“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 12

Recap – Natasha and Mami joined hand to separate Devna.

Mami goes out. She watches here and there as and sits in a car when she is sure that nobody is watching her. Natasha and Vicky are already in car.
Mami – The work is done no?
Vicky – Yes Maa.
Mami – As per our plan?
Nats – Haan mami ji. Vicky has done all the arrangement properly.
Mami (happily) – It means we will get rid of that dactrani today.
Nats & Vicky – Definitely.
They follow the car in which Sona is going home but with maintaining a safe distance so that they will not be harmed. They keep following and are very happy. They eagerly waiting for something to be happened.
Mami – How much time it will take?
Vicky – 5 minutes more.
Mami – Then Sona will be finished.
Natts – And I will get Dev.
Vicky – I will get my share as per our deal.
Nats – Ya sure.

Flashback –
Nats, Vicky and Mami were planning. They discuss about so many plans but all are not agree on the one. Finally they decided one and all agree on that. The plan is to blast the car in which Sona will go home. Mami wanted to kill both to get the whole property for her son Vicky. But Nats wants Dev. Then they decided that Mami would stop Dev somehow from going to drop Sona. Then Sona will go home alone and they will fix a bomb in the car and Sona would die in the blast. This a full proof plan. And for this Nats will give her 20% of property to Vicky. Vicky & Mami agreed on this as they are very greedy and 20% is a very huge amount for them. That was the deal.
Flashback ends.

After 5 minutes, a bomb blast happened in the car.

Dixit House –
Land line rings. Neha picks up the phone and is shocked to liten what caller said.
Neha (shouts) – Maa, Riya, Nikki……… kahan ho sab jaldi aaoo.
Ish – Kya hua Neha. Why are you shouting?
Neha – We need to go to hospital.
Ish (tensed) – Sab thik to hai na?
Neha – Maa, just come with me. I will tell you. Nikki and Riya stay at home only. Don’t go any where.
Neha and Ishwari leave for hospital.
Ish – Hey Bhagwan, koi pareshani na ho. Mere parivar ki raksha karna.

In the hospital –
As they get in hospital doctor recognizes them and asks them to come with him. They go in to one room. And see a body covered with white cloth on the bed. Ishwari and Neha both are shocked to see this.

Precap – Again no precap……..Sorry guys…..You should guess……whose dead body….???

Credit to: Asmita...


  1. tani

    Hey! Who is it? No precap has made it more mysterious… post soon
    BTW beautiful cover picture

    • Asmita...

      Thnks Tani for liking cover pic too. I think you are the samt Tani who liked cover pic of detailed update too. I am the who is writing detailed update too.

  2. Shraman

    oh my god!! i hope its not sona’s.. maybe the drivers.. sona escaped.. cross fingers.. this radha rani and nats are too much.. vicky tujhe nats pe line marni chahiye.. you both disasters.! loving ur ff… keep writing..

    • Asmita...

      Sorry for the short episode Sonakshi. I could not make it long coz I did not want to reveal who is dead in this episode. Next episode definitely you will get a longer one.

  3. Aditi Kaushik

    Hi asmita, I have been following your story silently. I don’t watch the show on t.v. but love your write ups. I don’t wait eagerly for the show but can’t wait to read your update. Keep it up. Really very interesting and exciting fiction. We need good writers like you to write in real.

  4. Deepti

    Agar driver hota,Toa neha itni shock que hoti?aur hospital aane ke baath,Ishwari aur neha dead body dekhar,shocked thae,que?driver margaya to itna Shock nehe milega.hopefully,it’s not sona,because if there is no sona there is no ff.haha most likely,it is Natasha or Radha?radha most likely because they are her relatives rite?so shock to milega hi!sorry yaar..I just couldn’t bear the suspense..so I tried solving it myself..!great ff plot you have there btw!!

  5. Neela

    Wow awesome episode asmita fab yaar pls tell when u will update next episode Plzzzzzzzzzz and the time…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.