Rang de love – Episode 1

One girl is going on road wearing a white sleeveless laced mini dress. Then one man comes to her & talks to her badly.

Man: Hey babe i will give u 500 will u cme with me?

Girl gets angry on him & beats him by saying what do u think about me? Do u think like i am cheap girl? Idiot.

Man: I am sry bhabi please leave me. He rans from there. She follows him & says wait idiot u will die today. Just then our hero enters by listening songs & he observes this.

Girl: How dare u idiot i will kill u today. He goes from there.

She comes towards him & by taking heavy breath she asks our hero

Girl: U tell me Am i looking like a girl who comes for 500? Does any can me value of me?

He thinks about her that he saw her already before this 3rd time. He continuosly sees her. She will bring him in senses by calling hello mr. i am talking to u.

I will cost more than 500 right. I am such a nice figure if anyone asks me for cheaply of 500 then my ego will hurt na. Now u say how much u will ask me for?

She will makes different foses & asks 5000, ten thousand or twenty thousand. Only for my beautiful waist u can give 5000.

With confused he goes from their.

Girl: Hello y r u going without saying anything? He is better than u. He asked me atleast for some cost but u r not even thinking of me to ask. U boys dnt knw how to satisfy our girls ego. She bends down & collecting her thinhs which are felt down by beating him.

Hero: So u did’nt get angry on him by giving her lipstick.

Girls takes her lipstick back y not i got angry on him. But i got more angry on him for asking me so cheaply. Infact i felt so proud.

By walking she says he asked me so darely that means he liked me so much right. He told that he will me what he had full. Every one will express their likes in different ways. One by giving flower, one by giving money & one will say i love u. Every one has their own style.

They walks side by side. Suddenly she stops. He sees towards her then she says Infatuation & crush they are best feelings than love right.

you dnt knw me i dnt knw u what is your background what is my background no one of us know it.

By seeing the feeling that we want it, stopping of breath, heart beat increasing it will be amazing right. By the way do u beleive in love at first sight?

Then the screen ends on exciting face of girl & confused face of hero.

Here girl is swara & hero is sanskaar.

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