke vaaste? It would be fun to read the part 2 then.. Like happy nok-jhok married life of both couples.. Anyways.. Loved this ff of yours..

    1. Thnks for so much appreciation Shraman, but sorry to say I dont watch Ek Duje Ke Vaste so it wolud be difficult for me to add them if I write another FF. 🙂

  8. Oh god!!!!extremely sorry tanuja.i’ve copied ur comment by mistake sorrrrry.by d way thanks asmita for happy ending.natasha nd radharani bhi mar jati to ar bhi maza ati.i think tumne part 2 karne k liye ready ho.bcse tumne yash ko jail vej diya nd natasha ko comma me rakh diya.am i ryt?pls tell me.

    1. Actually Veera, Main pehle se kuch nahi sochti, jo mine mein aata hai just type kar ke immediately post kar deti hoon. Precap ke liye bas kuch likhna jaruri hota hai isiliye likh deti hoon. Precap ko story mein kese adjust karna hai ye bhi hand to hand hi sochti hoon. So till now I have not planned anything for next FF and no story in mind. 🙂

  9. Pls di don’t stop writing!yours is the best ff next to joyee di,pls don’t stop writing!pls pls pls

    1. thnks nishi for the complement but dont forget angel i also a grt writer ?

      1. Oh ya!where is Angel di!

    2. Angel di is busy with her 11th board exams…

  10. hi Asmita … nice episode… I happy that devna are living happily now.. but plz start season 2 of this ff only… plzzzz

    1. ThNks Bhoomi ?

  11. Nice ending we r waiting for ur another script…..

    1. Thanks Laxmi ?

  12. Happy ending!!!!!!!!all villains r at right place……..u r a wonderful writer…… Continue this track- life after their marriage ……come back soon with ‘rang pyar ka season-2″
    by Asmita…..

    1. Thnks Tanya ?

  13. Too good yaar

    1. Thnks Aarti ?

  14. Ashmita episodes were very nice all 14 of them do keep on writing about this show and plz show life after marriage of DevAkshi in your new ff (just a suggestion )

    1. Thnks Partho for appreciating my ff 🙂

  15. wow asmita ur all ff were just amazing plllzzz start wriitting new ff ….and all the best for ur new ff…

  16. Thnks Neela for liking my ff 🙂

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