“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 11

Recap – Dev denied marrying Natasha.

Dev and Sona told each other about Natasha and Yash. They both are tensed.
Sona (teases)– Dev you should think.
Dev – ???????
Sona – About Natasha.
Dev (angrily) – Are you kidding me?
Sona (makes face as she is damn serious) – No, I am serious.
Dev (understands that Sona is teasing)– Oho, I got it.Yes you are right. I should accept the proposal. Then you can also think about Yash no.
Sona – Ya, that would be better.
Dev – We will get married with two other persons. And we will do extra marital affair afterwards. What say?
Sona (shocked) – Are you serious……???
Dev (makes face like he is thinking) – Yes I am serious. This is good Option.
Sona (shouts)– I will kill you.
Sona runs after Dev.
Dev – Achcha. And jo tum keh rahi thi uska kya?
Sona – I was joking Dev.
Dev – To main konsa serious tha.
Sona – Dev, I will not spare you.
Dev (laughs) – Pehle pakado to sahi..
Dev is running and suddenly stops. Sona bumps into him. Dev hugs her tight and kisses her on forehead.
Dev – Sona, you know na. I love you a lot. How can you think I will marry someone else?
Sona – I love you too Dev.
Dev – I can not even imagine my life without you Sona.
Sona – Hmm. Phir mujhe Yash se shadi karne ke liye q keh rahe the ?
Dev – Wese hi jese tum mujhe Natasha se shadi karne ke liye keh rahi thi.
Sona – Tum bhi na….
Dev – Sona, whatever happens I will never leave you.
Sona – I also can not live without you.
Dev (cups her face) – I will be always with you.
Radha Rani overhears their conversation. She stole Natasha’s no. form Dev’s mobile and calls Natasha.

Gujral house –
Natasha is already fumed to know about Dev’s rejection. She now becomes desperate to marry Dev. She wants him at any cost. Her phone rings. She picks up the phone.
Nats – Hello, who is ths?
Radha – Its Radha Rani. Dev’s mami.
Nats – Haan. Boliye.
Radha – I came to know that you want to marry Dev.
Nats – Yes. But he rejected the proposal. He loves someone else.
Radha – I know. But I don’t want that daactrani(Doctor) to become daughter in law of this house. I want you to come in this house.
Nats (becomes happy but does show) – Ye aap kya keh rahi hain?
Radha – Haan. Main sach keh rahi hoon. Agar tum mera sath do to hum aisa kar sakte hain
Nats – Tell me, what you want to do?
Radha – Not only me, We all three will do it.
Nats – Three? Who is the 3rd one.
Radha – My lovely son Vicky.
Nats – Ohh, ok.
Radha – Can we meet?
Nats – Yes definitely.
Radha – ok then come. I will text you the meeting spot.
Nats – Ok.

Mr. Gujral – Where are you going beta ?
Nats – To meet Dev’s mami?
Mr. Gujral – Why?
Nats – She wants me to see as Dev’s wife. She doesn’t like the girl Dev loves.
Mr. Gujral – What?
Nats – Yes. I think she can help me. So I am going to meet her.
Mr. Gujral – But this is not right beta.
Nats – Everything is fair in love dad.
Mr. Gujral – This is not love. This is obsession.
Nats – Whatever. But I want Dev. That’s it.
And she leaves.
Mr. Gujral – Listen to me beta. Oh God. What should I do now? Natasha is so stubborn she will not listen anyone now.
Natasha, Mami and Vicky meet to make plan. They smile cunningly after making their plan to separate Devna.
Nats – Mami ji we will do it today only.
Mami- Today???
Nats – Yes mami ji. Jitna jaldi Dev Sona se alag ho jaye utna hi humare liye achcha.
Vicky – You are right Nats. Maa we should do it today evening.
Mami – Ok. As you say.
Nats – Mami ji you just take care that Dev should not go today to drop Sona otherwise our plan will fail.
Mami – You don’t worry Nats beta. I will make sure that Dev will not go to drop that daactrani today.

In the evening Dev’s house –
Dev is going to drop Sona. Suddenly Mami enters.
Mami – Dev beta. Are you going somewhere?
Dev – Yes mami ji. I am going to drop Sona home.
Mami – Oho.
Dev – What happened Mami ji? Kuch kaam hai kya aapko?
Mami – Kaam to hai beta. Par is daactrani ko drop krana tumhare liye jyada important hai na. to jaao isi ko drop kar do. (saying this she makes faces)
Dev – Nahi mami ji aisa kuch nahi kai. Aap boliye kya kaam hai?
Sona – Dev, I will manage to go. You just do whatever mami ji tells.
Dev – Ok. But you need not manage anything. Driver will drop you
Sona (smiles) – Ok, bye Dev.
Dev – Bye, Sona.
Sona leaves and Mami smirks.
Dev – Kahiye mami ji. Kya kaam hai?
Mami – Listen beta. I just remember some urgent work work. I need to go out. Let me come back then I will tell you.
Dev – But Mami ji……
Mami too leaves.

After half an hour a car shown and suddenly blast……!!!

Precape – Sorry no precape.

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  1. Amazing episode!! but the precap? what is sona’s car? oh i hope nothing happens to her.. devakshi scenes were very cute.. plus guys, i have also written an ff called mil jaate hai to bane kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi i hope you guys like it… loving your ff asmita

    1. Thnks shraman.?

  2. Ohh..is dat sona’s car..after listening too mami n Natasha’s plan, I think it’ll b sona’s car

    1. Whose car? I dont know.?

  3. Sona ko kya Hua?and pls pls pls get rid of this Radha Rani ki bachi.sarr ki upar betrahihai.

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  4. Woww … amazing episode waiting for the next…

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  5. Nice epi.. cute devna … 🙂

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  6. Yoo.hooo….but it’s sona’s car or dev’s….ohhhhhhhhhh….can’t wait for next epi..

    1. Wait for next episodes ?

  7. Asmita ..u too good..I mean ur imagination..seriously awsm episode ,waiting for next episode… Keep writing.

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