“Rang Pyar Ka” (Devna) KRPKAB– Episode 10

Recap – Natasha wants to marry Dev. And Yash wants Sona at any cost.

Next day morning –
Dev left for office as Mr. Gujral is coming to meet him. Sona comes and she does not find him.
Sona – Maa, Dev kahan hai?
Ish – Sona beta, Dev to office chala gaya.
Sona – Itni jaldi.
Ish – Haan beta. Wo Mr. Gujral milne aane wale hain aaj.
Sona – Ok Maa.

Sona calls Dev but he does not pick up the phone.
Sona(to her self) – Mujhe sham ko Dev se baat karni hi hogi.

(Dev’s office) –
Dev – Yes, Mr. Gujral, aap milna chah rahe the.
Mr. Gujral – Actually main tumse kuch personal baat karma chah raha tha.
Dev – Boliye.
Mr. Gujral – I want you to marry my daughter Natasha.
Dev (shocked)– What ?
Mr. Gujral – Yes..
Dev – What are you saying ?
Mr. Gujral – My daughter likes you so much.
Dev – I can’t marry Natasha as I love someone else.
Mr. Gujral – What ?
Dev – Yes.
Mr. Gujral – Still I would like to suggest you to talk to your family once. May be they can guide you.
Dev – Mr. Gujral, my family knows it and they are very happy with it.
Mr. Gujral – Ok. You can think again. Take some time and decide. Till then we will hold the deal.
Dev (again shocked) – What are you saying?
Mr. Gujral – Yes Dev. We will sign the deal only if you decide to marry Natasha.
Dev – Mr. Gujral, you can’t intermingle our personal and professional life.
Mr. Gujral – I can Dev. Now you decide.
Dev – Mr. Gujral, You are not giving me option.
Mr. Gujral (smirks) – Shayad.
Dev – Then I have diceded Mr. Gujral.
Mr. Gujral – It means you are going to accept my proposal.
Dev – No, Mr. Gujral. I love Sonaksahi a lot.
Mr. Gujral – Think once again. As you know Natasha is my single child. So if you accept my proposal you will get my business empire too.
Dev – No need to think. I told you my decision. And nothing is more important in my life than Sonakshi. Now you can leave.
Mr. Gujral – My offer is still open for you.
Dev – No need of it.
Mr. Gujral comes out but he is very tensed now. He thinks how to tell this to Natasha.

In the evening (Dev’s house) –
Ish – Dev, aaj office me kya hua. Mr. Gujral aane wale the na aaj milne koi jaruri baat karne.
Dev – Haan Maa. Aaye the wo office.
Ish – Ho gayi deal final.
Dev – Nahi Maa. Wo to kuch aur hi baat karne aaye the.
Dev told the whole thing to his Maa.
Dev – Maine shai kiya na Maa ?
Ish –Haan, beta tune bilkul thik kiya.
Dev – Tu mujhse naraz to nahi hai na kyunki itna badi deal cancel ho gayi.
Ish – Are nahi beta. Eka maa ke liye apne bachchon ki khushi se badhkar kuch nahi hota aur I am happy that you choose Sona only. I am proud of you. (She hugs him)
Ish – Did you tell this to Sona.
Dev – No Maa. I did not tell her anything.
Ish – So tell her beta. You are going to marry her. And nothing should be hidden in from her.
Dev – Ok, Maa. I wanted to talk to you first. I will tell her now.

Dev goes in the kitchen.
Dev – Sona, I need to tell you something
Sona – Dev, I also want to tell you something

Precap – Accident………

Credit to: Asmita...


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