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A random love story! (KKB) Part 6


She had heard about this Tanu before. Tanu is his childhood friend who is now a model. She even had proposed Abhi. But Abhi clearly stated to her that he have no feelings of love towards her. His feelings towards her is completely based on the friendship they have since childhood.

All this was told by him in an interview. Remembering that she picked up the call.

Tanu “Hello Honey! How are you?”

“HONEY??” She thought furiously.

“He is taking his shower.” She replied trying to control her anger.

Tanu “Oh…Is he going out of town today?”

How does she know that!! He should have informed her for sure.

“Yes…he is going for some ad shoot.” She replied.

Tanu “I think I have an idea of what shoot he is going for even though he never informed me.”

Liar…he would have informed her. Just to make me feel jealous she is saying like this.

Tanu “By the way I am Tanu, Abhi’s friend. Would be his wife if he had not rejected my proposal.”

“Okay…” She responded.

Tanu “Just ok? What’s your name?”

Her mind voice, What’s the point of telling you my name? My husband itself don’t know my name yet!

When she was about to tell her name, Abhi came out of the bathroom.

He was wearing a tshirt and track pants.

Abhi “Why are you holding my phone??”

“Call for you…from Tanu…” She said softly.

“Honey bee!!” He exclaimed making her look with irritation.

He took the phone from her and was talking with Tanu with full of excitement.

What’s with this Honey and Honey bee. It’s irritating. Why can’t they call each other by name. I only know husband and wife call each other HONEY. But here his friend is calling him Honey. The only relief is
He is not calling her as Honey. But I still don’t like him calling her as Honey bee.

Finally he ended the call and looked at her.

Abhi “Tanu is kind of irritating na?”

Hearing that she looked back at Abhi in surprise.

Abhi “She actually called not to talk but to make u jealous.”

“Is it?” She asked.

Abhi “Ya…she still have some feelings for me…”

“She still have some feelings means?” She asked.

Abhi “She loves me but I am not interested in her.”

โ€œBut you still talk to her?โ€ She asked curiously.

Abhi โ€œAfter all she is still my friend whom I know from my childhood. I respect her for that.โ€

That’s very sweet of him. Even though he finds her irritating, he still talks to her jovially.

She was smiling widely thinking of his good nature.

Abhi โ€œYou always like to smile ah?โ€

She was still smiling. Abhi looks at her strangely.

Abhi, Oh no. Did she became like a smiling statue?

Abhi sprinkles water on her face which makes her stop smiling.

She looks at him furiously. Abhi laughed seeing her face. It looked hilarious to him when she is in anger.

โ€œWhat was that? Is this the way u treat me?โ€ She asked wiping her face with cloth.

Abhi โ€œI am finding you funny!!โ€

She was too angry to speak instead was breathing heavily.

Abhi also acted like her which made her anger even worse.

โ€œStop it!!!โ€ She screamed making Abhi jerked.

Abhi covering her mouth โ€œSilent! What if my Ma hears you? She would think I am torturing you chasmish!โ€

She calmed herself down but was still angry at him.

Abhi โ€œChasmish, you gotta control your anger if not you’ll have high BP!โ€

โ€œStop calling me Chasmishโ€ฆโ€ She said

Abhi โ€œWhy? Isn’t it a nice name rather than calling u girl?โ€ He asked in a teasing way.

โ€œI am not talking to you. Bye!โ€ She said leaving the room by slamming the door.

Abhi โ€œThis much of anger towards a rock star? This is not at all good.โ€

He was still wondering where was she heading to.

After a few hours,

Abhi had packed his stuff. He was ready to leave but she was not around.

Abhi, Looks like she is still angry on me. Alright, let me call her later.

He bid bye to his mother. His eyes scanned through for her. His Ma said she went out to buy something.
Abhi was about to get into the car when she came back.

Abhi โ€œHello Chasmish! What did u went to buy?โ€

She passed him the bag. Abhi โ€œTrip gift ah?โ€ He said trying to open the bag.

โ€œNo…it’s what u need. Take a look at in car.โ€ She replied in a monotonous tone.

Abhi โ€œCome on chasmish, why are u very angry? You know I don’t like girls to be angry on me.โ€

Suddenly she hugged him saying โ€œYour Ma wants me to hug youโ€ฆ.she is looking at us.โ€ She said smilingly.

Abhi was taken aback by the sudden hug before he could react further she placed a light kiss on his cheek saying take care.

