Rang de love – Episode 2

Hey guys. Meet me sona. Yesterday I told one part of my story. Today i will start with introduction of the story. Mt story contains only few characters. But they will play major role. So i will start now.

The story starts with coming of one police van. Police is saying to his sub-ordinate that in Kolkata there is full traffic so take care of it. That police will stops near one house. The officer will get down & knocks the door. One person will open the door.
Police: R u sanskaar?
Person: …………..
Police: I am asking u only. R u sanskaar?
He comes forward & says yes I am sanskaar. Police holds his collar & takes him to station & pushes him in cell. That night full he will be in station.
Constable: Good morning sir.
Police: Good morning. Did he say anything?
Cons: No sir.

Then police takes stick & goes to him & asks hey where r ur friends?
Sans: I don’t know.
Police holds his collar & asks again where they are?
Sans: I dnt know.
Police gets angry on him & gives him a tight slap.
Police: I know that u know it. They r ur best friends right.

Sans: I don’t know.
He again beats him hard & says u dnt know them ha. Dnt tell me lies. Then he leaves him & goes. Sans is in pool of blood. Then he starts saying his story.
Yes for every normal there will be one story. Sometimes they also have crime stories. Behind every crime story there will be one girl.
Then they will show one beautiful girls swinging in a swinging bed. She is so beautiful in white sleeveless laced short dress. She was smiling beautifully.
Then scene shifts to one colony in Kolkata. In this colony one day in C block house all media people will be present there. There one incident has takes place. One girl is attempted to rape. All are talking about it. Police will have doubt on one person & also they will get proof of cool drikn glass where they mixed sleeping tablets.

Then one new character will be introduced. He is sailesh. He will take photos in any situation.
Another character sriketh if he says truth also no body will believe him. Because he will talk only nonsense.
They says to us that they are going to banglore & leaves from there.
Then scene shifts to one Atm center where one lady is going in. She makes her child to sit on bike. Then two persons will close mouth of security guard & one new character will enter in & asks what the name of the girl is?

He says her to turn back & see. When she sees those 2 persons are keeping knife to that girl. She gets afraid.
He says draw money then your baby will be fine. She follows him & gives him money.
He is subhash. He is the main person in the gang. The three will escape from their nicely.
Then sans will be seen by cooking. Those three are his friends. Our sans only knows where they are.

Sans likes cooking. He took diploma in cooking. Oil less chicken is his speciality. He wants to go to Singapore & to join in job in star cruise as a cook. He is trying for visa.
His mother will be seen. She is a nurse. Only he & his mother will be there. Ravikanth will be in another place. He is sans father & he hates his father. Because he left them & staying with another woman.
Mom: What r u doing beta?

Sans: Chicken wings fry mom.
Mom: Again for ur friends ha. How many times did i told u not to talk with them. I don’t like them at all. Colony people are giving complaints on them. They are idiots. Please leave them.
She leaves. He thinks that after her only they will take care of him. He goes to them by taking those wings & some beer. He will go to one secret place where they will stay after robbery.
They will take that wings & will give him his share in robbery.

Thats it guys. Swara already met him yesterday. There story will also start soon. Please comment.

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