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Hello friends, myself Dia. I thought to write the fan fiction for the first time. I hope you all will support me. Being new here maybe I may not be able to write it that good, so I request you all to give your honest comments for my fan fiction. So that i can improve and live upto your expectations.
My fan fiction is based on two shows: KUCH RANG PYAAR K AISE BHI and EK DUJE KE VASTE.
Characters are all same which are there in the show only a bit of changes in portrait may occur. But my storyline will be completely different. So here we go with the character introduction of my fan fiction.
1) DEV DIXIT: A very successful businessman. He owns a cell phone company. He is very reserved type of person and does not show his emotions openly. He loves his family a lot. But he is a bit strict when the matter is related to work. He needs everything to be just perfect.
2) ISHWARI DIXIT: She is Dev’s mother. A very kind hearted lady. She singlehandedly brought her children up after her husband’s death.
3) NEHA DIXIT: Eldest daughter in Dixit family. A very simple girl. She has seen her mother’s struggles in early life so she respects her a lot. Cooking is her hobby.
4) RIYA DIXIT: 2nd daughter in family. She is kind hearted and is engg final year student.
5) NIKKI DIXIT: Youngest daughter in family. She is most pampered girl n she is in 12th STD.
6) SONAKSHI BOSE: A beautiful girl nutritionist by profession. She is very bubbly sort of girl. She loves to enjoy her life fully.
7) ELINA BOSE: Sona’s younger sister and her best friend. No one can understand Sona better than her.
8) SAURABH BOSE: Sona’s elder brother. He has a property dealing business. He pampers Sona n Elena a lot and fulfills all their wishes.
9) ASHA BOSE: Sona, Elena and Saurabh’s mother. She is a housewife.
10) BEJOY BOSE: Sona, Elena n Saurabh’s father. He is a retired govt servant.
11) SUMAN TIWARI: An orphan girl. She lost her parents in car accident. She stays with Bose family as Sumo’s father and Sona’s father were best friends. So after their death he brought her home and raised her like his own daughter. Sumo loves cooking and has made her hobby as her career and runs a Tiffin service on her mother’s name PRIYA TIFFIN SERVICE.
12) SHRAVAN MALHOTRA: A very handsome boy. Lawyer by profession. He loves his family a lot. He is a bit short tempered. He misses his mother a lot. She is no more.
13) PUSHKAR MALHOTRA: Shravan’s younger brother. He is also a lawyer and he assists Shravan in his cases.
14) RAMNATH MALHOTRA: Shravan n Pushkar’s father. He is also a lawyer but has given all his practice to his sons and stays at home for maximum time.

Other characters will be added in coming episodes as and when required as per the plot of the story.
BASIC IDEA OF STORY: Dev is looking for someone who can provide good lunch for his employees. This is when he comes across Suman. Gradually they become friends. On the other hand, Shravan falls very ill. He has to be admitted in hospital. Sona has to take responsibility of his health. Even they become friends over time. This story revolves around their friendship and love life. Let’s see how these friend lives entangle together.

So friends I hope you will support me by commenting your views on my fan fiction. I will upload new episodes after a gap of every two days. I hope you all are fine with it.

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  1. Nice story line Dia, you described each n every character well. Story line also Compltly different from the real story. All the best dear ?

  2. Wait a min.. So are sona and shravan n dev n sumo a couple?? Don’t do that.. Pls let the original couple be there!

    1. No dear sona shravan n dev sumo are frndz. Couples will remain the same.
      Dev sona n shravan sumo. They will meet each other thru their frndz.

  3. The intro was good but is dere any chnge in pairing

    1. Hey frndz sorry for not mentioning cleraly n confusing u all. Pairs will not change they will remain devakshi n sharman. Den sumo n sharavan sona will become frndz n den contribute towards each other love stories.

  4. Superb story line…. very good dia..i like that u describe each and every chatacter 🙂 🙂 .. i have a request plzz dont seprate devakshi and shraman…… plzz dony change pairs plzz.. its my kind request… sorry if i hurt u …

  5. No no no..plzz no change of pairs..itne mastt ff ka kachra ho jayega.. plzz dont do dat

  6. All good….. But I’m sure that u r not going to chng pairs……love ur concept….

    1. And also ur ff name was unique… RANG PYAR KE VAASTE…… awwwww!!!!

  7. All the best Dia

  8. Hey frndz sorry for not mentioning cleraly n confusing u all. Pairs will not change they will remain devakshi n sharman. Den sumo n sharavan sona will become frndz n den contribute towards each other love stories.

  9. hey Dia very nice story line please waiting for episode 1

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