A random shot (The other side)


The other side
Hello dolls ds is bhgi hw u ppl r doings lemme knw in d comment section below i knw u ppl r angry on me .as i promised am back again for u ppl but with a random shot pls read and lemme knw ur views

you asked true love can be breaked?? true love can be breaked (we broke) according to situations you said u missed me.but you forgot that I miss u the same like u miss me ?? did u met me and asked me what’s the reason behind the gap between us ? u didn’t met me and asked me to my face .you didn’t see my eyes which are far away blurred Lyk u .with tears .you didn’t give me a chance to wipe your tears .You didn’t give me a chance to touch u and show how it shivers my body my soul when I lost you..is technology took over us ?? did u met me ? u msgd me…did u met?? u just called me ..have the truths be known just by msg and just by call? then y r so many ppl saying love cn b reflected in eyes in the touch in feel ? tell me what u make stand far away from me .when u really lose me.come stand before me look at me.you vl find all the answers ..Did your friends say move on.Yes move from the technological shell and move from the cocoon of ur imaginations and make a move
to wars ur love and find what’s the reality is ?? I wrote this just to say there is another side of a coin and another side of a person and another side of a thought these days ppl r just creating a mess with all the thoughts just by imagining may b what I said is also have another different way to think but I just want to tell everyone that ..wen u r missing ur loved ones don’t just sit and cry don’t ist call r msg..walk back to him or her know the truth ad accept the truth
P.s. love cent b breaker we the ppl break because of situations and we leave the love behind and will Walk away
Love u dolls tc

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    1. yeah i wrote in a pain so finally it came out lyk dat ☺

  1. readers will understand ur pain Bhgi

    1. what happend???

  2. Hey Bhgi dear, it’s really very heart touching n emotional. ..n yes there is always a other side of coin…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, missed you a lotttttttttt. …. keep it up don’t get upset, we r always here with you…take care sweetie

    1. ty Roma it means alot to me:)

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