Rang Pyaar Ke Vaaste Epi 1


Hii friends its Dia here. I m really overwhelmed by your support. Thanks for supporting me. I m really sorry for the confusion I created in introduction part regarding couples. They will remain the same DEVNA & SHARMAN. The pairs I mentioned i.e. Dev Sumo n Shravan Sona will become friends and then they will contribute towards each other’s love story. KEEP READING. Sorry for the delay I was a bit busy with my studies. I will try to upload next episodes on time. Link for the introduction part is:


Scene 1: DEV’S OFFICE (Dev Dixit Communications): [from here onwards called DDC] DEV: (On intercom) Tina come in my cabin immediately. (Tina is Dev’s secretary).
Knock knock
DEV: yes, come in.
TINA: Sir you called me.
DEV: Tina, I was thinking to provide lunch to all employees here in office itself. So that all will get a balanced meal.
TINA: that is a nice thought sir. How can I help you with this?
DEV: I want you to find a caterer who can provide best lunch to us. Which should be tasty as well as healthy.
TINA: sure sir. I will short list a few names and then bring that list to you, so that you can finalize among them.
DEV: while short listings make sure that you taste their food as well as have a look at their kitchen.
TINA: sure sir. I will personally look into it. Sir may I leave.
DEV: Sure.

Scene 2: MALHOTRA HOUSE: [from here onwards called MH]:
A boy is seen lying on the bed looking aimlessly at the fan. He has tears in his eyes. He is remembering something.
[FLASHBACK: a lady is seen calling a boy.
LADY: Beta come for dinner it is ready.
BOY: no mom I am not hungry. I will have it later.
LADY: ok then I will also have dinner with you only will also stay hungry until then.
BOY: mom u r best blackmailer in this world. Ok let’s have dinner together but on one condition.
LADY: now what!!!!

BOY: you will make me eat by your hands.
LADY: (Smiles) ok come.
They both have dinner.] FLASHBACK ENDS
The boy is no 1 else than our Shravan and the lady is his mom.
PUSHKAR: Shravan bhaiyaa I m calling you since soo long. Where are you lost?
SHRAVAN: nothing. Yup say what were you saying?
PUSHKAR: I wanted to discuss the details of tomorrow’s case with you.
SHRAVAN: yup sure. Go in study room I will join you in just 5 mins.
PUSHKAR: ok bhaiyaa, I m waiting.
Shravan goes towards his wardrobe and takes out a photo. He looks at it and cries n says “Y mom y u left us all”. He then controls himself and goes towards study.

Scene 3: BOSE HOUSE: [from here onwards called BH]:
A girl is seen giving instructions to another girl.
GIRL 1: sumo!!!!!!! Y cannot add soo much ghee in dal.
SUMO: Sona u just shut up!!! Without ghee there is no taste to dal. And a bit of ghee is good for health.
SONA: sumo but!!!!
SUMO: Sona go and get ready for your hospital. And stop interfering in my kitchen.

Scene 4: AT DDC:
TINA: sir here is the list of few caterers in city which provide good food services.
DEV: ok good!!! Make sure you personally visit their office and look into everything and bring the quotation along.
TINA: sure sir.

Scene 5: AT MH:
Shravan n Pushkar are discussing the case. Suddenly Shravan feels dizzy. Pushkar notices this and before he could do anything, Shravan faints. Pushkar tries to wake him up but he does not respond. He calls their family doctor. Who checks Shravan and then advices to admit him in hospital.

PRECAPE: Shravan is taken to hospital where he meets Sona. On the other hand Sumo is thrown out of her office she falls on road. Dev is passing by from there and he sees this.

NOTE: again a remainder!!!! Pairs will not change. The pairs I m mentioning now i.e. sumo dev n Shravan Sona are best friends.

Credit to: DIA

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