Abhi with his eyes widened looked back her with shock.

She signalled him through her eyes to get inside the car. He was still standing there like a statue.

She cleared her throat making him back to senses.

Abhi โ€œErr…bye..take care too.โ€ He quickly got inside the car without having any eye contact with her.

โ€œHe is looking very cute in confusion.โ€ She thought by waving her hand as a bye to him.

Soon he left while Supriya was looking at all this with amazement.

Supriya โ€œIs he ok with u?โ€

โ€œYes auntyji. Didn’t u see he is fine with my hug & kiss to him?โ€ Supriya โ€œYes butโ€ฆ.โ€

โ€œI am going to meet him later too. Purab is coming to pick me up.โ€ Supriya โ€œWhy? Why didn’t u leave with Abhi just now?โ€

โ€œI could have auntyji…but I want to give him a sweet shock.โ€

Supriya smiled at her bahuโ€™s actions. She believed very soon she will bring changes in him.

Abhi, What was that? She hugged! She kissed!! Wasn’t she supposed to ignore me in anger?

He was getting flashes of her hug & kiss again which made him feel puzzled.

Abhi, Oh ya…she told na, my Ma was there so she had to act being more affectionate. In a few days after marriage, I am leaving her. Technically it means she have to miss me badly. That’s how this hug & kiss comes out.

He saw the bag beside him. He opened it to see what was in it.

Abhi, It’s a portable charger! How did she know mine is spoiled? She is so smart yaar…I like it.

Upon reaching the hotel, he was too tired to do anything so he crashed onto the bed. By the time he woke up it was time for dinner.

He freshened up himself & left his room to have his dinner.

Abhi, Surely there will be no peace fries here. Feel like eating it now.

Waiter โ€œSir, what would you like to have?โ€ Abhi ordered a light dish.

Abhi using his phone was waiting for his dinner to arrive. It arrived & he ate heartily. In a while, the waiter came with another plate closed with the cover.
Abhi โ€œI only ordered all this.โ€ Waiter with a smile โ€œThis is complimentary sirโ€ฆโ€

He placed it on the table by clearing the plates that Abhi had already completed his food.

Waiter uncover the new dish. Seeing it, Abhiโ€™s eyes popped out in surprise.

Abhi exclaimed in a high voice โ€œPeace fries!!!โ€ People around him looked finding him amusing when he stood up & hugged the waiter.

Waiter was taken aback of his sudden gesture.
Abhi โ€œOh man! You made my day!โ€ He sat down happily eating it. He was very full after his dinner but looking at his favourite peace fries, it never stopped him from attacking it.

Meanwhile, waiter moved from there smiling away.

Abhi burped loudly out of satisfaction of eating his favourite food.

Abhi, This is so good. I had such an wonderful meal.
Waiter โ€œSir..โ€ Abhi โ€œYes my sonโ€ฆโ€ He said in a matured tone.

Waiter looked puzzled at him. Abhi โ€œI was just kidding. I am so happy that I feel I am like a father!โ€

Waiter chuckled hearing it. In response, Abhi frowned at him.

Abhi โ€œIt’s not funny.โ€ Waiter โ€œSorry sirโ€ฆโ€
Abhi โ€œHey can I see the chef who cooks the complimentary dish.โ€

Waiter โ€œSir…it’s not possibleโ€ฆโ€ Abhi โ€œWhy??โ€ Waiter panicked. He was sweating profusely in nervousness.

Abhi โ€œChill man! Why you get tensed like this?โ€ Waiter โ€œI need to go sirโ€ฆโ€ Abhi โ€œBill?โ€ Waiter โ€œYou can get it at the counter.โ€

Abhi smiled looking at the waiter almost running away in fear.

Abhi was heading towards the lift. He heard a familiar voice.

Abhi, Not again!!!

Tanu screeched โ€œHoney!!โ€

Abhi turning back said โ€œYes Honey Bee.โ€ What he didn’t expect was her sudden bone crushing hug.

Abhi โ€œWoah! What kind of hug is this??โ€ He asked breaking from the hug.

Tanu โ€œWhat to do Honey? You never invited for your marriage. Do u know how bad I felt?โ€

Abhi โ€œI know yaar…but you know it was a marriage done in a complete traditional way. If you were there u would have find it boring too.โ€ Tanu โ€œDoes that mean you find your wedding boring?โ€

Abhi โ€œCan say soโ€ฆโ€ Tanu โ€œHow about your marriage life then?โ€

Abhi was about to say when he saw her moving quickly out of the entrance with tears.

