“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 13

Recap – Bomb blast in car and a dead body in hospital.

In the hospital –
Neha and Ishwari are shocked to see the dead body. They are not even ready to see whose body is this. Finally Neha removes the white cloth from the body and it is Vicky. They both are stunned.

After some time –
Ish – Doctor sahab ye sab kese hua?
Doc – Inki car me blast ho gaya tha.
Ish(shocked) – What?
Doc – Yes. And he was not alone. There were two ladies along with him in the car.
Ish (again shocked) – What? Who are they? Where are they? Are they alright?
Doc – They both are serious and in ICU.
Ish – Can we see them?
Doc – Yes. But from outside only. As their treatment is going on so you can not go inside.
Ishwari and Neha follow doctor towards ICU and see the ladies. Again they are shocked. One is irritating Radha Rani and the other one is obsessive Natasha.
Ish – This is my bhabhi and Natasha, daughter of business tycoon Mr. Gujral.
Doc – Ok. Please inform her father as soon as possible. We have informed police already and they identified that it was Dev Dixit’s car. That is why we called you.
Ish – Thank you Doctor. They both will survive no?
Doc – We are trying our best. But they both are serious.

Flashback –
Vicky goes to someone and asks to fit time bomb in the Dev’s car (white color). Natasha calls him asking about the bomb.
Nats – I am coming to you.
Vicky – Ok.
Vicky gives her the address and she comes in car (white). The person mistakenly fits the time bomb in Natasha’s car in stead of Dev’s car as both are white. That is why blast done in Natasha’s car and they all got injured.
Flashbak ends.

Meanwhile Neha calls Dev and asks him to come fast. Dev calls Mr. Gujral too.
Dev and Mr. Gujral come to the hospital. Both are in dilemma. Nobody understood what happened. Everyone was thinking what they all three were doing together. They all are shocked.. Finally Mr. Gujral speaks.
Mr. Gujral (sadly) – I know why they were together.
Dev – Do you know?
Mr. Gujral – Yes.
Dev – Please tell us.
Mr. Gujral (stammers) – Actually…..
Dev – For God sake please tell us Mr. Gujral.
Mr. Gujral – They were plotting against you.
All stunned.
Dev – What?
Mr. Gujral – Yes.
Dev – But why?
Mr. Gujral told them everything.
Dev – But why Mami ji?
Sona enters.
Sona – Because she wants your property.
Dev – What?
Sona – Yes Dev. She was planning from a very long time, but never gets succeeded.
Dev – How do you know?
Sona – I have stopped her so many times. I failed her many plans. This is the reason she does not like me.
Dev – How can she do that? If she wants something she can directly ask me.
Sona – She does not want something, she desires all. Today also they were trying to kill me.
Dev (angrily) – Why did you not tell me before?
Sona – Because I do not want to create issues.

It was very difficult for everyone to accept all this. Doctor comes.

Mr. Gujral – How is my daughter Doctor?
Doctor – She is out of danger now. But……..
Mr. Gujral – But, what?
Doctor – She is in coma.
Mr. Gujral – What?
Doctor – Yes. There is a severe head injury.
Mr. Gujral – How much time will it take?
Doctor – We can’t say anything.
Ish – And what about my bhabhi?
Doctor – She is also out of danger now, but still unconscious.
ISh – will she get fine?
Doctor – But it will also take time.
Mr. Gujral (shattered) – I told you Natasha not to be so stubborn and mean. Now see the result.
Mr. Gujral starts crying. Dev tries to console him but has nothing to say.
All come home.
Ish – Dev, I need to talk to you.
Dev – Yes maa, tell me.
Ish – Get married to Sona as soon as possible.
Dev – But maa, Vicky died and mami ji is not well. We should wait.
Ish – No Dev. I don’t want any problem now. We can’t trust bhabhi. As Sona told she was planning since a long time. I don’t want her to do anything now. Just get married.
Dev – Ok maa, as you say.
Ish – I will go and talk to Sona’s family today.
Dev – Ok maa.
Ishwari goes to Bose house. They all agree for marriage and call pandit for muhurt and all. Pandit tells that shubh muhurt is after one week. They all start preparation. Everyone is happy for Sona and Dev.

One day before marriage –
Sona was sleeping in her room covering her face with dupatta. Yash enters in the room through window and kidnaps Sona. Yash reaches at his hidden place and happy to kidnap Sona.

Precap – Happy wedding……!!!

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      3. I dont to drag the story unnecessarily Nishi…???
        If you all like my ff thn let me know i will start another ff for this show

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