“ Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) KRPKAB- Episode 1


Hi to all… I am, Asmita, trying to write a Fan Fiction named “ Rang Pyar Ka (Devna) “ for the show “ Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi”. Its my first attempt to write something. Please let me know after reading this how it is. If you feel it’s a good try, I will continue it else I will stop writing. Hope for your support…

In the first scene a huge building is shown named Ishwari Communication. The owner, Devrath Dixit, is a self made person. He is in office, sitting on the chair, and thinking of past days of his life. He thinks about the struggle his mother did for them (Dev & his Sisters Neha, Riya, Nikki) and all the problems they faced earlier. He studied and worked hard to earn. Now he is a renowned businessman who achieved a lot in his early age. He is lost in thoughts and phone rings. It is some agent (Saurabh) on phone who tells Dev about the bungalows on various locations, but Dev is interested in a particular house situated in a middle class locality.
Saurabh – The owner of this house doesn’t want sell the house.
Dev – Make the owner ready by offering 4 times of its market price.
Saurabh– It’s a waste of money to pay a big amount for such a house. I can show you other bungalows in posh areas.

But Dev refuses and disconnect the phone. Again he starts thinking that it is the area where he spent his childhood with all the difficulties along with his family so he wishes to buy a house there only.
He gets agent’s call again.
Saurabh– Mr. Dixit a good news for you, The owner was a hard nut to crack but finally he is agree to sell the house only if he gets 5 times of its market price.
Dev – Say yes to him, I will pay whatever amount he wants.
After all the legal formalities the ex-owner of the house asks why you paid such a big amount for this house. Dev says its all about feeling, emotions and old memories. Saurabhsays ok, now the house is all yours.
Dev rushes to home (the rented house) to tell this news to his family. Everybody is happy to know this.
The New House : After entering in the house Ishwari (Dev’s Maa) gets emotional and overwhelmed. Dev smiles after seeing all. All like the house and are very happy.
Suddenly Dev’s Maa falls down. Dev shouts Maa and calls the doctor immediately. Doctor comes and after check-up he asks to do some tests. When the reports come, Doc tells to Dev that there is a lot deficiency of all vitamins and protein. She needs a proper treatment for nourishment. He suggests a nutritionist named Dr. Sonakshi Bose and asks Dev to approach her.
In the hospital Dr. Sonakshi’s room : Dr. Sonakshi is with a patient and Dev enters in the room. Sona tells him to wait. When patient left Dev comes and talks about his mother’s condition and shows the report.

Dev – I want you to work as a personal nutritionist for my mother.
Sona – You can bring her here for the treatment as for me all my patients are equal. I can’t give personal attention to only one patient.
Dev – I am ready to pay you 3times more salary for this.
Sona – Mr. Dixit, this is not only a job for me, but by this I serve people. It’s a noble profession. Its not your business deal which you will get by paying more.
Dev – I didn’t mean this. I want to request you to take care my mother personally, that’s it.
Sona – No, Mr. Dixit.
Dev leaves. Sona thinks that Mr. Dixit is so arrogant and Dev thinks Dr. Sonakshi is very rude.
Next day Dev’s Secretary Tina calls Sona for the same. Sona denies again. Dev continues to make request but Sona refuses all the time because she thinks that Dev is money minded person as he offered more salary to her in their first meeting. But Dev keeps trying as he was told that Dr. Sonakshi is the best nutritionist in the city.
After 3-4 days.
Sona’s house : Sona is fighting with her elder brother (Saurabh, the agent who helps Dev in purchasing the house) for his habit of over eating.
Sona – Dada, stop eating please.

Saurabh – No, Sona.
Sona – Dada, you will become football if you keep eating junk and oily food and sweets.
Saurabh does not listen to her and she goes to the market for purchasing vegetables and grocery. When she is buying vegetables, she gets a call from someone. She takes the call and after hearing something she screams “baba”……. And runs towards the hospital.

Precape – Sona’s father met with an accident and Dev helps him. He is unaware that the injured person is Sona’s father.

Credit to: Asmita...

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  1. It’s not very nice because it’s not very original

    1. Thnks 4 the review Maya… but actually I wanted to write smthng dffrnt… coz all r writing the same kind of story…

  2. Nice but almost same as the story streaming in the show.
    If u give some more different changes in the story it will be more interesing. ?

    1. Thnks… I will try…

  3. C v can’t judge d story completely in jst d first episode..but I hv a suggestion, as d story seems quite similar wid dat of d show, make dome changes.

    1. Thnks 4 the suggestion

  4. asmita it looks so similar to tat of the original so kindly add ur own imagination and make us feel rang pyar

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