Abhi โ€œI talk to you later Tanu.โ€ Saying that he rushed towards the entrance.

Abhi yelled โ€œOye girl!!!โ€ She never turned behind. She was walking as fast as she could.

Abhi, I am calling her & she is going as if she can’t hear me. It’s ok! I am not following her!

He stopped walking to see how far she goes ahead.

To his surprise, she also stopped walking. She was standing there wiping her tears with the back of her hands.

Abhi โ€œHey girl! What are you thinking of yourself? Do you think a rockstar like me can follow you madly this way?โ€

She was still not turning back to see him which irritated Abhi.

Abhi came in front of her & saw her eyes being red with heavy crying.

Abhi โ€œWhy are you crying until like this?โ€ He asked tenderly.

She looked at him trying to compose herself.

Abhi โ€œWait! Did anyone here teased u? Come let’s go, I will ask why he or she did like that!!โ€ He said firmly holding her hand.

She shook his head in denial. She even tried to get away from his grip.

Abhi screamed โ€œThen why the hell are you crying!!!โ€

โ€œYou love Tanu right? Then why the hell did u marry me???โ€ She asked back in anger.

Abhi โ€œFor this you are crying. Haan I love Tanu as a friend. Is that wrong?โ€

โ€œJust as a friend?โ€ She asked.

โ€œYaโ€ฆโ€ He sighed.

โ€œOh then ok!โ€ She was back to normal with a wide smile.

Abhi โ€œWhat is this? So all the while you were doing a drama?โ€ He asked in shock as she smiling at him in a teasing way.

โ€œI just need to be sure of your relation with her. So I had toโ€ฆโ€ She said looking down.

Abhi โ€œYou are not as demure as I thought of.โ€

She frowned hearing it.

โ€œNo wife will be demure when it comes to make his husband as hers.โ€ She thought looking at him.

Abhi โ€œI can read your eyes saying that you are telling something against my words.โ€

She closed her eyes immediately.

โ€œHow can he read my eyes!!!โ€ She thought in shock.

Abhi chuckled seeing her reactions.

Abhi โ€œBut how did u end up here?โ€

She don’t know what to tell now as this was not part of her plan. She wanted to see him from a distance. But nowโ€ฆ.

Abhi snapped his finger to bring her back from her thoughts.

โ€œWo…regarding some workโ€ฆโ€ She stammered unable to finish her sentence.

Abhi โ€œWhat work?โ€ He asked firmly.

She looked at him with full of nervousness when he had to answer a call from his mobile phone.

Abhi answering the phone gestured her to follow him.

Oh god! Please make him not to ask that question again!

She was praying hard while following him to his room.

Abhi saw his room in a mess. He remembered it was not like this before he left.

She looking at it look back at him in shock.

โ€œDid anyone entered your room?โ€ She asked nervously.

โ€œI don’t know but I think soโ€ฆโ€ He replied.

โ€œCall the police! Call hotel manager!!!โ€ She started to scream hysterically which made Abhi stared at her.

Realizing that she had overreacted, she remained silent.

Abhi โ€œYou are really very funny. At one moment you are very high & then low automatically. I wonder what kind of operating system you haveโ€ฆโ€

She looked around the room. She fumed in anger to find ladies innerwear on the couch.

Abhi looked at her direction & was shell shocked to see that.

He suddenly went out of the room. She also followed him.

Abhi โ€œErr…it’s actually my room is beside this. I didn’t realize while coming in as I was on phone.โ€

She sighed in relief hearing him.

Abhi โ€œBut I don’t understand why the person of this room never lock the room. Silly girl, what if her belongings are lost?โ€

โ€œMaybe she forgot to lock it up.โ€ She answered.

Abhi โ€œLet’s go to my room before she comes.โ€ He said by pulling her with him.

She liked being pulled into his love. She was smiling as he closed the door.

Abhi โ€œAgain? You have started your smiling session?โ€

She nodded her head which made him feel she is cute.

Abhi โ€œNow tell me why are you here?โ€

She was keep on looking around unable to answer him.

To be continuedโ€ฆ.

Thought of posting this & I could do it fortunately. Hope you all had a good break from my daily doses. Will be back from Fri onwards. Sorry if u all missed the updates of my stories. Thank you for reading. If it’s not good then sorry!
See you all soon.

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