Rang de love – Episode 3


Hey guys sona here. Now i will start the story.


Next day morning sanskaar will go to visa office to apply for via & passport. But they will say if he pays 2 lacs then he can go easily. He will come outside & thinks how to get those 2 lacs. Then he hears one girl saying she will give 500 if he comes with her. He looks at her. She is swara. She stops her bike & come towards him.

Swara: Y u boys can ask us can’t we ask u?

He looks questioningly.

Swara: For us also something will happen when we see u. Oh ok u got angry that i asked u for cheap right. Do u want lift?

Sanky & swara are going on bike. She is driving & he is sitting back.

San: What is ur name?

Swara: My height is 5’4.

San: Where will u stay?

Swara: My weight is 48.

San: What will u do?

She will suddenly give break to bike then he will touch her waist.
Swara: My waist is 24. 36 24 36 my measurements.

She will stop the bike & says y is my figure is not enough to get on my bike. Do u need my full biodata? Your house is here get down. I have to go home.

She laughs by seeing at him & leaves. His mother is watching this from balcony. When he comes she asks him who is she?

San: Height 5’4, weight 48, waist 24.

Mom: What are talking?

San: Then she told me that only. She said if figure is not enough to give lift.

Mom: Then what about your visa?

San: They asked 2 lacs. I had only 50,000.

Mom: Will u ask ur father?

San: No mom. I don’t like to ask him.

Here in swara’s house. She has only one grandfather.

Swara: Hi grandpa. What r u doing?

He is paralysed he cannot talk. He only make signs.

He shows that he is watching tv.

Swara: Oh tv. Have this good day biscuit. What grandpa ur boys are behaving like this? I will give 500 if u came with me means y r they so tensed? Or else if we gave dowry for them they will taje it happily. That is it, right grandpa.

Swara: What is dowry? It is like a girl giving money & buying them right.

He laughs.

Swara: Ha i forgot grandma. How much dowry she gave u?

He shows his fingers five.

Swara: 5000.

He signs no.

Swara: 10,000.

He again signs no.

Swara: 50,000.

He shows yes.

Swara: Then u went when grandma said that she will give 50,000. Not bad ha u r costly figure.

Here sans & his friends are seen sitting outside to drink tea.

Friend 3: Now i will give u bet man show me the no.1 figure in this colony.

Then our swara enters by wearing shorts & simple white t-shirt. All will be shocked by seeing her. She will see sans & smiles at him.

Friend 1: Who is this new girl?

Friend 2: She was so hot.

Friend 3: She is new to this colony. She came from Mumbai. All are saying that she did something in Mumbai & came here. Look she has a beautiful waist. Definitely she will have a mole on her waist.

Friend 2: No she is not having any mole. I will bet 1000rs.

Friend 1: There is no mole. I will bet for 3000.

Friend 3: Then i also will bet there is no mole 1000.

Friend 1: If everyone bet for not having mole then who will bet for having mole?

They will ask sans. Then he says he will bet that she is having mole. Yes 5000.

That is it guys see u tomorrow.

Credit to: Sona

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