A random love story! (KKB) Part 7

She lied saying she came to see whether Tanu is behind him. Abhi looked at her amusingly.

She hoped he is believing her by closing her eyes.

Abhi sitting down on the couch asked “So you are being typical wives who spy on their husbands ah?”

“What do u mean by typical wives ah?? I was worried for you after you said Tanu was irritatting, I had a feeling that she might turn up here too. I came all the way here to help you!” She said in a full swing.

Abhi was about to say something when she continued “You know what! You haven’t even still know about me! That’s what u always say, in that case how can u even say I am being like typical wives!!!”

She became breathless. Seeing her Abhi sighed.

Abhi “Oh girl, take a chill pill! I am your husband not some huss puss. You gotta be cool in this if you want me to know about u. Anyways I just got to know you were working before getting married to me but before I could know where Purab’s call ended. So tell me now. Where did u work?”

She looks nervous of how to tell him. What if he says why you never tell me this before. What if he gets angry on her. Her mind was running with so many what ifs.

“I also work like you.” She replied.

“Like me?” He asked in surprise.

She nodded her head as yes.

Abhi “Tell me what is it. You know nobody can work like me. I am unique!” He said proudly which made her to scrunch her nose.

Abhi seeing it exclaimed “That’s cute. Do it again!”
“Cute?? What is cute?” She asked.
Abhi scrunched his nose like her & asked her to do it again.

“You think I am a clown or what?” She asked.

Abhi “A bit of a clown & comedian.” He said giving a wink.

“Idiot!!” She said in anger.

Abhi stood up in shock & asked “What did u say??”
She remained silent giving a timid look as he progressed towards her.

She walked behind hitting against the wall.

Abhi “I said before I don’t like girls scolding me. But you know what when you scold me as idiot it’s nice.”

She looked at him with her eyes widely opened.
Abhi “Whatever you had worked before, I feel if you want to continue it, do it by all means. I am not a typical husband like in olden days who stop his wife from working.”

She stammered “Ok but why do u have to hold my waist?”

Abhi never realizes he had been holding her waist. He looking at his hand & then at her.

“I always hold waist more than wrist.” He said with a smirk before leaving to the bathroom.

She sighed of thinking his close proximity just now. Her lips curved into a wide smile. But thinking of his words when he said he holds waist more than wrist, it made her feel furious.

“Whose waist did he hold more?” She thought looking at the bathroom door.

Abhi “Anyways where are your stuff?” He asked from the bathroom.

“I will go & get them.” She replied.

Abhi “Wait! Wait! I am also coming with u.” He said in a hurry.

“No I can manage myself.” She responded.

Abhi “I said wait na…just listen to me.”

There was no response from her. She secretly left the room, & got her stuff before he returned from bathroom.

Abhi “I said I will come with u right? What’s the hurry to go now?” He asked folding his arms.

“Same here! I said I can manage myself!” She said by folding her arms.

Abhi “This is not at all good chasmish. That’s what I can say.” He said by walking pass her to get his phone.

“What does he mean this is not at all good?” She thought giving a puzzled look.

“Do u want to join me? I am going out for night ride!” He said excitedly.

“You are not sleeping?” She asked with concern.

Abhi “I slept for so long! Now it’s time to enjoy!!!”
She thought for a while before saying yes.

Abhi “What are we waiting then? Let’s go!” He immediately pulled her out of the room grabbing his car keys.

“What’s my name?” She asked. “I know! Wait let me check my phone. Purab send me your details too.” He said. She holding his hand said “I don’t want you to know me from him. I want you to know me from your heart like how I know you from my heart.” She replied making Abhi look at her blankly.

Bak bak time:
For the updating, I was initially thinking of going by the majority of u all telling which way do u all want me to update but after seeing some of your reasons, I went in a dilemma. So after a lot of thoughts, I felt maybe I should try the option 1. So this upcoming week will be full of one ff (Look out for Monday of the ff). Let me try first & see how it goes. If I prefered the other way, I will tell about it to u all before switching it over. I still do respect all those who said option 2. Personally, I like randomness but let me try option 1 too.

As usual, Thank you everyone. It really feel very nice to see all your support n kinds words. Interview was ok but after that day I had a bad headache of my proj group. I think it happens everywhere when people of different ideologies work together. Trying to move on as much as possible. Hmm..Unable to thank u all individually but I do read all your comments & I really appreciate all of u to spend some time to comment too. Thank you again for all those liking it & commenting it even in your busy schedule.

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