Randhir’s recent behavior in Channel V’s Sadda Haq

Randhir, without a doubt, is a real genius who can solve any problem with ease. As just seen recently, no one could help Sanyukta with her father’s problem except Randhir. Even though Sanyukta is a very strong girl and believes that nothing is impossible for any girl, she had to go to the person whom she doesn’t like at all. Randhir eventually helped her as she agreed to his terms and conditions.

Just when it looked like that things were going well between the two, to take revenge from Sanyukta for making him fall in her feet in front of everyone, Randhir called her father to the college where he found out that it was Sanyukta who recreated the model, not his son, Ankit. This made her father take a sudden decision of her engagement.

Randhir didn’t stop troubling Sanyukta there. Due to her silly mistakes, Sanyukta’s fiancé’s grandmother almost rejected her, but on the last moment, Randhir’s good words about Sanyukta made her change her decision.

After returning to the college, Randhir continued troubling Sanyukta in spite of knowing that she is sad already. He revealed to the whole class that Sanyukta is getting engaged soon. Despite numerous warnings from Sanyukta, he kept following her and kept interfering in her matters.

On the other hand, there is Parth who goes all out to help Sanyukta. He often defends her which makes Randhir misbehave with him as well.

Randhir seems to be doing all these just so he can get attention from Sanyukta. Do you think that justifies his recent behavior?


  1. iwas and will always be a randhir fan
    nd he is behaviour is bcoz he hates women 4 wat his mother did to him
    its ridiculous 2 xpect him 2 change so soon wen he hasnt evn realised he has feelngs 4 sanyukta
    nd parth is too picture perfect ,uske saath 2 min b baitho toh diabetes ho jayegi

  2. varsha

    Actually Randhir is already fall in love with Sanyu, but his ego doesn’t allow him to accept the fact that he loves her at the most……….. I want that Sandhir comes closer and they never get seperated again by anyone…………….. Love Sandhir……………….

  3. ashna

    Randhir is actually in love with sanyukta… but does not want to accept it…!! they’ll make an awesome couple…hope they are together… <3

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.